3 Easy Boho Braid Hairstyles

Today, I have this great opportunity to be here on La fiere blog and, I thought, I will be creating three very easy boho hairstyles for you because you know there are just.

So popular. I have been seeing them everywhere and, I have to admit they are my thing because, I just love messy hair, I love all kinds of great. So, I really hope you love these wigs too by the way this is a collaboration which means that, I just posted a post on my blog as well it will be linked down below in the info box in case you want to check that out.

So, I did my hair care routine and, I also did a very simple hairstyle at the end of that post I’m also wearing my lifesaver extensions this is the dirty blonde set in 220 grams, I just love to add these extensions because the dirty blonde is a little bit lighter than my natural shade. So you know when, I do the braids those beautiful highlights will show up and, I just love that effect. So so much and also the luxans give me some extra thickness which is always a plus when, I do break.

3 Easy Boho Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So the appetit and now that it started the first thing, I always do before you know the hairstyle, I will brush my hair just to make sure there are no tangles and for this first hairstyle you want to do to deliberate right in front of your head on both sides. So I’m doing a normal regular three strand braid on my left and right side once I’m done parading, I will loosen it up a little bit. So you know, I will pull on the braid for that extra boho effect, I like you know kind of messy braid when I’m doing that, I will tie it and then with a bobby pin, I will secure it at the back of my head and yeah you guessed it, I would do the same thing on my right side as well quick brush, I will start doing a fishtail braid on my left side, I think this braid is just super simple very beautiful one of my favorite braids.

So what I’m doing is that, I add little pieces of hair from my right side to the left side and then from the left side to the right side, I think this is very self-explanatory you can see what I’m doing basically and, I won’t do it all the way down just halfway down and, I will just use a hair tie to secure it and then, I will loosen it up for you know for what for an extra battery pack you said leave a little teasing and some hairspray and the loop is complete, I really hope you like this first hairstyle going kids no mom the mother this second hairstyle, I have to admit is my favorite of all three because it is just super super beautiful in my opinion it is very easy to recreate, I believe it is a little bit time-consuming but very simple, I want you to push the braids born on my left side and the one on my right side obviously now, I have my two fish tails and the fun part begins the most exciting part, I have to tell you you have to pull on the braid pretty heavily this way you will get that very messy boho ish look otherwise it will look like just you know two fish tails and that’s it but if you pull on the braid if you pull like little pieces of hair from the side of the braid it will look very messy and it will look just like you know a little bit different this is what you want to go for and, I love this look. So so. So so much you said leave me this third hairstyle is just super simple, I was section a little piece of hair in a front part of my head and, I will start twisting it and once I’m done twisting the hair, I will just simply pull on the twist to make it pretty loose, I put on my hair a lot in this post but you know that’s just fine that’s okay you want to do it if you want messy and boho hair as you can see now it is pretty loose and then, I will secure it in the back of my head with a bobby pin and, I will do the exact same thing on my right side as well now, I will turn around and do a regular 3 strand braid in the back of my head incorporating those two twists as well, I will bring it all the way down and then, I will try to hide the bobby pin and remove the elastic band and the look is complete all of our girls it goes going kids post thank you very much for reading it and they finish side to recreate some of these looks do not forget to post the photo on Instagram with the hashtag Roxy here, I would love to see some recreations and yeah my post will be listed down below as, I mentioned do not forget to watch that as well thank you very much again it was a pleasure to be here today.

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