3 Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Hello as you can see today is a curly kind of day once in a while, I left my curls out and, I just led them out naturally because it is good to give you a hair break from all the styling and curling and over drying and the funny thing is every time, I leave my hair naturally, I get. So many compliments from Alex, I wonder why do, I even style my hair in the first place, I should just go like this every day what do you guys think let me a countdown Phillip anyways in today’s post for all of you curly girls out there I’m going to share with you three super easy hair cells that are perfect for curly hair. So if you want to see them then keep on reading the first hairstyle that I’m going to share with you it is sort of about half up half down hairstyle and it literally takes me a minute to create.

So the first thing, I do is, I just figure out what sections I’m going to pull back. So just pick a section or two from the front and you do not need anything to think something like this would be good enough maybe I will pick up just a tiny bit more hair pull that back and then I’m going to do the same thing on the other side alright. So something like this will work and then I’m going to turn around and share with you what I will do in the back.

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So I’m gonna bring two of these strands together in the back and create a first knot once, I do that I’m going to create a little bit of space and create another knot. So you have a bit of a gap sort of a circle in between the two knots and then once, I have that I’m just going to grab a bobby pin or two and pin that in place usually when my hair is curly this hairstyle stays really nice in place because curly hair just has. So much texture and that is it this next hairstyle I’m going to share with you is one of my absolute favorite at the moment and it looks.

So cute on curly hair. So all you are going to do is grab this top section of your hair and you do not need a lot of hair but just enough to make a half up top knot. So it is a very trendy hairstyle as well at the moment it looks really great if you go into the beach or even school, I mean it is like a very versatile easy to create hairstyle.

So once you have this section of hair you just kind of place it really really high on top of your head kind of where you would when you want to be and then you want to grab a hair elastic, I just have one here on my hand and tie this in place right here on top and that is a knowledge of giving alright. So now we are going to take this ponytail and we are just going to create a top knot what, I usually do is I’m just going to show you the steps is that, I just take this thing and, I start rolling it around itself and you are going to get some kind of interesting shape it always looks different but basically you just gather it all together and then you know you kind of play around with it you can pen it out a little bit and once you have your top knot you just want to grab a few bobby pins and just pin it in place and just play around with it as you are pinning it because it is got an interesting shape you sort of can play around with the shape and create it you can thin it out if you want to or make it a bit more tight it is really up to you and once you pin your top knot up you are pretty much done and this last hairstyle is something, I do usually when I’m working and, I need to focus on something and my hair is just kind of in the way, I pull it all the way up into a really nice fluffy button. So I’m gonna show you how, I do it again all you are gonna need is a hair tie and some bobby pins have some hair just gonna gather all of my hair up into a ponytail first and do not mind my baby hairs.

I’ve just learned to accept them. So yeah just nicely bring it all the way up into a nice and high ponytail and then just oh well, I must have too much hair all right that’s why, I have many more here that’s like happened to me in a while all right. So grab another ponytail holder and just gather it all and secure it into a high ponytail once, I have the ponytail in place, I usually just grab my hair and sort of create this fluffy bun thing on top of my head if you do not have a lot of hair if your hair is more fine but yet.

So curly you can use a teasing brush to tease your hair before you do this step but for me, I usually do not have a problem with that. So I’m just gonna use my hair to create this bond shape and as, I do that, I just fluff it up with my hands okay it is something like this and then I’m just gonna pin it in place. So you want to just play around with different sections of this button and sort of twist it or pull it and create the shape that you want to see on your head that looks flattering to you because we all have different things the waiting look good on us.

So, I kind of like it a bit high up and as you can see I will be touching it and as, I touch it, I see there’s nice fluff there I’m happy with it as you can see if I’m moving my head up, I think I’m going to pin these two in the back as well that’s sort of the test you shake your head you are like go ahead is it staying in place you can also spray it if you need it to really stay in place if you are going to be moving around or dancing but I’m just going to working in a computer. So I’m pretty happy with that one last thing I will mention if you have any baby hairs like, I do here in the bags that just never want to grow up you can just gather them sort of twist them and pin them in the back and that is it and that is all, I got pretty today let me know which one of these three curly hairstyles was your favorite leave me a comment down below, I love reading your comments make sure to give this post a big thumbs up if you want to see more curly hair hairstyles let me know as well leave me a comment and when you recreate one of these hairstyles hairstyles make sure to post it on your Instagram with hashtag locks your hair, I love you guys very very much and I will see you soon bye.

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