3 EASY Half Up Hairstyles

Hey guys welcome back to my blog today. I want to share with you three really simple and beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for spring with the warmer weather soon approaching not soon enough these a half up half down hairstyles are definitely my favorite go-to these are especially perfect if you are somebody like me who often wears their hair down it is just such an easy way to kind of swoop your hair up out of your face and still have it look really pretty and girly and you guys will have to let me know in the comments down below which look was your favorite and where you plan on wearing it. So let’s get started all you will need for all three of these hairstyles is one clear elastic and you also want a bunch of bobby pins on hand already went ahead curled my hair. I used a 32 millimeter barrel and, I just curled all of my hair away from my face and, I held each section for about 10 seconds. I did this to give my hair a more a tasselled flowy elegant lock which. I think is really perfect for spring and summer and then. I went ahead and, I clipped in my lexy hair extensions just to help add some thickness and fullness to the curls since we are going to be clipping half of it up and, I use two four clip wefts and what I did is I clipped one on top of the other because since this is a half-up half-down hairstyle you want to make sure that you are clipping them below your ears. So that they are hidden. I also added a one clip weft to each side of my head just a couple inches below my part just. So that when I gather the hair for these hairstyles they are hidden but will add extra volume to the buns and twists that. I create for this first hairstyle let’s call it the double knot part your hair is normal and grab large sections on each side of your face you will want to cross these two sections behind the back of your head and then imagine the first step of tying your shoe. So you want to cross one section over the other one and pull it through then you want to tie sections loosely around one another one more time to form the knot and then.

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I used a couple bobby pins to secure the underside of the knot to your head to hold it into place do not worry if the bobby pins are showing because the next step will help with that. So you can leave your double knot as it is but. I prefer going in with my index finger and thumb and just gently tugging on the sides of the knot to help create a fuller thicker appearance and then secure it with a couple more bobby pins to hold it into place and there we have it our chunky double knot. I think this looks. So pretty with the added curls and once you get the hang of it it is super quick next we have the chunky donut bun let your part naturally fall and then grab large sections from both sides of your face and then this time secure them with a hair elastic to create a ponytail on the back of your head begin twisting the ponytail we created in a clockwise motion until it is completely twisted from the base all the way to the tip it should look a little something like this wrap the twists around itself in a counterclockwise direction until it is completely wrapped if your hairs on the longer side you just want to wrap the tail end underneath the bun then you should be left with a donut shape. So just make sure that you secure the end of the twists underneath your bun with some bobby pins. So that they are hidden you could leave it like this but.

I want a more effortless appearance. So using my index finger and thumb. I just gently pulled on the sides of the bun to give it a fuller thicker appearance do not worry if it becomes too undone just secure the loose ends and the underside of the bun with more bobby pins to hold everything in place and there we have it quick and easy and, I think this hairstyle is so cute with off-the-shoulder tops and summer dresses and lastly the cool girl top not this trend is everywhere. So gather all the hair on the top of your head making sure not to collect too far back because you want this top not to sit upright on the top your head once you have your section secure it with a hair elastic then to help add texture to this ponytail, I’m just using my fingers like a claw to back comb it for even more textured look go ahead and use a teasing comb and then begin wrapping the ponytail around itself in a clockwise motion on the top of your head and once you reach the end tuck the ends under the bun and secure them into place with a bobby pin what. I love about topknots is they are always different they do not need to be perfect and you can’t really mess them up. So just start gently pulling on the sides a bit by bit more effortless to better and do not be afraid to make it bigger and messier than what you are used to because. I think that that’s what really makes a topknot stand out if you pull too much just bobby pin any loose ends to the underside of the top knot and there we have it an effortless top knot in seconds there’s no one way to create a top knot.

So experiment it and see what you like. So there we have you guys and those are my three favorite half of half down hairstyles that. I think are so perfect for spring. I just love how simple and easy yet beautiful these hairstyles are. I think they are So perfect if you are on the go just keep a bobby pin and some elastics in your purse and if you are getting hot you can just swoop your hair off your face but I think it is also. So great about these is they do not have to be perfect. If you do not have a mirror it is no problem yeah let me know which one was your favorite. I think it is a toss between the chunky donut one and the top now. I can’t decide but as always thank you guys. So much for reading if you did enjoy this post it do not forget to give it a thumbs up and I will talk to you guys in my next one bye.

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