It’s been a while hi guys, I’m back in full swing. Because, I had to take a little break.

Because, I pulled my back really bad actually pinched a nerve, I couldn’t sit. So, I could have posted hairstyles for you guys. But we are back today was really cute some are hairstyles and of course, I had to include braids. Because me braids and summertime is a perfect equation let’s get started. So. Because, I will be incorporating braids into the hairstyles and this is my third day here, I need a little shampoo. So you know some of you out there to complain about my greasy hair even though is wet hair alright I’m using the Quran a dry shampoo with oat milk, I love love distraction poo it is one of my favorites and just a little bitch some places where, I need the dry shampoo alright.


So the first hairstyle is going to be a really cute bus simple, I like this one for date night, I like a really cute simple fishtail that’s great French braid infinity braid whatever Bears you want just a really cute simple braid right here. But a nice deep part it gets really grew of your own section for your fishtail braid and divided two main sections lift up from the top please number up a nice tiny section from the outer side I’m going to do a Dutch style. So basically underneath and over to the second section same thing with this one other section underneath go over into the second. So really working with the two sections. So now let’s start adding hair. So we are back over to the first top section clean it up. So I’m going to grab a section first a little one put it down I’m gonna grab some hair and then bring it back underneath over to this bottom section clean up as, I go and then do the same thing from underneath subsection a little sections about it sickness underneath, and it is back over to the top work let the how about like two inches max of the fishtail braid I’m going to stop adding hair from the sides into the fishtail braid and I’m just going to braid off a little bit more of the fishtail braid all right before, I tie off the braid I’m actually going to go back in and just pull up for its little fishtail part just to miss the braid a little bit more emphasized get a little more dramatic.

So without using any clear elastics we are only going to use two bobby pins one for each section. So basically take the bobby pin one section and then take it underneath the braid making sure it is nice and tight to secure you see what, I mean it is really simple it is cute. But of course it is perfect for date night, I learned it this hair is seriously going places go crazy the sex hairstyle is for those pool and beach days. Because everything is going to be out of the face I’m going to do a very tiny braids kind of like assist party line right here going into a nice top messy bun top knot you can do a half updo whatever you want. But this is my variation alright. So as you can see, I grab a nice small section and divide it into three. Because I’m going to do French braid.

So French braid outer section over the middle outer section over those images all right. So this is where we start in here I’m not going to add hair on this side I’m going to start in here to the side. So over the middle first and here minister Evan here very tiny sections. Because klika says me a very small brave over the listen who is amazing over the middle and every here and continue, I decide when to a second braid the biggest goal acuter alright do the same thing on the opposite side and part it off start breathing the thing comes up all right. So now I’m going to pick up the hair into a high messy bun ponytail half updo whatever you guys want I’m going to do in a high messy bun after finishing my bone I’m going to go back in and kind of give the finished touches take a little bit of hair out right here in front of the ears and then make sure we are here right in between the two braids I’m going to take it out a little bit to give a little more emphasis. But all is done this is what it looks like this is kind of like a little little twist on your everyday messy top knot this last hairstyle is probably one of my favorites pretty edging it is what Dutch braids I will get started this hairstyle is going to consist of four Dutch braids. So basically one two three and four basically going to look like you have a double headband alright.

So as you can see, I have a middle part and we are going to start sectioning off to start braiding someone’s going to take any comb use your finger he’s going to run my comb down till the end of right here and I’m going to take the rest of the hair I’m just going to clip it back grab your first section and divide into three to begin your Dutch braid outer section under the middle first do not move and then take extra hair add it to the middle make it bigger and tighten same thing under the middle hold adheres to the middle there we go let’s dress prayed I’m going to finish braiding this until it reach probably like either middle or M is right here before, I tie it off just. Because it is a really tiny braids I’m going to pull it apart as much as, I can and I’m going to tie off next and he does the finished look, I knew you guys would be impressed looks incredible and then just to secure the braids and when, I take one little mini bobby pin and just make sure, I do it nice and take to my eyes and I’m just here and then the pan is just falling and this completes the final look, I think it turned out double cute, I hope you guys double like it. So corny, I know and there we have it we have one two and three beautiful summer hairstyles that, I think you can do a lot of different variations with let me know what you guys think and what other posts you guys want to see in the future thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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