3 Fairy Angel Tinkerbell Hairstyles for Halloween

Today. I came up with some kind of whimsical of romantic hairstyles that you can use for Halloween whether your being a fairy or maybe a princess or an angel or even Tinkerbell. I think this one looks very Tinkerbell. So I hope you guys like these. I think they are really fun, and kind of cool to play around with for whatever you have going on. So the first look is these kind of loose waves that are a little bit PC, and pretty romantic looking. So what. I do is to separate my hair from the ears up. And I actually went ahead, and curled each of my sections using a flat iron. And I can do a tutorial on just how to do this later if you want basically you insert the iron into your hair rotate it degrees, and just continue sliding it down your hair, and then you create a curl, and then you just continue doing that to the rest of the sections the faster that you go the looser your curl is going to be the slower you go the tighter your curl will be, and then you lie down your next section, and continue going also if you take smaller sections you will probably get a tighter curl, and if you take bigger sections you will get a looser curl, and you can mix that up, and completely do lots, and lots of different curls with this which is what. I did. I did some tighter, and some looser if you do not want to do this with a flat iron you can always just wrap your hair around the curling iron, and get the same result. So once you are done with that go ahead, and run your fingers through it to loosen it up, and then pick it up while your hair spray it that gives a lot of volume, and also creates that very romantic whimsical kind of messy look, and then. I put on this flower crown which.

3 Fairy Angel Tinkerbell Hairstyles for Halloween Photo Gallery

I actually made for my flower girl to wear at my wedding. So you can’t really buy it anywhere but there are a lot of tutorials online on how to make flower crowns like this if you want to see a tutorial from me. I hand do it but. I do not know that, I will be able to get up before Halloween but let me know in the comments if that’s something you are interested in, and here is my next tutorial with this little braid. I really like this one it is my favorite you are going to go ahead, and take two large sections from the front, and one large section from the back, and start doing a French or Dutch braid in the middle of your head, and then you want to drape those pieces that you bring in from the sides. So that they kind of droop a little bit, and it creates that really romantic shape. So your braid starts in the middle of your head but your sections look like they start much lower, and then you are going to take a clip, and hopefully not let it fly across the room clip it into the end of your braid, and then just let the hair fall around the braid.

That it looks like there’s no hair tie there, and then you can put on whatever hair accessory you are using, and you have got your hairstyle. And I really like how it is loose, and messy. I think that really adds to it makes it more whimsical and. So here’s our last one this one is very Tinkerbell to me. And I think it is a good way to do Tinkerbell if you have really long hair, and none of that short on bangs that she did. So what you are going to do is part the hair really far on one side, and then start by braiding a section in the front. So you are going to take a very small section, and braid it all the way down if you have normal bangs or fringe or you know just like side bangs you can always skip this step but if you have longer hair you could do that, and take a section behind your ear, and braid it all the way down this will be our little headband if you have shorter hair you can take an identical section on the other side, and bring it up to the top of the head. So that they meet, and that way you can get that braided headband or if you do not even want to bother with that you could just use a normal headband. So now you are going to collect your hair into a ponytail but leave out the hair in front of the face on the one side, and then all of your bangs sections on the other side the side that has most hair, and then bring that ponytail up really high then you are going to go ahead, and place your headband.

So either secure your braids at the top or wrap it all the way around or just put in your normal headband, and then create that little side-swept look with your front things that are still left down, and pin those back then for the bottom what. I did was to spy it into three sections. So the is my first section of hair. And I just kind of manipulated it, and wrapped it around until. I got it in the shape that. I wanted, and then. I pinned it in place. So there’s really no rhyme or reason to it you just kind of pull your hair on until it looks good to you, and then pin it. So the is my second section. And I did this right in the middle. And I went ahead, and wrap this. And I wrapped this one really far forward. Because. I wanted to be able to see it from the front that’s really my only tip for this bun is just to make sure that you make it far enough forward on your head. So where you can see it from straight on that way you get your nice little Tinkerbell is shape but once you have that all pinned you are done, and you have this cool little hairstyle going on. I did see it this, and a picture online, and if. I can find it again. I will post it sometimes. I find them, and then. I forget to save them. And I lose them, and then it is awkward cut. I can’t post it for you guys but anyway if. I find it, I will host it again if you do not like these little side bits you can always pin them up, and the is how it would look if you pin that up. So here are some other tutorials to check out. I have my Halloween hairstyles playlist. So be sure to check that out, and tell me in the comments are you interested in seeing a curling your hair with a flat iron post or are you interested in seeing a little flower headband tutorial let me know, I will show you my next post bye.

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