3 Gorgeous Spring Braided Short Hairstyles

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another hairstyle post with your girl malibu here and today’s post is all about braided hairstyles and this post is brought to you with uLTA Beauty they are running their annual spring gorgeous hair event that is starting this May 14th this Sunday until June 3rd and of course they have amazing deals every single day all the way up to 50% off and, I will be including some of the products in this post and we will share with you guys how much you can save let’s get started the first hairstyle is going to do one of my favorites it is a half up halo Dutch braided crown alright. So I’m going to start on the very left side of my head and then grab your first section for your braid divide it into three sections and you are going to start doing your initial Bunch braid a Dutch braid is where you take the free section and the outer sections you tuck them underneath the middle. So basically your braid is going to sit on top of your head instead of in between the hair that’s the Dutch braid. So the first thing you are going to do is just go do the regular braid without adding your hair once you do that start adding little sections.

3 Gorgeous Spring Braided Short Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So once you get to your ear this is where we are going to start turning doing the Halo or the Crown’s effect of the braid and for the lowest section of your Dutch braid you are going to add only tiny bits of hair you are not even going to notice you are going to be adding hair once, I reach the other side I’m going to start adding a little bit more hair underneath to the very lowest outer section just to make sure it is kind of uniform to the opposite side of the ears and then once you have no more hair less to add just finish braiding it off. So the next step is the color part my braid and, I love this step. Because it just makes the entire hairstyle and I’m going to add a little bit of texture spray into my braid and this is the AG tousled texture finishing spray and it will be going on sale May 19th and also beauty stores for 40% off this product is amazing and I’m only going to spray on the braid to give it that texture and gritch that I’m looking for let’s hide the clear elastic. So I’m going to take a mini bobby pin place it right into the very end through the clear elastic and then we see one of these braids right here I’m going to take it right underneath and then just stick it right through. So once the braid is secured and everything is nice and beautiful you can stop right here maybe add some hairspray to your hair to calm down the flyways like, I have now. But I’m actually going to curl this hair just to give a little bit of a textured messy beachy vibe going on and I’m going to use my t3 hair straightener with some heat protectant of course and I will be using the Paul Mitchell hot of the press one of my all-time oldie favorite key protectant and this will also be going on sale May 20th for, I believe $9.99 which is a great great price I’m going to alternate the curls just like, I said to give it that beachy textured vibe and that’s the completed look once I’m done curling my hair with a straightener I’m going to go back with the Tess hold text your AG spray give it a little bit of a spritz to add a little bit more texture and then run my hands to their curls and that completes this look, I think this look is great for everyday for special events like a wedding prom date nice it is a really cute hairstyle the next hairstyle, I want super sleek straight hair.

So this is why I’m going to straighten my hair using the same straightener the t3 and then of course the hottest surprise by Paul Mitchell he protected. So what’s my hair is straight, I just added some of the smoothing serum. But ecology just to kind of smooth everything down and make everything shiny and sleek. So now I’m going to do the second hairstyle and this is a fishtail headband I’m just parting my hair to a deep part on the right side this time I’m going to take a little bit more just to smooth it down on the opposite side grab your section for your fishtail braid and divide into two sections to start your fishtail I’m going to do the Dutch tail fishtail it is the same technique as a Dutch braid take the outer sections and check them underneath instead of over make sure underneath in the middle, I just picked some of this hair towards the backs, I do not touch it. Because this hair is going to be overlapping the braid. So I’m just going to continue braiding until, I reach basically the top of my ear or whenever you want to stop braiding your hair pin your choice before, I tie off the braid I’m going to go back up and just pull apart the entire braid to my desired shape and dimension that’s the fishtail braid you can keep it nice and tight. But this is just what, I like to do take a couple of bobby pins and just to care your braid into your hair wherever you want to braid it to lay to finish it off I’m going to take a little bit of hairspray this is a Sebastian shaper plus hairspray, and it is also going to be on sale it is one of those specialty items and may 18th for $8.

99 that’s incredible it is a really great hairspray just a very light layer just to kind of set the whole hairstyle in place like, I said this hairstyle is extremely simple. But it is for those days when you want to look extra cute the next hairstyle is going to be up to for those that want something a little bit elegant. But definitely edgy it is this bad boy right here. So the first thing, I did was divide my entire head into three sections middle and then two sides. So I’m going to start braiding in the middle section first just. Because it is like the main focal point of the entire hairstyle, and it is a French braid a French braid is basically the opposite of a Dutch braid the outer sections are going to go over the middle and set up under. So I’m going to continue braiding this the entire way down and then I’m going to braid the side sections the same exact way French braid style is.

So to put this entire look together after, I pull apart the braids I’m actually going to take out the braids a little bit towards the bottom and just combine all three into one big ponytail and then from there, I decided to do a big messy bun you can do whatever you want, I thought this looks kind of cute together and to finish off the look I’m going to add a little bit more of the Sebastian hairspray just to make sure everything is nice and secure and voila. If you have an edgy place to go to or an event this hairstyles for you or just like me just wear it any day of the week. Because it is awesome and the rough average for the three hairstyles, I think there’s something for everyone here let me know which one was your favorite and of course do not forget to check out also beauty spring and gorgeous hair events that’s starting this Sunday May 14th until Saturday June 3rd there is. So many great products that’s going to be going for sale every day there’s new products that are going to be a steal. So do not forget and check out this event, I will have all the information down below in the description box check it out. But for now and thank you so much for reading spending some time with us and I will see you in the next one bye.

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