3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial

Today we are going to learn how to do these iconic Star Wars hairstyles I’m really excited for the movie coming out and I thought these would be great to wear to the premiere or the cosplay or if you just love Star Wars make sure to share this with anyone in your life who also love Star Wars maybe you can wear the hairstyles together let’s get started with Leia’s signature hairstyle you are going to start by making a center part.

I use my nose as a guide and then go straight back from that and then you are going to go all the way to the nape of your neck to split all of your hair and half then create two high paid tails that go just above and behind your ear about the height of your eyes you just want to secure that with a hair elastic and once you have the first one done go ahead and do the second one as well now just check and make sure that these pigtails are even because we want the buns to be as symmetrical as possible now I will grab some braiding hair this is Kanekalon hair that you can buy it Sally’s and I’m using two bundles for this one for each pigtail this is going to give you the length and volume you need for Leia’s funds I’m using a bobby pin through the elastic in the middle and then I’m just attaching that to my pigtail then.

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I’m just going to twist this toward my face and then wrap it in a bun toward my face again and the Kanekalon hair does all the work here you are literally just gonna have to twist your hair into a bun and you are going to get Leia’s awesome like giant cinnamon bun hairstyle after the first rotation I’m going to take a break and I’m going to add in a bunch of pins to hold this in place jumbo bobby pins will be your friend here because they can hold a lot of hair at once then I wait just whisk the rest of the hair and continue wrapping it into a bun when trick.

I use was to wrap the first rotation a little bit loosely and then wrap the second rotation a little bit more tight that way it looks a little bit bigger in the center and thinner on the outside then just pin everything in place and your first bun is complete and now on to the other bun you are just going to bobby pin that bundle of Kanekalon right on top of your pigtail twist it and then wrap it into a bun just like we did with the first side now you can do this without the Kanekalon if you want it just won’t be as voluminous but you will still have the same kind of bun look I chose the Kanekalon because I practice with every single thing that.

I own and this was the fastest easiest and least expensive so I really think it is the best option and Kanekalon is super lightweight so you can wear this all long and you won’t get a headache from it and once you have everything pinned this hairstyle is complete it should come together in less than ten minutes but it still looks totally iconic and true to the original and I love it for Padme I chose this twisted bun from episode two you are going to start again by creating a central part but this one is not going to go all the way around your head just the top of your head then go ahead and split it in half and then brush everything into a low sleek ponytail now for the bun I decided to use some more synthetic hair but you could use your own hair for this if you prefer I’m going to use Kanekalon hair again and I’m just using one bundle this time.

I just clipped it up to hold it in place and what I’m going to do is take my wire this is floral wire but you can use anywhere you want and measure it to the length of the hair then go ahead and cut it and you are going to wrap the top of that wire against a section of hair this is going to help hold it in place while we wrap the hair around the wire and to do that all you basically have to do is wrap it around like you are wrapping your hair around a curling iron and you can see that it creates these twists like you see in Padma’s hairstyle once you get to the end you just have to secure it with a hair elastic once you have done that this twist is done and you can move on and do some more I did six in total but this braiding here is actually about inches long so that’s a lot of hair you could actually do four or five sections instead if you are using the braiding hair if you want to use your actual hair you can do the exact same thing with sections and wire you can see here that I’m using pipe cleaners I really do not recommend that my hair got SuperDuper tangled in these but you could do this with your normal hair and any other wire so at this time either make your twist with your hair or with your synthetic hair if you decided to use the synthetic hair go ahead and put your ponytail into a really really tight bun that way we can hide it with the synthetic hair later if you plan to use your hair than your ponytail turns into the twists so with the synthetic hair.

I’m actually going to go ahead and bobby pin these on to my bun and then I’m going to start making the shape of the bun so I’m taking one section and I’m bending it into just random shapes honestly I didn’t have any rhyme or reason to this the only thing that I was trying to keep in mind was that I wanted them to interlock and overlap quite a bit so I can’t bending things around each other so you can see with my second twist I’m actually like feeding it through the first one that just gets more dimension going on in this and I think replicates the original hairstyle really well I also noticed in the original hair sale that it is got kind of this oval shape so instead of like making lots of circles you kind of want to make lots of ovals if you can i tried this hairstyle both with my hair and with the Kanekalon hair and I found it so much easier with the Kanekalon hair like easier to make the twist you had more hair to work with putting it in the bun.

I just really recommend this way especially if you are really really into your costume another tip that I have is if you get a section bit and then you find that it kind of falls out of place you can pin these in place so go ahead and use your bobby pins to hold everything where you want it and your bun will look great so just keep bending and pinning these twists until everything is covered and you have got this hairstyle complete I think this looks so cool this is one of my favorite hair styles of pad maze even though it is pretty simple and I loved recreating it and finally we have raised kind of three bun hairstyle so we are going to start by making a small section on top of your head something like you use for like a pouf or something very small section pull that back and secure it with an elastic for a little small ponytail then section your hair from.

The top of your ears to the crown of your head and brush that into its own ponytail then you are going to secure that with an elastic and when you do that on the very last loop of your elastic only pull the hair part of the way through that’s how you make her bun it is actually quite simple if you have any little extra hairs that are sticking out grab them and stick them with your ends we are going to wrap the ends around the base of the bun I looked at so much footage of her hairstyle and I’m like sure this is how she did it you wrap the hair around until you have no more hair left to wrap and then you are going to bobby pin that in place then you are going to move on and split the rest of the hair and a half and what the second ponytail to sit right underneath the first bun secure that with an elastic again on that very last loop only pull some of the hair through and then wrap your ends around the base this hairstyle is absolutely something you can do if your hair is shorter than mine I have like seven inches of hair too much for this so this is perfect if you have shorter hair then go ahead and loosen up some hair around your face to replicate those little baby hairs that she had kind of flying all around and finally we are going to do the same thing with one last ponytail I’m gonna do this at the very very bottom of your neck and again just pull through a little bit of hair to create that bun and wrap the extra hair around the base and bobby pin it in place once you are done with that the hairstyle is done not going to lie I really love this hairstyle and I think if you were to just do one bun and where it was like a half up half down hairstyle it could be like an everyday thing or like a oh I’m looking a little bit like Star Wars but I’m not going all the way there and that’s it for my Star Wars hair tutorial I had such a fun time putting this together I hope that you guys love it be sure to click that subscribe button if you have not already and I will see you in my next post mwah bye.

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