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Today’s tutorial is on these updates that. I like to do for my second day they look like they took a ton of effort but really they took about two minutes now the is a little bit more time than some people like to do on their second day they usually just throw their hair, and a messy bun, and go but for me, I will like well. I didn’t spend time washing, and drying my hair. So, I will going to spend time styling my hair. So that’s kind of the give-and-take that. I have with that. So these are some styles that you can do in about two minutes they might take a little bit of practice but once you got it down you can do them really quickly. Because it really is just a couple steps. I hope you guys like this. And I will see you in my next tutorial la bye alright time for the first style now just to note my first, and third style were inspired by hair romance calm though.

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I did change them a little bit from the original style separate the hair in front of your ears out this could be the fringe for a lot of people but my hair is really long in this area, and go ahead, and separate out the crown of your hair, and then separate out the front of that section. So kind of the hair between the parting that we did, and the apex of the head, and then you are going to take all the hair down to the crown of the head, and you are going to put this into a bun, and basically make a bump it out of your own hair now you can actually use more hair than. I did in here. I just my hair gets really think when you put it into buns. And I wanted the buns that. I made later in the style to look full. So I cut this one small but if you want a really big bump you can make this fun really big, and you know effectively makes your hair into a bun fit. So then go ahead, and release that top section that we separated, and give it a little teasing to kind of net the hair together. So that it will go nicely over it the little bump that we made, and then smooth the hair back. So that it is a nice smooth bump now you can see on the left side is how it is supposed to look. I do this without a mirror. So the right side. I had to fix a little bit later it looks a little funny right now but then just crisscross your pins. And I actually end up using three pins to do this. And I just kind of push my hair back up, and that way. I got a nice big bump, and then stuck one more bobby pin in it after. I had to look everywhere for it apparently then go ahead, and pick up the hair that’s just underneath that. I would say the two inches underneath that, and they heard that we just pinned twist it all together, and turn it into a bun. So just wrap it around, and twist, and then pin it into place now you can interlock these pens really nicely in here especially. Because it is such a small bun, and also pendants with those pins that we use to make the bump that way the is a really secure style like it is not going to go anywhere. So just make sure that you are interlocking your pens as you are doing them, and then take another section all the hair from the top of your ears up should be incorporated by now wrap it into a bun, and pin it in place, and then the last thing we are going to do is just take all the rest of the hair that’s left down to the nape of the neck, and put that into a button. So just twisting it, and then wrapping it, and putting it into place, and then you can just check for any little flyaway that you might have you can kind of see. I have one or two that. I had to fix but that’s it is really nice, and quick it is simple, and you have this pretty very retro hairstyle. I like it a lot. Because it is pretty retro a very feminine. I also throw in a headband for this shot. And I think it looks pretty cool just to throw that idea out there all right.

So now is our second hairstyle, and of course. I had to do something with braids you are going to take a diagonal part going from the top right to the bottom left separate the bottom hair out of the way, and we are going to braid that top section starting on the very far left, and Dutch braiding, and corporative only hair from the top. So basically creating this nice little braid that goes around the occipital bone, and then once you incorporate all the hair from the top you are just going to braid normally now if you need any help on braiding. I will link in the description bar to my rate encyclopedia which would help you with Dutch braiding in case you do not know what that is or how to do it once you finish that braid just secure it with a band, and then start on the next side make sure that you start about the same distance from the front on this braid that you did on the last braid. So that you get a nice even style now on this one we are going to still be Dutch braiding but you are going to bring hair from under instead of hair from on top just. Because your braid is a little bit farther up, and instead of being down it just makes sense. So just pull the hair from the bottom up, and then braid down the rest of the hair normally next you are going to pull both of the braids around your head. I like to actually do this one at a time but. I wanted to show you kind of what it would look like from the back but here it is with me just pulling it from the one side, and you just want to make sure that you do not have any going on right there. So get the braids nice, and tight against your head, and pin it in place, and then you want to pin it a couple times through the middle of the braid, and then at the end of the race that you get a nice secure hold there then bring the second braid up, and use that braid to cover the end of the first braid. So you do not see it at all, and just pin nicely into that, and then you can tuck the end of the second braid under the first braid, and it is hidden for any flyaway just stick it through a bobby pin, and it will go wherever the bobby pin goes, and then just pin it wherever you want it, and that will hide them very effectively. So you do not have any little antenna sticking out of your head while you are wearing this hairstyle, and that’s it. I really like it is really bohemian. I know among my braids were kind of a couple years ago but. I still really love them.

Maybe some of you guys can try it out too. So that is the second hairstyle, and now for the third hairstyle we have this interesting little bun which. I actually really like you are going to start with the top center just to give you a nice reference point to go off of, and then twist this really tightly. So that the hair kind of starts to twist up on itself then wrap it kind of into a bun but mostly you are just going to bring the hair against the head, and let it twist up however it is going to twist up. Because when you twist that hair really tight it makes really funky shapes which is actually cool for this hairstyle. Because we can do some really fun stuff with it, and then go ahead, and pull one side, and go ahead, and start twisting knot, and wrapping that into a bun, and like. I said you just kind of let it twist, and make its own shape, and then within those buns crisscross your pins. So that you have a nice secure style like this style will not go anywhere it stays really well all day. So twisting it really tight again, and the is what it looks like real time when you are just letting it kind of roll up on itself you saw that one kind of just twist it around itself, and made an interesting little shape, and then you just pin it there then. I took one right between those two sides to kind of finish it off, and now you are going to take another side, and then twist that up it is a place, and then you are going to take another side twist that up, and then do the center. So I kind of did a triangle on top, and a triangle on the bottom, and then just like one or two in the middle, and you can make this into whatever shape you want or even add some volume in the front which would actually be a really good look for this if you wanted that but the is really fun especially if you are a dancer the is a great little way to get your hair up, and look different than just a normal ballerina bun the is my other go-to second day hairstyle you can click here for that tutorial, and some bobby thinning in case any of this that makes sense you can check out that for some help on Hobby penny but that’s it guys. I will see you in my next post bye.

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