3 Quick Wet Hairstyles

Today we have three wet hairstyles these are perfect for if you accidentally sweep past your alarm or maybe after the gym and you still want your hair to look cute these hairstyles are great I think they are amazing and I hope you like them let’s go ahead and get started I want to start with what you will need for these hairstyles first of all obviously wet hair you can do this right out of the shower let your hair dry as long as possible because your hair is more fragile when it is wet so let’s be gentle with it I also really recommend using something that will help detangle your hair my favorite is the Moroccan oil treatment light but a good budget option is the Kardashian Beauty blow dry cream.

It is similar but a much more budget friendly option and also make sure you have a special detangling brush I love the wet brush you will also need some hair elastics and I recommend hair pins which are a little bit wider than bobby pins so they stick into wet hair more easily but you could also use stretched out bobby pins if that’s what you have so then you are just going to go ahead and put your detangler through your hair whether it is a leave in conditioner or something like I’m using and then just brush it starting at the ends and working your way up again be gentle with your hair because it is wet and you do not want to cause any extra breakage now if you want you can totally skip those products that.

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I used I just wanted to share with you what I find to help a lot when I’m styling my wet hair so now let’s start with hairstyle number one you are going to start out just by pulling everything into a ponytail at the middle of your head I rushed everything straight back because I really like how that looks but you could also do a part if you prefer that then just use an elastic to secure everything and we are ready to move on to the button you are going to take the hair from your ponytail and go ahead and twist it then we are going to make the top loop of the figure eight so I’m going to take this and I’m going to loop it around once.

I have got it looped around I’m going to use one hand to hold on top of the loop and then the other hands pin everything in place so that it stays there and it does not kind of get messed up when we try to make the bottom of the eight then now that everything is pinned I’m going to go ahead and twist the rest of my hair and then I’m going to wrap it in the opposite direction into one more loop I’m going to be sure to tuck the ends underneath the rest of the hair that way or they are not sticking out or being weird and I’m going to tend everything in place there and once that’s done that is the figure eight bun I really like this hairstyle because even though you didn’t take time to dry your hair it still looks very chic and this could even be work appropriate.

If you wanted it to be and now we are on to hairstyle number two you are gonna start out by taking the hair over your ears on either side and you go part your hair wherever you want for this so I’m just gonna grab the hair on either side and then I’m going to pull that back you might need to brush it to make sure that it is nice and smooth then I’m just going to go ahead and secure that with an elastic then I’m going to loosen that up a little bit and tuck the ponytail in towards my head and you can see that creates a little twist and now we are just going to do that again so split the rest of the hair that’s left bring it to the back secure it with an elastic and then we are going to create another Topsy tail you are just going to flip the tail in toward your head and then you are going to see it makes another little twist and then.

I loosen mine up to make the twist a little bit more prominent now just go a couple inches down your ponytail put in another elastic you are going to slip the hair over that elastic and flip your hair in again so it is another little Topsy tail over again and then once I got that through I actually went ahead and loosened up the twist over the hair tie just to make sure that it looked nice and I do not know I just liked how it looks a little bit more prominent of a twist once you loosen it up then I took it over my shoulders so that my arms went and died anymore and I went a couple inches down again put in another hair elastic twisted the hair in in another Topsy tail and then loosened it up a bit and finally I did one more now.

I have really long hair so you might not need that many top details for your hair but even if you do two or three it will look really good and you can do even two on just short hair I like this hairstyle because it is a little bit more fun than a super tight updo and it is going to look awesome as it dries and finally we have number three which is my personal favorite start with your hair parted on the side and then pick up a large section of hair from next ear part you are going to split that into two and we are going to use those two sections to make a half knot basically it does not matter how you do this as long as you do it the same way every time for me across the back section over the front that makes a little hole right there

So I just reached through picked up this front section of hair pulled it through and then I have my half knot then to keep it in place I used a little clip to make sure nothing was moving now you are going to add in here so pick up a new section of hair join it with your back section and then pick up a section of hair for the front and join it with your front section and now you start the knot over again so you cross the back section over the front reach through and pick up that new front section and then pull it on through and once that’s done you are just going to tighten it up and then secure it with a clip or a bobby pin to make sure that it is not moving around while you are doing the rest of your knots so now I’m picking up more sections of hair joining it with the back section another section with the front and then again tying another knot so this is just like a French braid but with knots instead of braiding so that could either be easier or harder give yourself a little practice with this one because it really does look awesome and I can do this in like five minutes now that I have been practicing for a little while.

And I actually do this a lot when my hair is wet so then I’m finishing off with I think just one or two more little knots and it gets a little harder around the back so basically once I reach the back middle of my head I called it quits and then fold everything else into a ponytail now I’m just going to take that last clip out and I’m going to create a bun with the hair that’s left I like doing a braided bun because I think the shape of it looks cool with the knots but you could also do a normal bun if you want to just run out of the house so once you are done braiding go ahead and secure it with an elastic and then wrap that into the shape of a bun always making sure to tuck detail underneath the bun so that it is not showing at all then of course I pinned it in place a couple of times to make sure that it was going to stay all day long and once that was done this hairstyle is complete I really love this hair so because I feel like it is unique for a wet hairstyle and I also love that it is not slicked back from the front you still get a little bit of volume from the knots so it is definitely my favorite tell me about your favorite hairstyle in the comments below did you agree with me was number through your favorite or did you like one of the other two let me know and I will see you guys in my next post mwah bye.

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