3 Super Simple Back To School Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies thank you for joining me again today, I hope you are having a good day. So far today’s post is all about super simple hairstyles since it is still back-to-school season, I thought I’d bring out some more who does not like simple hairstyles we all love them.

3 Super Simple Back To School Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So, I just washed my hair it is really fresh and soft and silky. So I’m gonna add a little bit of texture. But just. Because I’m gonna be playing around my hair and, I want that hold and grit. So I’m gonna add a little dry shampoo and this is one of my favorites by Laurent it is a dry shampoo with metal has an amazing fresh scent with a hint of mint just a little bit, and it is just a great dry shampoo, I love them first hairstyle I’m going to include a scarf. Because scarf fall back to school it all goes hand in hand in my book in my mind. Because the leaves are changing the weather is cooler.

So you need to cover up the head. So what I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab a nice section. But kind of leaving this fringe and these front pieces of hair out and the rest of it is gonna go into a ponytail. But I’m gonna do a Topsy ponytail very simple let me show you. So next you want your bandana or your scarf or headband of choice you can do whatever you wanna do you can put some roses into your hair whatever you want. But I’m gonna use this one from forever 21 it is faux silk. So I’m just gonna basically just kind of scrunch it and make it as small as possible and then take it kind of place it an inch two inches away and then I’m gonna wrap it around and then I’m gonna tie it right underneath the ponytail really nice and tight maybe do like at least to not just make sure it is nice and tight to my head next I’m gonna take the ponytail and then loop it once again into the Topsy tail and then just secure it with too many bobby pins on each side for these front side sections I’m gonna take them all kind of in a bunch then we take a little bit of hair out let the frame of face plus they are a little too short to go anywhere else and then maybe some of these hairs and they just kind of grab it and then we are gonna place it right behind and I’m kind of underneath the scarf and then I’m gonna take the end of the scarf and loop it over around the bun and then just tie it nice and tight you can leave it down you can do what, I’m do whatever is do please and that completes the first look very simple very easy to accomplished and truly cute can go wrong when we go to Paris I’m gonna be rocking this hairstyle sex hairstyle is going to be kind of like a headband, I saw this picture and, I had to recreate it, I think it is a stunning hairstyle, and it is ridiculously easy to do I’m gonna section my hair kind of on a deeper side and I’m gonna grab a nice section very small this party line and I’m gonna create a really simple three strand braid that’s gonna be kind of going like this.

So it is gonna be a really simple kind of like a headband type of hairstyle like, I said alright I’m gonna take a bobby pin a mini bobby pin and then just kind of slip it or right there. So it is not going anywhere and then I’m gonna go on the other side just I’m gonna grab another section from this side and do exactly the same thing. But kind of going the opposite way. So I’m gonna take that section that’s in the middle and I’m gonna bring it towards the back. If you need to comb it. If you need to spray some hairspray on it and now is a time I’m not gonna touch this since, I had I’m not gonna do anything crazy to it just. Because, I already have a dry shampoo in it take the braids and then go to the other side the parting line and I’m gonna just tuck it right in you see what, I mean it is like ridiculously easy to do.

But it is really cute and, I think it is really great for trying to grow out your bangs this is a great way to kind of do something different instead of just placing bobby pins kind of replaces your bobby pins in a way make sense to me next hairstyle is going to be a knotted up do it is actually go low up to. But it is a knot basically where you take two sections of hair and you create a knot out of it it is really cute, and it is very easy to do I’m gonna divide all of my hair into two sections right down the middle in the back and I’m gonna tie up the sections into two ponytails take the two sections and just tie it as tight as possible into a one single knot and then I’m gonna take mini bobby pins and they are just kind of secure each side just make sure it is nice and tight and it actually stays a knot loose right here and layer is in might pull apart whatever is left for the ponytails I’m gonna take them underneath into the knot and just secure it with more bobby pins just to make it look more cohesive alright. So the overall look is really composed and elegant and you guys you know me. So well as every chef would say I’m gonna deconstruct it just a little bit, I do not know where the chef thing came from. But I think I’m hungry at the moment. So the chef is coming to my mind alright. So I’m going to deconstruct a little bit by taking some of these pieces out in the front yes a little bit there we go you know what let’s add a garnish to this hairstyle with this car this is totally giving me flight attendant Ives maybe do not wear this.

If you are flying hahaha you might get confused. But either way, I think it looks cute alright yes yes they are and there we have it for this look, I hope you guys like it, I think it is really simple enough and very elegant composed. If you are looking for that type of look and that completes this post, I hope you guys enjoyed the hairstyles let me know which one was your favorite. But for now you guys the t-shirts are still on sale for 30% off the discount code will be down below along with the link to the store you guys are loving the t-shirts. I’m so happy to see you guys rocking them it is so awesome to see that thank you again for now thank you for reading this post and we will see you in the next one bye.

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