3 Ways to Pin a Bun Goody Spin Pin Review

Hey girls today, I will here to answer the question how. I pin my hair in a bun. So that it does not fall out. And I think for this one, I will going to need my professor glasses which are dirty today we will be demonstrating three different methods, and then, I will talk through some general tips, and tricks on really securing that hair into a bun. So then it does not come out all night long all right girls are going to be demonstrating on the side of my head. Because that is the easiest to demonstrate from into the film. So that’s what, I will going to do, I will also going to be using a ponytail as my base just. Because that way. I can return to this more easily but you do not have to start from a ponytail if you do not want ugly stuff for Napoleon Dynamite. I wish. I could remember one of her lines before we begin let’s talk about the bun first you are going to take your hair that you are using for the bun, and you are going to twist it. I like to twist away from my face, and then wrap toward my face although it really does not matter which way you do it as long as you are twisting, and wrapping in opposite directions when you twist you want to twist really tight. Because the more compacted the hair is that user will be forward to pen throw in to really stay once you twisted all the way down the hair you are ready to wrap as. I said. I rocked away from my face.

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So, I will going to wrap it toward my face as. I wrap, I will going to place my hand against the base of the bun, and that way it ensures that the base of the bun is going to go flush against my head sometimes if you do not it has a tendency to pull out like this putting your hand over it really helps to guide the bun into place. So twist it the rest of the way around, and then switch hands if you need to if your hair is that long, and again hold it on top, and pull the bun into place, and then once you have it wrapped it is time to bend method number one, and this method you are going to pin in the base of the bun once you have your hair wrapped you are going to take your pin, and spread it apart you want to spread apart. So you can get the most hair possible in the pin when you apply it to your hair do you have it spread apart you are going to place it against the base of your bun, and as you put it into the bun the hair is actually going to hold it apart. So you can let go there, and take your finger or your thumb, and push down you want to push either parallel to the head or slightly away or slightly toward, and then repeat that method on the top bottom, and both sides. So north south east, and west of the bun, and the reason that you want to pin either or only slightly away or toward the head is that if you pin too far away from the head the pins are going to stick out the top of the bun if you pin too far closer to the head you are going to scrape against your stuff, and it will hurt a lot not really the most fun thing to do once you have your four pins, and you may go back, and pin over any sections that feel loose now for me for pens is more than enough. Because. I do not really have a lot of hair but. I do have flyaway. So what you can do if you have flyaway is to grab them align them against the base of the bun separate your bobby pin over that section, and push in, and the tip. I have occasionally seen people try to pin a bun without separating the two ends of the bobby pin.

That it looks like this the reason you do not want to do that is. Because it only incorporates as much hair as you see between these two that’s not really enough hair to really hold the bun you really need to get more hair into the pin. So that’s why you spread it apart when you do that you want to incorporate hair from the base right here, and from the bun as well that way you are really anchoring the bun into place tip number two occasionally as your penny you will encounter resistance for whatever reason maybe you are hit the pin comes in contact with the hair scrunched maybe it is just an extra tough bit of hair if you encounter resistance simply take the pin pull it out a little ways reposition, and pin again that’ll get you around the little obstacle, and it’ll help you to pin really securely tip number three if you have really thick hair sometimes bobby pins just aren’t going to cut it. Because they’re. So small what. I recommend for girls with thick hair our hair pins. I use these a lot as a dancer they are really great. Because they could incorporate a whole lot more hair, and they hold it more sturdily than bobby pins do, and you can find these anywhere drugstores Wal-Mart Kmart whatever they usually come with a little roll of thick ones on a little roll if they must throw the thin ones away they are terrible they are rubbish just do not even just don’t. I do not like them but these thick ones they can do really good for girls what they care. So that’s my recommendation method number two now this might be just a little bit trickier than the other ones that, I will going to show you but it really creates a better finished product in the long run. So if you are really trying to create that really prettiest cinnamon ballerina tight bun this is the way to go you basically got this little sac right around here where you got the hair, and it is wrapped around what. I recommend doing is to just take your bobby pin through, and you are going to pin through you are going to try to get hair just underneath the surface. So through here just reach a little bit into it, and grab some hair out and, I will using a hair pin this time you can use the hairpin or bobby pin for this, and then you let your bobby pin sticking out to the side. Because you grabbed the hair like this.

It’s sticking to the side a little bit you have got to maneuver it around. So that the opening of it comes towards the base of the bun, and then the end is going to come away. So that it is parallel to the head, and then you just push it into the base of the bun, and that’s that, and method number three this is going to be the easiest of all, I have got for this one we are going to use this little thing called goodies spin pins which people have been recommending in the comments to death they’ve been asking me to try them to review them everything. So, I will going to do a little demonstration, and then, I will going to give you guys my thoughts the basic premise is that once you have twisted, and wrapped your bun you are going to take the spin pin, and rotate it in clockwise into your hair. So you just take it put at the base of the bun, and begin to rotate, and as you do that you want to try to incorporate hair from the bun, and the base which is right here as well. I find that. I need to use both of the pins, and what you need to do when you put the second one in is to find out where the end of your hair is where if finally finishes wrapping around the bun, and pin this right over that. So that the end does not fall out, and then you might find it necessary to go back, and pin flyaway. Because while these are good at just really quickly getting that here secure it into a bun they are not good at securing flyaway’s. So if you have anything like this you are probably still going to need to use bobby pins just to pin those little bits in. So what. I think about goody spin pins they are great for just really quickly getting your hair up, and out of the way if you want them for school you just do not have to think about what you are doing with your hair you do not want to have to take around a couple bobby pins with you just want the two good-sized spin pins with you that’s helpful it is great but. I do not necessarily love them partially. Because you can’t get all the flyaway and. So if you want a really neat look one that’s going to be really hard to do with just the spin fence you are probably going to need to also use some bobby pins also if you really want to hone your skills as a hairstylist if you really want to be able to create a lot of different looks you need to learn how to pin. Because sometimes you will be using tiny sections of hair that you can’t use a spin pin for. Because it would show through, and in those situations you are going to need to know how to pin. And I feel like this could easily become a crutch if you just continue to use it, and didn’t teach yourself, and didn’t practice pinning, and go through all that the toil of having your hair fall out of a bun, and having to repine it, and then learning through trial, and error what works for your hair. I think that it is really important to know how to do that if you really want to have those skills if those skills aren’t too important to you then these are great as long as you are okay with having a slightly messy bun or using additional bobby pins to get a more clean looking but these are really fast they definitely hold the bun well as long as you twist, and wrap like. I showed you earlier my only my only critique is that. I think that they create a messy bun instead of like a really nice clean bun. And I think that they can easily become a crutch instead of actually teaching yourself how to pin for me. I think. I would use them in a rush when, I will okay with having a kind of messy bun. And I do not really want to take the time to really pin it maybe if my hair is wet and, I will running out the door or something like that. I would do something like this.

So that’s my thoughts on it additional tips. I think most people know this rule but, I will just going to go ahead, and see it whenever you have a bobby pin, and it is not really holding very well you can always crisscross your bobby pins, and when you do that they lock together, and when they lock together they are stuck there you could put this in a new cut headband would not go anywhere. So basically how you do you pin one in this way you put another one in this way, and it locks you can do that on the outside of your button if you are doing like method number one or even number two either way you can pin it, and you can take one, and put it in this way, and then take the other one pin the other way they’ll overlap that will lock them in place it will help your bun to stay even better again you want to make sure that your bobby pin is spread apart when you apply it to the hair. So that you can get as much hair as possible when it is like this you can get a good amount of hair like this not really. So much. So definitely spread the pin apart before applying it the hair, and also make sure that you are getting your hair from the base where you have this ponytail right here, and the button if you are doing both of those things you are attaching your hair to the side of the head, and that way it is going to say if you only pin inside of the bun then it is going to come away from the head if you only pin right here against this, and you do not get much of the button the button just going to fall this way you need to get a good amount you want to get about the middle of the bun, and back, and then right along here, and almost scraping along the scalp if your hair is slippery sprits it with just a little bit of hairspray, and then twist that will really help you to get a nice tight twist, and your hair won’t fall out of your fingers quite as easily finally you must practice. I know this is going to take time it is going to take energy it is going to take a lot of trial, and error. I basically told you the different techniques that you can use choose your technique choose it wisely, and just go for it practice, and if it falls out if you are doing a bun, and it falls out figure out what went wrong, and do it better the next time it is constantly practicing more until you really get it that’s my biggest advice for you guys all right class. I hope this was helpful, and until next time. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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