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Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog In today post, I will make 1 brand Korea products tutorial, from 3CE That is Korean brand Compare to my previous post tutorials, this post will be like chatty Which means that I will be using the products while giving the reviews and talking to you 90% of 3CE products that I will be using is from stylekorean.com I will put the link in the description box below and every product that I use So please shoot it out And to make it short, let’s get started For the first product, I will use 3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation No. 1 The packaging is barbapapa So cute right As usual, just tap on your face using cushion There are only 2 choices of colour for this cushion No. 1 and No. 2 But I think No. 2 is a bit dark for me, so I chose a brighter one But actually, after set it, it is not really as fair as this It’s quite matching to my skin colour So this is the result, not as fair as before right? This cushion is beyond my expectation I thought this cushion is just so-so, but the result is really good This is medium coverage, and really stick to skin After applying, the colour is not so ashy or grey I think the colour is suitable for Asian skin colour.

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It makes our skin look fresh Yesterday, I put this on for whole day and I didn’t set it with powder And it is still there At first, the result might be dewy, glowing But actually it does not But if after set it, I think it is a bit matte, A bit satin matte So I really like this one Now I’m going to put concealer Which is full cover concealer Mine is No. 2 I will show how the colour look like on my hand I will put it on my under eyes And I always have glasses mark, so I have to conceal Around this area and I will highlight a bit You also can use this to cover acne scars I do not have acne scars but I have red veins on my skin I really like the colour of this concealer As it is not really fair or yellowish It’s a bit salmon-orange.

So it is really good to cover eye bags and the colour is really matching to my skin And I will blend using the cushion puff The coverage of this is also really good The veins on my skin are covered So I’m done with the base makeup This is it For eyebrows, I will use eyebrow shaper I bought this when my hair colour was still brown So when I received this, my hair colour is black already So just ignore it if you think the colour is not matching But I saw the makeup by Stylenanda The eyebrows are always brighter than the hair colour So last time, I saw a photo that the hair colour was black but the eyebrows were brown And I think it look okay I will draw a bit straight for the eyebrows For this eyebrow pencil, I think there is no.

There is no something so special So it is like other eyebrow pencils 1 thing that I do not like is there’s no spoolie So we have to look for a spoolie For eyes, I will use 3CE Eyeshadow Palette, Upclose So these are the colours Before putting the eyeshadow on, I will use eye primer first Then blend it using finger For first colour, I will use this Onto the eyelids The 3CE eyeshadows are shimmery, there’s no matte at all Just blend it blend it, blend until smooth After that, I will use this colour, a bit dark purple And I will use it on outer corner, take it to other side I will use the same colour to the lower part of my eyes And then, I will use this colour To blend all the eyeshadows that I have put on My brush broke already, only left the other side So just keep blending and blending The last one. I will use bright colour To highlight my brow bone My brow bone As I said, the palette is so shimmery So if you do not like shimmery eyeshadow, then you won’t like this Because this is really shimmery So for the eyshadow, the result is like this For the eyeshadow palette, the colour is quite fun So if you want to play the colour More colourful More playful.

You can try the Stylenanda They have some choices of colour But I think Mostly are shimmery Very few choices of matte Even it is shimmery, it is not rough and really falls out It’s quite smooth So when using it, it is quite pigmented as you can see right now So I quite like this palette For 3CE eyeliner, I only have creamy waterproof eyeliner The colours are purple and burgundy For upper part eyeliner, I think it is not really noticeable So I will use other eyeliner first, put fake lashes and mascara on And I will be right back as the products are not from 3CE So I’m done with the eyeliner and lashes Now I’m going to draw eyeliner on the lower lash line And I will use burgundy colour Can you see the difference? I draw it here At here as well.

This is quite vampy But it is okay, try something new once in a while I also have the purple colour, this is also nice If you are looking colourful eyeliner and good I really recommend this, 3CE As this is so creamy, and easy to use It’s also long-lasting and not easy to fade away After that, I will put mascara on the lower part of lashes And I use this, from April Skin There are 2, one is for upper part, one is for lower part This is the skinny So yeah, this is the eye makeup Now I’m going to put blush on From 3CE, blush cushion, pink colour The packaging is super duper cute as well So this is how it looks like The colour of this is a bit sheer Meaning that the colour is not so obvious So we have to put a lot And the colour is pale soft pink I recommend you this if you have skin tone like me or fairer As if you have darker skin tone, I’m not sure the colour will be noticeable The result is really nice and natural in real life As this is a cushion, so it does not look like powdery And it looks like our cheeks are originally reddish I actually put a lot already, but it is not noticeable on camera It’s apparent in real How many layers I have put already So the result is like this Our skins look more glowing So if you do not really like glowing, you won’t love this But I personally really like the blush cushion.

So last time I took a look at Stylekorean It seems like there are no contour and highlight, so I didn’t buy So I will contour my face first using other product And I will be right back again I have 3 Concept Eyes, Deep Kisser Colour The code is 601 The colour is like purple So the lipstick colour is like magenta purple pink Actually when my hair was red-brown, it is okay when I applied this Not so fancy of this Ever since my hair is black, I really love this As I think it is really matching It’s like look better It looks like tacky when my hair’s brown I think the formula of this is really great It’s super creamy It is just right on the lips And long-lasting as well Also, the packaging is lovely Elegant and classy It’s like truly solid So I really love this lipstck And if can, I wanna try the new version They have a lot colour like brown-nude Also lily maymac So, ahh.. I also want to buy those So this is the result of the makeup I put down my hair Then I put fake bang Honestly, my impression to 3CE is not that good I always think that the products are super expensive But the quality is just fine I bought a lipstick before, lip lacquer bon bon And the result on my lips were very bad Like chapped lips And I asked some, is 3CE good? And they said it is light and expensive So I think it is not really good But after trying all of these I was wrong So I should not judge the product before trying it first And hopefully you enjoy this post If you love this, do not forget to give a like And comment on below what 3CE products that you like the most And do not forget to comment to my blog So if I have new posts, you will get updated Thank you so much for reading Happy new year and see you next time Bye..

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