4 Braided hairstyles for Brunettes Dark Hair

Hey everyone Abbey here or is it to my evil twin. I have the dark hair wig out today. So I can show you guys some braids on brunette hair that does not show dimension, and braids as easily therefore makes them harder to see this has been. So requested cut. I get it those of you guys who have darker hair if you start piling on the braids it just looks kind of confusing. So I wanted to share some tips, and tricks as well as hairstyles that. I think will help you to have a better time with putting your hairstyles together. So that being said let’s get into it tip number one is to work with shape for this hairstyle, I will using one single braid that goes into a bun which is going to help bring attention to that braid start by sectioning a Mohawk section of hair in the back then Dutch braid that section all the way down, and secure it with an elastic now bring the rest of the hair together into a low ponytail, and make sure that as you do that the braid does not get covered by any hair on the last rotation of the elastic leave your hair Lieu, and if you like you can wrap some hair around the elastic to finish it off, and that’s it. I think things like this are great for dark hair. Because the. I can still take them in easily but it does not sacrifice style September to play with color. Because it is harder to see dimension on dark hair you can add in elements like a scarf to create dimension start by pulling your hair up into a high ponytail or a half up ponytail, and then fold your scarf.

4 Braided hairstyles for Brunettes Dark Hair Photo Gallery

It is the length of your hair, and use it as one section of your braid, and braid all the way down, and secure it with an elastic now wrap it into a bun pin in place, and you are done. I think scarves are going to be a great accessory this spring, and summer but especially in the hair tip number three keep the lines clean when you want to rock multiple raids go for ones that are clearly defined instead of stacked all over each other for this, I will going to start by making a Mohawk section, and once that’s ready to go French braid all of that hair, and secure it at the nape of the net then on one side Dutch braid the remaining hair back, and secure that at the nape of the neck as well, and repeat that on the other side, I will take the remaining hair, and braid it all together all the way down, and secure it with an elastic, and once you have done that this hairstyle is done it is still very festival bohemian braided but you can still easily see the braids, and finally accessorize one more way to bring attention to dark braids is to pull out the accessories start by parting your hair on one side, and then Dutch braid your hair on the side that has less hair start at your part, and bring the braid down ending an inch behind your ear then braid the rest of the hair normally for accessories there are a ton of options but. I decided to grab some stud earrings, and put them through the braid using the earring back to hold them in place, and does not have to be a lot but a little extra something can really make a braid pop.

I encourage you to play around, and find your sweet spot with accessories in your braids. So there you go those are some hairstyles that you can wear with dark hair that does not show dimension as well to still make your braids pop. I hope that you guys enjoy it comment down below, and tell me what your go-to hairstyles are cut. I love to hear some more ideas for how to style darker hair also. I cannot get over how. I look in the dark hair wig like every time. I see you myself in a mirror it is a double-take situation. Because. I just do not even know what to do with this anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the post hit the like button if you did you can subscribe, and hit that notification bell. So that you can get a notification every time. I post a post, and then you never miss one, and that’s it for today, I will see you my next one thanks you.

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