4 Easy Short Hairstyles Tutorial

I’m so glad you could join me today again for their post, I’m bringing to you today three super easy short hairstyles that are edgy chic really cute and fun at the same time and this right here is one of them.

But unfortunately it is a very last one. So we have to wash to the very end. Because it is one of my favorites, and it is perfect timing. Because we are back-to-school season and, I know you will always want to look really cute when you go back to school. So, I got you covered babe, I got some really great short hairstyle ideas and inspirations and, I hope you guys enjoy let’s jump in for my first back-to-school hairstyle for short hair I’m going to quickly show you how to curl your hair using a curling iron in less than 5 minutes for my choice of weapon I’m using today my old. But trusty Conair this is the point seven-five wand and, I have a set at the number 23 heat setting out of 25 I’m doing it a little bit hotter today. Because I’m going to be taking larger sections of hair.

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So if you do smaller sections do a smaller heat settings lower heat setting. So, I already prepped my hair for the heat and, I use the pure ology color fanatic it has 21 essential benefits for your hair and one of them being it protects against heat. So, I just spray this into my damp hair and then, I just blow-dry my hair straight make sure you have a hair clip present. Because I’m going to section my hair off right now taking my two pointer fingers start at the temples and then just make my way around to the back grab this section it does not have to be perfect and this one is going to be in two sections instead of my regular three or four. Because, I’m taking larger chunks of hair and this is going to be kind of like that at for less, I woke up like this hairstyle you know it is kind of wavy. But not really, I hope it makes sense. So.

Because, I’m going to be wrapping the hair around the curling wand you want to be very gentle not to burn your fingers. If you do have like a glove that are specifically designed for something hot to handle use one of those. But today I’m feeling confident. So I’m just grabbing a nice big section of hair from the front I’m like a good two three inches and then, I take the curling one I’m going to place it downwards and I’m going to start wrapping the hair around and I’m making sure the hair the hair closest to my face is going the opposite direction towards the back of my head hold it there for like five to seven seconds and let it go that’s exactly what I’m looking for it just gives a nice wave and some kind of texture to my hair taking this next section I’m grabbing pretty thick sections of hair some of them are not going to be curled at all which is the point you do not want every scare to be waved or curled take the next section of hair and I’m going to alternate the direction this one is going to be going towards my face, I quickly touch the hair with my fingers to see. If it is hot and. If it is starting to be hot where, I can handle it, I let it go like five seven seconds just like that. So when you alternate the direction of the curl it gives it back that perfect tousled wave in your hair and that’s always what I’m aiming for I will let this last section go I’m going to chemically brush it out there’s no knots in it I’m gonna actually start grabbing sections from the back of my head going to the front just making sure, I grab as much hair as possible now that I’m done curling my hair I’m gonna let the curls set and cool and I’m going to come back and give them a little bit more texture.

So I’m going to take this stuff right here this is the BB brilliant and I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about this plenty of times it is probably one of my favorite things and it kind of is this really lightweight pomade it smells super good and you only need a little bit and it just gives like that beautiful slept-in look actually said that on the bottle, I do not know it just s imbue tafolla to my hair without weighing it down you can leave your hair like this part in the middle. But I like to take it a little bit more in the deeper side we are going to take some of these front sections right here I’m just gonna move it over just kind of like give it that slept-in look kind of like a woke up like this look and there you have it no meat neva that means number two in Russian. So for the second hairstyle I’m going to going back to the middle part does not have to be perfect that will do. So I’m going to start on one side of my head I’m going to grab a nice section that looks pretty good basically I’m going to split it into two this is me kind of like that faux like French or Dutch braid that’s like on two sides. So if you can’t braid or you do not feel like braiding this one’s for you. So we are going to start twisting the hair. So once we have the first initial twist we are going to start adding hair to the section that is not closest to the middle part.

So that makes sense. So this section right here that’s underneath. So we are going to start adding a little bit of hair we are going to twist it over the top once it is down again we are going to add hair clean it up twist it over hold it down make sure it is nice and smooth you want to do pretty tight twists as well just continue adding the hair and once, I get to the back of my head like to the crown section this is where I’m going to add the last section of hair twist it one more time I’m going to grab some hair from the back add it to my twist without letting the twist go this is where I’m going to tie it off as close as possible to my scalp. So the twist does not go all over the place do the same thing to the other side Andre just said, I look like a girl version of Rambo, I have no idea how he made that connection. But I got my spear right here two sides all right let’s move on to the hairstyle. So now I’m just quickly going to illumine eyes these twists just by gently pulling them forward just kind of get them a little bit more texture and volume. So you can leave your hair like this with the little pigtails in the back or you can do a really messy top nut and this is what it looks like with the top nut just messed around with your hair see what works best see what you like best, I just want to give you guys some options alright.

So here is a third option with these two twists I’m gonna leave like this and, I took out the top nut and, I just left the two little ponytails in the back this kind of gives a little bit of an edge to this hairstyle right here. So we are going to take a smaller section a little bit bit low it and we are going to divide it same thing into two sections we are going to start twisting at once we are going to grab a little bit of hair I’m going to start twisting it to the backwards. But this time this section below is going to be a little bit more tighter than the section above. So once again towards the end of the first twist I’m going to start getting this twist sort of behind the ponytail underneath it I’m going to start grabbing here into the little twist right here to get clear elastic and just tie it off right underneath the first ponytail as close as possible to your scalp. So it is going to be nice and tight. So do exactly the same thing to the other side once I’m done with the second two little twists I’m going to keep them as is nice and tight. But I’m going to go back up to the very first two and I’m going to loosen them just a little bit more to give a little bit more volume to the top and there you have it this is really cute it is super simple and it just gives a little bit of something to your short hairstyle you know what, I mean it just it is really cute makes me feel special alright you guys.

So that is my style or take on the back to school here styles for short hair it is perfect for when you wake up a little bit too late to go to school or get ready or you just want to do something really cute and simple to your hair that is edgy chic and just effortless, I hope you guys like this let me know what you guys think in the comments down below hit the thumbs up button subscribe. If you have not already, I would really appreciate it and I will see you guys very soon, I love you all very much bye.

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