4 Gwen Stefani PNK Inspired Styles Fall Look Book

Hey girls kill you’re. So new background filming area thing what do you think, I will out from in front of that blue sheet. And I am. So glad to be here. Because. I was also it is like a lot of you guys were getting really tired of it. I was getting really tired of it too, and the lighting was kind of a mess. So, I will glad to have nicer lighting, and a better background what do you think are you happy like. I am. Because, I will really happy um. I’m going to be moving again in a couple months. So if you do not love this you know do not worry it is not going to be wrong for three years like the sheet was. So that’s good actually. I was going around for like a year, and a half but still felt like three years anyway um. So today we have our rocker look book, and this one is inspired by pink splash Gwen Stefani. I love pink. And I really wanted to go more with pink stuff but my hair is too long for that. And I didn’t really know anybody was short enough hair to do it.

4 Gwen Stefani PNK Inspired Styles Fall Look Book Photo Gallery

So bummer but anyway. I thought the good Stefani would kind of work. And I liked it with the um kind of flannel, and menswear stuff that’s coming in for fall, and um you know even what do you think of rocker hair you think let’s put it with black, and studs but. I would actually put my Kim Kardashian stuff with those kind of things, and that’s with the more like you know flannel, and menswear inspired things. And I think that those are awesome. Because it helps to pull those items a little bit more to like a girly place but it does not take away from any of their edginess, and it kind of adds a lot of attitude to it. So even if you like wearing the menswear stuff cause you do not like being super girly this up kind of works with it. Because it is not super girly but it still kind of got some attitude to it yeah that was a mouthful but. I hope you guys like this. And I know this is not going to be my most popular of these four, I will okay with it. I just wanted to throw this out there for those of you guys who were asking for some less romantic hairstyles.

So that’s it. I will see you guys on Friday with my final post in this series ma way to these first three sales are going to show you how you can kind of wear this pink slash Gwen Stefani style pompadour, and you are going to start out with either some dry shampoo or just a little bit of hairspray in your hair cut it makes this a little bit easier to work with, I will using the big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo. Because it add some texture to the hair it makes it easier to work with, and you are going to take your hair from kind of your temples up, and basically you are going to tease all the way back to about the crown of your head. So quite a bit of teasing there, and then once you get that all tease you are just going to flip it back, and use your fingers to smooth it down that’s going to make it a little bit piece here, and a little bit more rock, and roll than if you were to brush it back, and make it like sleek inhale MIDI then take the hair between the bump, and the ear, and pull it straight back, and pin it right underneath that tease section, and then you have got this nice kind of half-up half-down style where you have still got all that volume on top, and you have got the cool kind of sleek sides as well. So that is our first option, and now for our second option you can do basically the same thing with a ponytail. So tease as we did in that first one but then just pull your hair to kind of the middle back of your head put it into a ponytail, and then you can wrap a little bit around the base if you want, and you are done see super duper simple that was just kind of a nice inspiration for you guys if you want it, and then you can also wear it with a bun.

Complete those ups from the second hairstyle, and then you are basically going to split that ponytail in half, and knot it all the way down. So tie a little half knots until you have all of your hair incorporated if your hair is too short for that what you are going to do is just pin it around randomly to create just kind of a random interesting looking shape however you want to do that you do not even have to get your hair into a ponytail to do that if it is too short for that as well you can really create a cool look just by creating a shape in the back with that pompadour on top, and if your hair is that long then you are basically just going to do what. I did here, and not it all the way up then just kind of loosen it up, and place it against your head kind of messily try to do it at least a little bit mostly. So it does not end up looking kind of Amish, and then you are going to pin it in place. So that you have got that nice kind of messy bun on the back of that pompadour style. So there you go. And I wish. I had done this one with kind of a flannel shirt on. So you can see how it would look. I loves this print shirt. Because it reminded me of Gwen Stefani. I think it took away from that hairstyle a little bit anyway our last one is this braided one which was actually done in a Gwen Stefani show a couple years back. And I got.

Many requests for it when that show came around, and it is kind of been in the back of my mind ever since what you are going to do is just take random sections of hair near the front of your face, and braid them all the way down you can braid them a little bit tightly if you want or a little bit more loosely more loose is going to be a bit more bohemian, and if it tightly is going to be a little bit more do you just depending on what you are looking for in that whole situation but you can see. I took three sections for the front on that side, and then, I will going to take two sections from this side. Because. I have less hair on this side, and basically you can place those wherever you want them. So if you have any little thinning areas you want to hide or anything like that you can purposefully choose places that aren’t near them then you are going to select there or pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail at the middle of your head, and you are going to kind of leave that last loop half way through.

So that you got a but kind of looped around like that, and then basically you are just going to pull your hair around into kind of a messy shape, and pin it in place that’s my favorite way to get a messy bun. Because you have a lot of control but if you have another way you like to create a messy bun you could use that technique as well here. Because all we are basically doing is just making the messiest bun we can, and then you are going to take those braids, and wrap them around the bun however you see fit you can stand taking this one, and wrapping it over. I wrapped some other ones underneath, and just kind of did my own thing with that you can also see that. I have some crazy little bits sticking out of that bun. So I went back, and made sure to pin those down. Because you do not really want those sticking out too much just like that, and then get that last one on there, and basically you are done with that hairstyle. I think this one would be fantastic on somebody with thicker hair it would look really cool. And I like it with kind of the flannel or the menswear inspired shirt not. So much with that printed shirt that. I had before. So anyway. I hope you guys like that hope you can take some inspiration from those hairstyles check out my previous two posts in this series, and be sure to check back on Friday for my final hairstyle in the series see you guys then bye.

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