4 Quick Christmas Morning Hairstyles

So it is Christmas time, and the tree is decorated, and presents are all set out, and Christmas morning is coming which for my family means a lot of pictures that do not always turn out. So flattering now. I can’t help you guys with facial expressions but. I can help you to make sure your hair does not end up looking like this on Christmas morning, I have got four cute hairstyles that you guys can do in just minutes right before you head downstairs, and get ready for opening presents. So here’s our first one you are going to start off by placing your headband where you want it. I would suggest just behind your ears, and then pin just behind your ears. So that it does not slip around throughout the day then you are going to take a large piece of hair from your front hairline, and braid it just until it reaches long enough to reach your ponytail once you have got all that braided you are just going to collect all the hair together, and secure it with a hair tie, and you are done now for our second hairstyle this one is for those of you who wake up with curls either. Because you have naturally curly hair or you are on your second day curls basically once you wake up your hair it might look a little fuzzy, and a little funny.

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So what you are going to do is run your fingers through any kind of fuzzy frizzy areas to kind of tame them down a little bit, and then take some surf hair spray, and this one’s from the drugstore. So it is easily accessible, and it will just give you that nice surf texture, and kind of tame down the craziness of the frizz that can happen on second-day curls. So you wake up with effortless beach waves just kind of look like oh, I will fabulous. I didn’t even try, and now for our third hairstyle this one uses a technique that some of you guys might be familiar with but it is in a little different way it is super easy. And I actually really love this one basically you are going to start by placing your headband then you are going to take a large section of hair from the front, and wrap it around your headband until you reach the back center of your head if you run out of hair you can just pick up a new piece of hair, and keep wrapping around the headband until you reach the back center of your head once you have got that done you are going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side, and it is easier if you take a larger section. Because it kind of covers the headband a little bit better but if you know you couldn’t get it quite covered up you can go ahead, and pull the hair apart just a little bit, and it helps to cover up those little gaps in between your hair, and that is it for the third hairstyle now our fourth hairstyle is for those of you overachievers out there it has a couple more steps but. I think it is worth it is very pretty, and easy to pull off. 7

What you are going to do is take a section of hair from about two inches away from your hairline, and braid it all the way down once you have that section braided you are going to take a piece right next to the hair light on the other side, and you can either do a normal braid or you can be extra fancy, and decide to Dutch braid it down to your ear like. I did honestly it does not make a huge difference either way. So whichever one you feel like is just fine, and then you are going to finish it off by doing a normal braid by you know whichever you choose to do once you have got both those braids done go ahead, and pull all of the hair over to make a ponytail, and then pull your braids back into that ponytail, and go ahead, and secure with a hair tie, and that could be it if you want to stop right there or you could go ahead, and grab a bun maker or a rolled-up sock, and go ahead, and put that at the base of your ponytail, and then what. I like to do is to wrap my hair around that bun maker, and pin it into place right at the base of the bun. I finally gets a little bit of a Messier look but you still get all the volume of having a sock bun but if you want to do a normal sock bun or just a messy bun there that is totally up to you can totally do that if you want to but that is it for my fourth, and final hairstyle now whatever you guys choose. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and please twit me pictures if you end up doing any of these. I would love to see them Merry Christmas you guys, I will see you later bye.

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