4 Quick Lauren Conrad Inspired Hairstyles – Fall Hair Look Book

Hey girls Abbey here with day two of our fall trends look book again this is just kind of my take on fall when, I will looking forward to thinking about the kind of pieces people are going to be wearing this is the kind of hair that, I will thinking of. So I saw something you are seeing in magazines or on runways this is just my voice hopefully you guys like it today, I will doing kind of sweet, and sophisticated hairstyle, and this one was um inspired by Lauren Conrad. I picked her for my sweet, and sophisticated stuff even though she’s not you know the most conservative or the most classic when it really comes down to it she’s really feminine, and really just put together, and classy, and down-to-earth. And I feel like. So many girls really identify with her, and her style. So I thought it would be good for this little part. So basically. I tried to make it really simple when. I was thinking about this. I was thinking let’s make it sweet let’s make a sophisticated but let’s make it something that everybody can do like minute here styles that anybody can do, and feel really nice, and girly, and this can go really well with like a really feminine pea coat maybe some like little booties with like a bow on the heel or something just like you know really classic feminine pieces are always a part of fall, and winter. So I thought some really classic feminine hair would go really well with that. So that’s what the is. So these aren’t really crazy hairstyle she’s done some really great ones. And I could definitely do those in the future.

4 Quick Lauren Conrad Inspired Hairstyles – Fall Hair Look Book Photo Gallery

So if you want to request them feel free to but this is what, I will doing today just really nice simple ones hope you guys like it. And I will see you guys next Tuesday with a totally different look. So see you guys in LA okay. So we have four hairstyles in this one, and we are going to start out with our shiny, and sleek curls ways depending on what you want to do now the first thing we have to do is use some products to get a nice shine on our hair. I recommend using a leave-in conditioner. And I use this argan oil deep penetrating oil treatment by Raine pure organics that’s a mouthful, and you can also use something like cheese silk infusion or bio silk therapy the bio salt is my favorite, and then you could also use a heat protestant that adds some shine like the straight sexy hair smooth, and protect. So those are some things that. I recommend definitely a leave-in conditioner, and sometimes a shiny products would work as well, and then you can ask me that perfected as well if you want it but basically then you are just going to take your hair, and you are going to take like inch to two inch sections, and curl your hair with your curling iron pointed directly upward, and then go ahead, and wrap the curl back up, and pin it in place to cool you can see that, I will starting my curls a little bit further down the hair this is where. I want the curls to start, and for these Lauren Conrad s curls you kind of want to start around shoulder height now if your hair’s a little shorter you can start up a little bit further just depending on what you need depending on how much hair you have this should be anywhere from three to maybe six curls on this one side of your head you want.

So coyly is all going away from your head you do not need to curl them going toward you, and you are just going to pin them in place, and that’s going to help the curl to last butter my hair is very hard to curl but doing it this way will help it to hold a curl for at least all day long if not into the next day then you are just going to repeat that on the other side super simple, and you can see on this side you are just going to point your iron directly down if you are right-handed either way it is going to be perpendicular to the floor, and then once you have that all done you just want to wait till it is completely cool, and you can also give it a little bit of hairspray if you want to as well, and then just go ahead, and let them down, and you can see that you have these nice pretty kind of ringlets styles by the way. I use an inch curling iron you want to use probably around an inch if you have that there it is with just the curls hanging down like that. So if you just want the curls you would leave it like that but if you want the waves you are just going to take a comb or a brush, and go ahead, and just go through that hair gently you do not have to go through it too many times we can see how much it softens it up, and makes it into a nice wave rather than you know those kind of curls that we have before. So it gives it a nice gentle sleek curl which. I love. I think the is. So pretty. So here’s our next one which is called the subtle twist and, I have seen this one pinned on Pinterest. So often you are just going to take a chunk of hair from the front it pretty much goes from your part to your ear, and you want to do on the side that you have the least amount of hair on then twist it up towards the sky or the ceiling, and then just go ahead, and move the hair right next to it out of the way place it against your head, and crisscross your pins to hold it in place. I kind of pinned mine horizontally. So that they wouldn’t end up sticking up through my hair cut that looks a little bit awkward you do not really want that then you just let the hair back down, and position it however you want, and then there you go. I like it having the twist on the shallow side. Because it is a little bit different from what people usually do, and it is really pretty gives you that cool kind of old Hollywood effects with the really asymmetrical curls. So our next one are these ladylike braids now you know. I have to throw a braid in every single tutorial.

Here’s the one for this one you are going to start a couple inches back, and just do a nice like inch section of hair, and braid it until you have braided enough hair to get to the back center of your head, and then just go ahead, and clip it or use a band to secure your braids in place. So that it does not unravel then once you have that done you are going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side. So just braid all the way down, and then secure it, and then. I think it is pretty obvious the next thing you are going to do is to secure them both at the back center of your head with a hair band obviously that was not a very hard hairstyle but sometimes these things are more for inspiration than they are to actually teach you how to do something. So there you go. And I think it looks fantastic with those curls. I love it, and this last one is one that’s kind of a kind of derived from a style that long Conrad has done before you are going to just take all the hair from in front of your ear, and separate it out on one side, and then comb the rest to kind of a side ponytail on the same side as they hear that you separated then secure it with a band, and you are going to go ahead, and wrap it into a bun, and you can see here that, I will not twisting too much, I will mostly just wrapping, and that makes a very nice loose looking bun but to do that you need to pin about it every time you arc it around or else you are going to end up with a very wobbly bun that does not hold very well.

You want to keep putting pins in every couple inches, and that will help it quite a bit to stay better but it does make that nice loose kind of Shenyang look without having a ton of work into it then. I just went ahead, and recalled right next to my face right there just to get a nice little bit of curl on my hair, and then. I went ahead to just pulled it back gently, and arranged that here over the top of the bun this gets a really cool effect without actually having to do a lot of work you get this kind of cool upswept effect again without having to do tons, and tons of stuff you do not even have to curl the rest of your hair to do that you could just put that one little bit of curl in your hair if you do not like to use too much heat then. I went ahead, and twisted it, and pinned it around the bun it just went all the way around as. I did that. Because my hair is really long but if your hair’s a little bit shorter just continue wrapping until you have it all incorporated, and there’s your nice little sleek kind of down Styles bun. I do not know what to call that but. I do really like it. I hope you guys like it – it is very nice, and old Hollywood ask. So here’s links to the other posts in this series. I hope you guys check those out, and check back on Tuesday for my next tutorial bye you.

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