4-Strand French Braid Pinback Hairstyles

Hi guys! It’s Abby and Rylan and today we are gonna show you how to do this awesome strand French braid pin back, which is a fantastic hairstyle for those quick back-to-school mornings that we are all just about to face again. Now, if you love all of our posts be sure to give us a thumbs up and be sure to comment to our posts so that you do not miss any. And, let’s get going. To begin I did a side-part on her, like a deep side-part. And then I parted behind her head about an inch above her ears and then I stopped. I have sort of this rectangular shaped section. I’m gonna take the rest of her hair and just kind of secure it out of the way so that it does not get intermixed into our braid right now. I’m gonna go back up to the top and I’m going to just grab a little piece of the top hair here. I’m going to break that into four pieces. So one, two, three, and four.

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So now you have your four strands that you are going to be working with. I’m gonna number them like this, one, two, three, and four, from left to right. You’re gonna take piece number one and go under number two and over number three. Then you are going to stop for a minute. Then you are gonna go to this piece, number four, and it is going to go over number three and under number two. So you are just switching all the different hairs into different locations. But essentially if you just remember that this side, the left side, is always going to start by going under, so it goes under and then over. And the right piece is always gonna go over and then under. It’ll be easy. So this outside piece, you are gonna pick up hair and add it in to that little piece right here. Now remember this one’s going under, so under number three, over number two, and then we stop. Pick up hair and add it in to that outside edge. This one goes over all the time. So it goes over and then back under. Like that. And then we stop. Add in hair, it goes under and then over and stop. Add in hair and this side goes over, and it does not really matter how your fingers choose to hold it as long as you are getting that same pattern going, that same repetition. Now what you will start noticing is that this strand right here, number three, it just interweaves, it never goes to the outside. All of the others end up falling to the outside at some point and getting more hair added in but this little one doesn’t.

So you will start seeing this little ribbon of hair going through. (fun music) Now when you get to this point, I have run out of hair to pick up and add in, so I’m just going to start doing a regular four-strand braid. Again, I will show you right here. I have my four-strand, one, two, three, and four, and it is the same pattern. Under and then over, then this outside piece goes over and then under and then under, over. So I’m gonna get to there and I can see that piece in the middle, I’m about to lose it. You can see it is getting really short. I’m going to secure it with an elastic right here and then release the rest of her hair and pin it back. But before I do that I want to make it really pop. You can leave it like this, it is nice and tight. But I actually like to go back and pop that outside edge right here by pancaking that top piece like this, so that it really over-accents that top edge. And this is just personal preference. You do not have to do this if you do not want to. Then I’m going to just lift a little section of hair right here. This is why I leave a little piece down by their ears, because I find that it just looks softer, more natural looking. Take a couple bobby pins, turn her so you can see. And make sure I cross them. Help hold that in place, and then let the hair fall over the top to help hide those bobby pins for us. And we are done. Final spin. Bye guys. Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here and show us some love by clicking on the comment button.

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