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Because you guys have asked for something like this and I’m sure with you my five top do-it-yourself all-natural hair treatments for the summer or just any time of the year all these treatments are going to make your hair strong shiny bouncy moisturized just overall beautiful everything that you want out of your hair and this post is brought to you in collaboration with, I herb. So all the products today will be from iHerb and they have over 35,000 incredible products like supplements oils even groceries and beauty products they have pretty much everything and anything under the Sun and they sell to over 160 countries worldwide against darkness when we open the package over goodies this is like the first thing that we saw spasiba it means thank you in Russian and it was just. So cool and thoughtful and, I herb is a Google trusted site and they have great customer service with 10 different languages. So this would make sense where they have 10 different languages on their box with us thank you. But that was a really nice personal touch the first of your self hair treatments going to be a hot oil rinse, I love doing this one when, I see you, I want to pamper myself and my hair and just basically everything else on my body a hot oil hair rinse treatment is incredible for any hair type this human will moisturize your hair from the top to the bottom it will help increase the blood flow circulation in your scalp which will result in hair growth and it will also prevent your hair from breaking splitting and just overall thread hatred suck. So for my ingredients this is what, I like to use, and it is more for hair growth rather than moisturizing. So first, I like to use jojoba oil.


Because it is the most lightweight oil, and it is time to weigh my hair down and then, I will add peppermint, I can add cinnamon. Because those are all really great hair growth stimulants and also for smell and a little bit of moisture, I like to add dried rose petals. So what, I do is, I add 3 tablespoons of Georgia bow oil a couple of drops of peppermint oil and then one heaping teaspoon of dried rose petals, I just add all into the double boiler, I just mix everything together kind of let it steep and do it thing for maybe like 10 to 20 minutes to get a nice and concentrated and then, I will strain it and then add it to my little glass bottle to keep it for however many uses, I will get out of it once the oil mixture is made, I can actually tore it up to six months in a nice tight container or a little glass bottle and to heat it up, I just get a nice really hot cup of water and just make sure the little glass container of oil is nicely sitting in the hot water to get a nice and hot I will just pour the oil over my hair once it is nice and hot and then kind of massage it into my scalp and then once it is kind of circulated into my hair I’d moved on to like the middle to the ends of my hair. Because, I do have fine thin hair, I do not want my hair to be dripping with oil. So I will just use it very sparingly. But make sure all the hair is covered and then, I will put like a shower cap on for like 20 to 30 minutes just kind of do my saying I’m gonna make a fine if, I do it in the morning once it is done, I will go take a shower sometimes, I will shampoo twice depending on what my hair is doing that week. But shampoo your hair and.

If we feel like new to conditioners, I just conditioned the ends of my hair that’s it this is seriously incredible, I love doing this three to four times a month that’s it, I feel that for my hair does not mean more. But this is a really great do-it-yourself hair treatment. So this next one is going to be a do-it-yourself hair sealant this one is great for when, I know I’m going to have a really busy day where I’m going to put stuff into my hands is going to dry it out for an example going to the pool where it has chemicals like bleach or going to the beach and getting sea salt in my hair and my hair always dries out it is insane. So this always always helps give it the extra little punch to kind of save my hair. So this is what, I do to lock in that moisture into my hair. So the first ingredient of course again is my favorite jojoba oil just. Because, I do have very fine thin hair, I do not want to weigh down when I’m out about doing things.

But. If you do have really thick coarse hair or thicker hair than, I do you can resort to raw chia butter rapeseed oil or castor oil. But I do love that, I heard caters to my favorite brands and all the products that, I already used they have on their site which, I really appreciate and then the next thing is aloe vera juice. Because we all know aloe vera is amazing for moisture it just locks it in and then of course we need some water. Because we are going to do this we do not want to do be spraying oil on our hair. So what, I do is, I take equal parts in Georgia bow oil and aloe vera juice and then the rest of it is water to dilute it and make it really really nice mixture and then, I shake it and make sure everything is mixed together and then, I just take it with me spray it on my hair before, I go anywhere like the beach or the pool and my moisture is locked into my hair and of course. If you are going to recreate any of this and you are wondering how many measurements of what you need, I will have all the information in the description box below along with anything else you need to know going along with the theme of going outside and being in the Sun especially in the summertime we are going to create a do-it-yourself hair sunscreen, I love this especially.

Because where, I live in Florida, I’m outside all the time and, I do not want to burn my hair. Because there’s a lot of happening in here there’s bleach there’s toner this color, I want the color to fade, I do not want my scalp to burn and, I do not want my hair to burn. So this is a really great one and there’s only a couple of ingredients. So the ingredients include a sunscreen lotion, I like to use an organic one with a high SPF la Vera juice. Because we know aloe vera helps locking that moisture and of course my preference, I like to include a world’s Maria essential oil just. Because a helps stimulate hair growth and obviously to mix it all together a little bit of water, I think it is self-explanatory and how to use it just like with anything, I like to put all of these ingredients into a little glass bottle. So, I can keep it for as long as, I can and, I can travel with especially when, I do go outside, I like to spray it to my hair very generously I’m just kidding very sparingly just to make sure it is a nice layer.

But not too thick where she’s going to wait and what doubt your hair. But if, I do go to the beach and, I get my hair wet, I will respray in my entire head just to make sure it is all covered as you do with regular SPF on your body continuing the outdoor spin for your hair I’m going to share with you guys my favorite do-it-yourself sea salt spray that also condition my hair. So the ingredients include coconut oil square sea salt a little bit of your favorite leave-in conditioner and then to put it off together some water. So how to use it it is very simple I’m sure you have used it before you have your own personal method. But this is how, I love to use it when I’m done styling my hair or if, I do not sell my hair, I will just just spray it into my ends or to like the middle, I never really spray it to my roots just. Because, I do not really like that feeling. But I like to spray from the mid to the end of my hair to give us that nice beachy look with texture that, I love and last.

But not least it is my duty or self all natural deep conditioning hair masks that, I share with you guys before it only includes two ingredients sometimes one. If I’m feeling, I do not know what, I just am losing I will usually put coconut oil and castor oil equal parts melt them down together make sure they are all mixed and then, I will slather my hair from root to end make sure it is nice and wet and oily and, I will keep it overnight if, I cannot have the time or, I will just get my hair damp and then put the oil on and keep it in for like thirty thirty minutes to like an hour and then shampoo. But I love leaving it overnight and when, I wake up, I will shower and, I will usually shampoo why, I just make sure everything is clean and not oily and then, I will most likely condition the only the ends of my hair just. Because, I love the way it looks and feels you might not have to depending on your hair type. But that’s what, I do and that’s it this is one of my all-time favorite hair masks you finish in a hair mask along with my hot oil rinse, I just love love doing for my hair and there we have it my top 5 do yourself all-natural hair treatments for the summer. If you guys do any of your own Do It Yourself hair treatment, I would love to know and I’m sure anybody else reading the comments would love to know as well. But for now thank you for reading this post, I really appreciate you spending some time with me and I will see you in the next one bye.

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