Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies I’m still happy to do a post for you. Because, I missed the post on Sunday as you can hear by my voice, I was not feeling the hottest, I’m doing much better and I’m kicking today I’m bringing to you a lot more double dutch braided hairstyles let’s jump right into it the first one’s going to be double braided at the very top that go into too many top knots that are messing great explanation, I know and I’m going to add a little bit of texture to my hair since feel a little soft and, I want a little bit of grit. So the braids can actually stay together and, I can pull them apart easier I’m using the Oribe dry texturizing spray. So I’m just going to part my hair right in the middle to start off and then for these braids in the very top, I like to keep them at a diagonal and kind of had the mini topdesk sitting like right on the side of the crown of my hat, I think it is most flattering on my head shape you can play around with what works best with your head or your hair before, I start braiding, I took out one section the one that I’m going to break I’m starting with the left one, I do not think it really matters and uses a party line that we created at a diagonal I’m going to grab one of my duckbill the hair clips I’m going to take it right close to the party line just to help me guide where to grab the hair this is just a little trick that, I do sometimes. So first thing you want to grab a section in the beginning at a diagonal since the whole big section is at a diagonal and I’m divided right into three equal parts and you guys must know I’m Dutch braid is right, I could come all the time that’s pretty great take the outer section under the middle hold outer section under the middle this is where we are gonna start adding hair this is what, I like to do for Dutch braid it is easier for me. So, I take the outer section first under the middle hold and then grab little sections to the middle since the new outer section is in the middle already you just going to add extra hair to the middle and it creates a big section alright please see that one big section underneath the middle and we are going to add it to that middle section just like that let me show you one more time outer section under hold tick some hair add to the middle clean it up cut in and do again under the middle and continue doing this grab here to the middle. So first you add the outer section to the middle and then you add hair to the middle to create one big section under the middle add hair to the middle and then just continue doing this the last section is going to be right before the crown.


So these grace. If you know how to braid should take you maybe like 20 seconds to do I’m going to break it off one more time and then we are going to tie it off with a clear leg and then do the same thing on this side and I’m keeping the braids pretty tight, I do not know, I didn’t do this before. But I’m actually going to let go of the braid and I’m going to take the rest of the hair and tie it off into a high ponytail. Because the ponytails are. So tiny and, I do not have that much hair you can give them a little bit of a fluff with my metal comb I’m gonna take the ponytails and wrap it around ponytail or the elastic and I’m going to pin the ends with my mini bobby pins buy the brand medic rip once it is secure is going to start pulling it apart just a little bit to give it a little bit more shape and size and there we have it a very simple. But cute and edgy hairstyle is kind of like a half up to you have your two cute little top nuts and. If you have bangs and you are growing them out or you just while your bangs out your face or a fringe this kind of hairstyle is perfect for the second one it is also going to be very simple and somewhat similar.

But also very different since we are adding braided cuffs to them, I like a little bit of gold and a little bit of jewelry to accessorize my hairstyles. So I’m going to keep it at a middle part and then take a small section from the front and I’m just going to start braiding it towards the back going about half way and that’s that you do not want to take it to the crown just go like halfway do the same thing Dutch braid side section under the middle sighs section under the middle like, I said the first one, I like to do gore the middle first with the outer section grab some hair for it add it to the middle and it just kind of makes the easier for myself, I think take a clear elastic and tie it off. So you see that you do not have to even use like a guideline just use your finger as a guide line and we are going to the same thing to the other side keep it pretty similar in shape and size and, I just tie them off and this is what it looks like without anything added to it I’d love you to pull it apart, I like it nice and tight and you can just leave it like this. If you want you can pull it apart to give it a little bit more volume and dimension to the braid or what I’m going to do I’m going to add these really cool hair cuffs that, I found alte, I love this one. Because it kind of gives me a very very subtle Viking esque feel, I love it this next one is to double dutch braids are going to be very loose and big into a nice side bun with the rest of the hair. So, I already have a sectioned off. So you are going to grab a nice thick section first and leave braids you are going to keep them nice and loose.

So three sections and I’m not going to keep repeating how to do a Dutch braid. Because the sweet is going to be like hundred minutes long. So under the middle outer sections under the middle and like, I said were the first braid what, I like to do first to when, I start adding hair take the outer section first under the middle and then start adding here to the middle winter braid both of the braids down past the ear like about right when we are the ear edge then when you are done just tie off the braid with a clear elastic. So the sex part is where you are going to focus and take your time on pulling apart the braid to get it nice and messy big voluminous looking at two braids and then you are going to take the rest of the hair bring it to this opposite side and create like a side messy bun of your choice and here we go for this one it is really fancy. But yeah very edgy textured has lots of dimension. But it is actually very easy just. Because you are not taking that many sections into each braid you keep them nice and loose and texture that’s kind of the whole point, I love this one as well hair cell number four is going to be to really pull apart Dutch braids going from a middle part down the sides towards the back into too many little pigtails in the back this one is super cute.

So for this one I’m going to start from front to back with the middle part. So just like the previous hairstyle I’m going to take bigger sections. But I’m going to keep the braid a little bit tighter just. Because what, I do pull it apart is going to be a little bit easier for the hair not to fall out, I hope that makes sense. So we are going to grab a nice big section first and we are going to braiding towards the back just the same way outer sections towards the middle just continue braiding until you reach about the edge of your ear and then just tie it off into a ponytail basically braid it off where you want your ponytail to start, I think that makes the fullest sense I’m going to do the same thing on the other side and now the best part is I’m going to take my time and pull apart these two braids to make some really big voluminous and lots and lots of dimension and just a quick reminder the reason why, I put texture spray in the beginning is to be able to do this. Because, I do have very fine thin soft hair if, I do not put texture spray it will just fall apart and, I will not be able to pull it apart as much as, I do now this is just amazing with texture spray incredible for braids. So again I’m going to add a little bit of bling to this hairstyle I’m going to add two cuffs on each side just to hide the clear elastic and this is what it looks like, I think it looks very traditional kind of with those look really big messy Dutch braids, I like it, I love the way it looks, I think it looks a very rocker esque which, I always approve of.

So I’m going to show you a second rendition of this exact hairstyle. If you do not like the crazy messy ponytails. So I’m going to rough up and mess me up a ponytail just a little bit more to give it a lot more volume and I’m going to bring them up towards the ponytail kind creating a messy bun, I think you prefer this one just. Because it is a little bit more elegant and put together. But it will still give you a nice punch with the nice thick voluminous braids this last hairstyle you are going to want to divide your hair on a deeper part we are going to same things to Dutch braids I’m going to start first with the side braid divided into three sections and just braid it like a Dutch braid when, I reach like right where my ear ends I’m just going to tie off the braid and sew the rest of this hair it is all going to be braided with this bigger section, and it is going to intertwine with this braid right here that we just did grab a nice big section and start Dutch braiding your hair this is what it looks like when it is not pulled apart, and it is intertwined together like, I said in the beginning I’m going to intertwine the side with the really bigger braid. So what I’m going to know is pull apart the both braids you do not have to go as big or as voluminous as, I do just pull apart to your liking, I like it bigger the better that’s just my preference. But when you pull both braids apart to your desired shape and size you are going to take this little end piece that you have going to bring it inside like towards your head or towards the braid underneath and then you are going to bring the braid up into the first braid and just kind of pin it together kind of masking it into one kind of looking up too in a way after you are done pinning your hairstyle together this is what it looks like, I think this one is extremely beautiful it is very elegant romantic.

But yet something kind of whimsical and effortless look to it, I think this is a great hairstyle for weddings especially for like a bride you can add a cute little flowers all around at a crown or a tiara and it would just look very very romantic for your wedding or. If you are a bridesmaid or like me you just wear every single day it looks very versatile and there we have it my five double braided hairstyles for short medium or even long hair let me know which one was your favorites and I will see you guys in the next one, I love you all that is very much bye.

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