Hey all, Welcome back you guys today is one of those requested posts from you you requested elegant up dudes or hairstyles that are perfect for your prom wedding special events or date nights whatever you two let’s jump into it for all these hairstyles I’m going to have my hair curled rather than straight this is just my own preference you do not have to do this step. But I want to show you guys. Because you guys always ask how, I grow my hair, I already applied he protect it, I use the brioche your Zarko, I love this stuff, I either let my hair air dry or, I just blow-dry it straight like it is now and then we will just jump right in using my hot tools this is a half inch gold-plated curling iron and, I have a set at around 330 degrees Fahrenheit and no more when, I comb my hair, I like Newton sections just. Because I’m going to make sure all the hair is curled and I will be taking smaller sections and I will be curling all of the sections in the same direction which is a waste my face. So I’m grabbing the curly Knight and I’m just going to place it downwards and then just really gently wrap my hair around well for about five to seven seconds depending on your hair type and then it is let it go all right.


So it is the last section or layer predicate curl and now I’m making sure I’m curling it where I’m going to impart my hair for all these hairstyles or some of the hair cells and I’m going to do a nice V part first. Because I’m gonna do a really nice romantic look for one of the look. So obviously, I look pretty awesome right now. Because I’m a lots of curls set in Kula for at least like 10 to 15 minutes with a little bit of hairspray I’m using the big and sexy volumizing hairspray unscented. So. Because all of my curls are going in the same direction I’m going to brush up my hair using this awesome paddle brush it is one of my favorites by Elizabeth Arden let’s start at the very first hairstyle to read the most simplest one with last step your hair is ready curled like, I just showed you what, I did and now let’s just embellish it I’m going to grab my teasing comb this is the wedding season from you guys always ask, I purchased this on Amazon, I don’t, I do not remember the name. But I will try to link it down below for you guys it is very very old.

But I love it and just give it a quick spritz with a hairspray thread on the bristles and then while still wet I’m going to give this hair here in the front quick brush up. So for this look I’m going to go for this really pretty number it has like these are rose gold little petals on the flowers and then at little jewels and gold is gold lien and the best part is already has a clip. So you do not have to use any extra bobby pins or anything like that it is going to stay in your hair all night long when you are dancing the night away we are take it from the bottom with the open clip and your screen distorts it off and put it like right next to the ear or you can just play around and see where you want to place it how you want it to look, I think this gives a very very retro 1920s vibe kind of Great Gatsby theme, I think it is a really pretty look next hairstyle is going to be a french braided updo. But the French braid is going to be interleaved with this really pretty hair accessory. But also from Amazon, I’m just. So obsessed with it I’m excited to create this where you go alright. So starting off I’m actually going to get I’m actually going to create a little pompadour we are going to in the front I’m going to take two little mini bobby pins and just secure it.

So this hair piece on both ends they have a little hole right at the top and I’m going to put a mini bobby pin right through the hole just. So I will be able to kind of attach it to the hair somehow. So grab your first initial section for the braid including the hair feed. If you are doing it this way. So once they’ve you three initial sections start braiding a French braid which is you take the outer section and you take them over the middle and just keep adding here until you have no more hair left to braid and then just tie off the braid and you might need assistance. Because this hairpiece is a little bit long unless your hair is super long and your braid it all in there alright. So this is what the hair looks like in retrospect, I think, I would have folded this twice just.

Because my hair is super short alright. So now I’m going to do I’m going to pull apart the braid and make sure, I expose the actual hairpiece or hair accessory that, I braid it into and then we are going to take the rest of this and we are going to weave it going towards up into the hair into the braid next settlement it actually takes the mini bobby pins out and we just sort of pompadour and what the too many bobby pins I’m going to take the little ponytail the end of the braid I’m going to basically just tuck it right underneath the braid and just scare it with the two bobby pins make sure some of the little jewels and the pearls you hide them inside your hair and this just gives it that interweaves of look and a kind of bohemian style, I love this hairstyle the next hairstyle is going to be for those that want a very modern rocker warrior s look. Because it is going to be kind of like a faux hawk in a way. So if you are into that this was for you this one’s one of my favorites. So we are going to take three sections. So make sure you have three clear elastic. So the first section is going to be like sitting kind of closer to the crown.

So we are going to start grabbing hair I’m going to start out in here right below my temple area bring it towards the crown and these sides, I want them as smooth as possible. So I’m going to take my little teasing combs the brown one and I’m going to bring it towards the top just like that let me take my clear elastic and I’m going to tie it off one and then the second time we are going to pull the hair through halfway just like that alright. So for the middle section on each side we are going to do a very small braid. So pretty much just a three strand braid you do not have to include any hair into it I’m going to do a regular braid and then just tie it off with a clear elastic. So before, I put the braid into the section I’m going to create that middle section. So I’m going right in the middle of behind both ears and then just bring up the hair towards the top and do the same thing brush out the middle section and you want to bring it as close as possible to that first section and I’m just going to add an embrace each side and we are going to do the same thing as we get to the first section pull it through one and then the second time pull it halfway all right do the same thing to the last of the hair which is the third section make sure you kind of bring it up towards the second section all right. So now we are going to pull each section apart and combine them using bobby pins you can use many ones you can use longer ones I’m going to use my mini one same brand better grips and I’m using either gold or bronze, I remember what color it is.

So you are just going to gently start pulling it apart, and it is a case you pull a section out that’s all good the hair is curled and we are going to take the section from underneath and we are going take a section from the top and, I just combined them. So just continue doing this on each side of each section combining the top section to the middle section the middle section to the bottom section until you get your desired shapes and size of the entire fauxhawk alright. So for the greys I’m going to pull them apart just a little bit just to give it a little bit more emphasis on the braid all right. So let’s finish this bad boy off right here and we are going to add a little really beautiful crown this is by the brand quiche, I love this look how gorgeous this is, I just love the colors and it literally looks like a crown. So this is perfect for prom this is amazing and it has little prongs are here. So it is perfectly going to sit right on the first section. If you are going for that very moderate type of luggage warrior rocker ass.

But still really elegant and romantic this one is for you, I just filled away it look. So edgy the next hairstyle is going to be a really elegant one, and it is going to be up to with lots of braids and we are actually going to incorporate a bun. But it is going to be a head and bun with the curls kind of draping over it we are really pretty I’m going to split my hair into two sections a top and a bottom and then just for now I’m going to pin the top section away. So for the bottom section I’m going to create a ponytail and then we are going to make the ponytail and go through the mini donuts and we are going to create the bun using the mini donut just. Because it is going to be easier to pin the top section to for the updo into the donut is going to be nice the section off for the top section like. So we are going to take this out of the way and we are going to work with the side sections first. So what we are going to do now is taking the curls and we are going to place them basically around and kind of making it overflow on top of the bun and you just take many bobby pins and secure each section kind of maneuver it give it a little twist and place it right into the bun that’s why the mini donut is really nice it will kind of help as a guideline to where you can place the mini bobby pins all right.

So, I took out some frog pieces just to kind of frame this face to make it really romantic and elegant and then you see this right here you see that hair just hanging off we are going to take the hair and we are just going to secure it with a bobby pin. But that’s okay. If it is going to be showing. Because we are going to put a really cute hair accessory right on top to hide everything. If you have any bobby pins exposed and of course a lot of accessorize, I found this really pretty rose gold beauty on Amazon of the whale and it has a little comb right here to kind of just stick it right into your hairstyle and here’s the completed elegant updo that’s accessorized of course it is perfect for proms wedding or just any time of the day or you want to sell flounce play this next hairstyle is going to be an elegant braided updo am starting off slightly on a left parted line nothing too crazy or deep and then you are just going to start to bring your hair basically sideways like this. So I’m grabbing a section first right here in the front and basically we are going to take the sections like this kick the hair get in the back and divide ancestry. So you can do either a Dutch or a French I’m going to do a Dutch braid this time.

So Dutch braid outer sections underneath the middle section and now let’s add from here. So my place is the section down grab from here bring it underneath and then do the same thing I’m going to take the section first underneath and then this hair right here from the top to add it right into the middle and then we are going to continue braiding until, I reach the other side of the year. So once loved each other side of the ear, I braid it off the braid just a little bit just. So, I can have room to pull apart the braid and I’m just going to tie it off with a clear elastic now is the fun part I’m pulling apart the braid and go as much as you can. If you need to add a little bit extra spray to help with a little grit for the hair do it. But make sure you pull it out as much as you can. Because you want that big emphasis on the up – alright.

So I’m going to go to the other side once I’m done pulling the braid apart and I’m going to follow the little seam here I’m going to take this side right to the ear and then just take this little thing here the little ponytail and then just kind of pin it right underneath alright, I took out a little bit more hair to cream the face make sure everything else pretty even and now I’m going to accessorize only going to show you what it looks like before you put any accessories on. So here’s the accessory that, I chose it has really pretty leaves and then the ends have little Clips focus you need to flip it in your hair. So I’m just going to place this right kind of like on top of the braid not on top of a bit like above the braid and then just clip the little ends over it into the hair right now and there we have it the completed and again braided updo, I love it very simple and it makes a statement and that concludes my five elegant hairstyles for special events like your prom wedding date noise, I do not know let me know which one was your favorite. But for now as thank you so much for reading and, I will see you and the next one bye.

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