You guys know what this means what hairstyle when we literally have no time to dry our hair. But we still want to look cute and put together all right. So let’s fix this mess even though, I would literally just let it go like this.

But hey I’m going to show you guys some other options first thing I’m going to apply some hair products into my hair just. Because, I want some kind of leave-in conditioner. So I will be using the 21 essential benefits color fanatic bacteriology and one of the benefits is a leave-in conditioner it smells. So good. So when the hair is wet you do not want to brush your hair with a regular hair brush or comb you want to use some kind of wide toothed comb or the wet brush it is also really great and, I always always start at the very very bottom and then work my way up, I never start at the very top and then kind of tug my way down. Because your hair is already very fragile when it is wet or damp alright. So for this hairstyle I’m starting off with a nice deep part of my right side of my head and we are going to do a very simple updo that has a really nice twist on the side and it kind of goes into the very back either to like a low messy ponytail, I must burn whatever you want whatever you feel on the moment, I do not know what I’m going to do yet we will see.


So all you have to do is grab a nice section of hair in the front and divide it into two sections a 1/2 top and a bottom section. So what you can do is you just going to start twisting it one and then a second time and then this the second time where we twisted it to the bottom section you are going to hold it and you are going to add hair from underneath underneath drop add clean and then twist and once more just like that now the top section is on the bottom just like that do the same thing adhere to it one there we go and then I’m actually going to add a bobby pin just to kind of make sure is going to be nice and secure you do not have to do this, I like doing this just to make sure my hair is nice and tight music I’m a tagger bobby pin for this continue doing this and I’m going to add two bobby pins maybe every three to four twists that, I do. So, I just switched hands and I’m going underneath taking this hair from the bottom I’m going to make a way to this side right here where the deep side is alright. So before, I do anything else I’m going to take the rest of the hair and I’m just going to tie it off in a ponytail.

So with the ponytails going to give it a nice quick twist and then just kind of wrap it around the ponytail take a mini bobby pin and then just secure right into the clear elastic or the twist that we just did and there you have a very easy updo with what hair that looks like you took you maybe you have 30 minutes to accomplish you look very put together it is really cute and the best part is it is really fast one of my favorite hairstyles is a slicked back hair look which, I think is super sexy very mysterious and it works perfectly well with what hair all you need to do is divide your hair you have to do all the way slicked back like this or what, I like to do is do it on a nice deep part. So these types of hairstyles you want to use some type of oil or something like a hair gel help set your hair down with and help with the flyaways things like that. So be nice sleek and smooth I’m going to take a few drops and I’m going to run this through my hair you can leave it like this nice and sleek and smooth and it looks like you are doing it intentionally to get that slick look slick sleek look look sleek look, I guess, I can use it or you can add a nice bobby pin or a hair pin to your hair to like the side to keep it nice and smooth and then we have it to finish it off do a light layer of hairspray of your choice and you are good to go to work meetings events whatever it is that you are late for you just simply do not want to do anything to your hair, I love these looks, I think they are super sexy very sleek they look good anyone any type of hair short long medium anywhere in between, I love it.

So this next hairstyle you will need some type of headband or what, I like to call a hair solfege. Because it looks like a soul click for your hair. So go ahead and part your hair wherever you want your hair to lay I’m just going to do right now in the middle. So you want to put this the headband basically on top of your hair kind of going right behind your ears alright. So it is super simple all you want to do is you are going to take hair I’m going to start from look aside and or the back and, I take hair section I’m going to take the hair up over the little sausage and just kind of twitch them or tuck them inside. So you see you see that right there that’s the hair that, I just tucked inside I’m going to continue doing this just tuck in the hair and sighs we can share, I pull all the way through and then do the same thing from the front section you can leave like your bangs down or you can tuck them in like I’m doing just making sure a little beautiful headband is exposed and there we have it for what am, I go to look that, I love doing. Because it is very simple.

But yeah it is very very beautiful and romantic and the best part is that little sausage in the back it gives my hair a lots of volume when, I really do not have all you want to have my hair, I love this. So for this next one we are going to do a nice sleek ponytail. Because what hair and sleek hair goes hand-in-hand very well and a nice thick ponytail is always my go-to when, I want to look a little bit more professional and put together. So, I just call me my hair down with my teasing comb and then just take it nice and sleek behind the ears I’m going to bring it as far back as, I can. So for this kind of look, I will always go for something like this like a gold cuff or a silver cuff for my hair as a hair tie now, I just like a regular clear elastic just. Because this hairstyle is already. So simple and sleek, I just want to add a little bit of a punch to it going on with my baby heresy some oil kind of calm them down just a little bit this right here is one of my favorites it is super easy.

But I love very put-together and I’m ready to conquer the world the last. But not least is going to be a half updo super simple grabbing my section like. So even smaller you just want to basically grab an outline or a guideline for this up dude in section 2 where you can do it just towards the end you are going to need them in the back creating a ponytail now, I have the two sections tied off I’m going to start off with a section or right next to it I’m going to grab it and give it a little twist and then put it right through this section just like that and do it one more time and you guessed it I’m going to continue doing until, I create a big full section. So to finish it off you can leave it like this but. Because my hair is already super silky and fine and there’s basically no texture in my hair. So it is going to slip out I’m going to finish it and secure it with this really cute infinity little hair clip just make sure you secure the clear elastic and then a lot of the hair that we kind of twisted into the little ponytail in the back just make sure it is all nice and secure and there we have it another super simple white hairstyle that literally takes 30 seconds to accomplish it looks good wet and it will look very good when it dries down to your natural hair and that concludes our super easy hairstyles that are perfect for when we are running late and we have super wet hair that we do not have time to dry, I hope you guys enjoyed this post got some inspiration and let me know which one was your favorite and I will see you guys next time bye.

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