5 Latest Updo Hairstyles

5 Latest Updo Hairstyles

Hi my love hawaii xena here today we are gonna create two super easy lazy hairstyle that trust me anyone can recreate them we will begin by grabbing a section on the top if you have thin, or naturally straight hair.

I will suggest you first to take the roots of your hair spray it smoothing it out in a cup you want to twist them, and pinic using two bobby pins then you want to take two sections from the sides of the created pool, and tie them. But make sure to tell them off-center make an opening three, and bring that prony tail through this opening tag on the edge of the created twists like. I am showing then you want to grab another two sections from both sides.

But opposite side of the first ponytail tie them both together make an opening, and bring that ponytail through it tug on the edge of the twist you want to repeat this step over, and over again until reaching desired look you can make only three ponytails, and it will look like a half updo.

1. Chignon:

golden globes nicole kidman

I will make about five ponytails. So it looks more like a ponytail , and our ponytail is ready. So it will look like that, then we will move on to our second hairstyle so lightly tweeze the rest of our hair grabbing a small tiny section we will bring the rest upwards like I am showing heading dance we want to pin it in place until reaching desired look of the bond, and our lazy messy bun is ready I hope that you like this, messy hairstyles, and if you do do not forget to give it a big thumbs up also if you are new do not forget to comment, and also hit that bell button so be notified every time I post a new hairstyle. But you have to know that it was three times a week new cute hairstyle also I want to thank you all so much for your support love you guys hope to see you in my next post.


golden globes nicole kidman 1

chignon retro chic

kate middleton hairstyles 1

2. Braided Updo:

curly hair updo

braids jessica alba

braided hair

braided updos

scarlett johansson braid

3. Messy Updo  and Mega Curls:

julianne hough hair updos

christina aguilera burlesque premiere

half up hairstyles

5. Blunt Bangs Updo:

rooney mara


5 ways to rock an updo



5 Latest Updo Hairstyles

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