Hey friends, Welcome back to my blog as you guys may have noticed we have surpassed 500 thousand subscribers and last couple of days we are.

So excited. So thankful for each and every one of you for your crazy amount of support and love and just celebrate I’m bringing you guys a bunch of different super easy fun hairstyles that are just perfect for spring and summer. Because they are going to be dealing with headbands bandanas and scarves or whatever you also you like to call them. So the first one is going to be a really simple laid-back style that, I just love to wear especial in the summertime with a really cute bandana. But first thing I’m going to add a little bit of texture spray to my hair and that’s a quick tip. If you are using bandanas and you feel like they really fall off really fast add a little bit of texture spray or some dry shampoo you want a little bit of grit and texture in your hair strands. So I will be using the orb a dry texturizer spray one of my favorites.


So the been ganna a had been of choices from the brand American Eagle and you guys they always have a lot of cute ones this one’s really great. Because as elastic right towards the bottom of the high bands it will stay really great, I know on the back of your head and it has a little tie. So you can make it extra tight around your head. So it is not going to move anywhere alright. So for the low messy bun I will just be using a clear elastic and some bobby pins to kind of just mess it up. So I’m just going to grab majority of the hair. If your hair short this is okay, I actually like it when some of the pieces are just hanging down underneath the headband.

So I’m just going to grab majority of the hair that, I can I’m going to leave a lot of this hair out like the front hairs the majority was going to go towards the back alright and let’s just create a messy bun next I’m gonna take the headband making sure that elastic is going underneath the bun and then. If you want. If you do have this headband you can just leave like this try it off underneath or what I’m going to I’m going to bring this towards the top give it one quick little tie to give it a little bit more extra support and then whatever is left over I’m just going to tuck it right in the front underneath the headband alright. So it is pretty much done I’m going to go back in and just mess it up give it a little bit more volume on this little top portion and then some Harris. Because, I do have layers some of them will stick out I’m going to take some of the hairs and just kind of pin them. So just take my mini bobby pins my favorite brand met a grip and, I get them from Sally beauty supply store and there we have it super quick and simple literally takes like a couple of minutes not even to do one of my favorite ways to wear in the summer time next one is for those that love a good high messy bun. But we are going to wrap the messy bun or they are really pretty really pretty scarf, I found this one in forever 21 just look how cute this is, I love the color it is very bright red-orange in your face the florals are perfect and this just screams spring and summer to me alright.

So do your thing and pick up all of your hair where you want your hi a messy bun to be. So that when my ponytail where, I wanted to sit I’m going to take a clear elastic and just tie up first just the regular ponytail you guys always ask which clear elastics, I use, I get them from Amazon they are really amazing I will have them linked down below alright. So next I’m going to do I’m going to take the hair and I’m just going to wrap it around the actual ponytail and then take another cool elastic and then just plop it right on top just kind of secure what, I were just wrapped alright. So we see all these flyaways happenin what are we going to do is take a teasing comb whichever one you have some hairspray and I’m just going to spray it right on the brush you can also use a toothbrush button and then just very gently brush it towards the bun now I’m not really being worried that it is still messy right here. Because we are going to cover it with a scarf alright. So if you have any little short hairs on the back you can either leave them down. If you prefer or pick them up and secure them with a bobby pin like, I did.

So there’s many ways of how to roll your scarf. But this is just how, I do it this is a big square scarf, I just split it right in half into a triangle and then the pointy end and bring them together with the straight end and then, I just roll it to as how thin, I want the scarf to be and then start wrapping it around my bun until, I have two little ends and I’m just going to take it either to one side or towards the back and then just tie it off secure it make sure it is not going anywhere and then. If you do not like the end taking off like, I do you can just tuck them right underneath the scarf and the button just to kind of secure and hide it and this completes the second look same thing it takes literally minutes to complete it is ridiculously fast and easy. But it gives a little bit more of a like an elegant touch with a silk scarf here to this kind of look this one’s for you this next one is for those that love a good half updo or with the headband or a scarf this was super cute from American Eagle and, I just love the grain White’s pattern with little bonafides and of course it has elastic towards the bottom. So this will also help to keep it right on your head. So wouldn’t move around, I love these ones. So what I’m going to do is divide my hair into two sections for the half up to and then just place my headband right on top where, I wanted to sit and then we are going to continue doing half updo alright.

So once we have the two sections you can actually leave it like this, I actually love this style. But for the half updo. If you want to do that I’m just going to take the sections from the side one and two not all of the hair for the two sections one and two and I’m just going to take them and kind of underlap them and then just secure them with a bobby pin just to kind of make it look like an updo and this one literally takes 30 seconds to do, I just love it it is very simple. But you gotta give a little bit of a twist and, I love the headband especially with the elastic part at the bottom it will not move anywhere this next one is for those that want their hair out of their face. But it is still showing with a little bit of a headband um of you is the first one we did, and it is very cute the vidiq simple and fast to do and what I’m going to use instead of bobby pins I’m going to little corkscrew pins which, I love, I try these out first impression several months back and, I have never looked back they are incredible I’m going to put the headband on first I’m going to take my hair and gather all together into one big section and kind of give it a twist and then bring it towards the top take one of the corkscrew pins secure at the top and take the other ones secure at the bottom and then if, I feel like it needs a little bit more hold I will just take another one insecure in the middle. So. Because it has elastic little ruched bottom, I want to hide it with the tails that, I have.

So I’m just going to wrap it underneath one and then just bring it towards the top and I’m just going to tie it off one you can leave it like that the cute little bow or you can just tuck it underneath like, I’m and there we have it a French twist up to like, I said get creative do whatever you want, I just love the super simple it is very quick. But yeah it is really cute and, I can wear it a summer time when it gets really hot get the hair all up away from my face alright. So this last one is going to be kind of like a retro hairstyle and I’m going to do a little bit on the deeper end you can do whatever you want alright and then the rest of the hair I’m going to do in a very low ponytail. Because it is all the yet covers. So for the scarf I’m doing this one and the same one from forever 21 and I’m going to fold it into a triangle like this and what I’m going to do I’m going to make sure the little pointy end is going to be on the very top right here and then the straight add is going to step from the bottom just like that I’m going to stick it up. If you need you can just use you little bobby pins to help to hold down in the small your Simon alright. So once the side is secure with a bobby pin, I moved it over just a little bit to one side to make sure you have a bow now let’s make a bow whichever way you guys make bows go ahead and pick your bow.

So once, I have the bow I’m going to have these little ends left over the little pointy ends. If you guys what I’m going to do is I’m give them a little twist and then literally just shove them right underneath the bow basically to one side kind of cool things down a little bit and now I’m going to clean up the bow make sure it is nice and even on each and then we have it for this one I’m going to keep the bobby pins in, I added a second one to one of the sides and, I took out on this side. Because it is nice and secure for me but. Because, I did add the texture spray it kind of gave a little bit of a great and texture to my hair. So this silky scarf will be slipping and slide in a little place. But the bobby pins do help there we have it, I love this retro pinup hairstyle and this concludes this post hopefully there was one just for you and let me know which one that is down below. But for now thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one bye.

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