5 Resolutions for Healthy Hair this New Year

Hey Everyone gala here today. I have five resolutions that you can make to help your hair be healthier in you can use one or two of these or even all five but even if you choose to just use one it is really going to help enhance the health of your hair. So let’s just jump right into it resolution number one is to keep my hair moisturized now when your hair is dry it becomes brittle its dull your ends will kind of split easily you will get breakage easily in a wool tangle easily all those things keep you from being able to grow your hair longer it also keeps your hair from looking nice. So there are two things that you can do you can do a leave-in conditioner every time you shower white hair is wet, and you can do a deep conditioning treatment once a week you do not have to do both you can choose one or the other that one’s kind of up to you, and your hair, and what you like to do if you want to do a leave-in conditioner you would just put like a dime sized amount through your hair when it is wet, and what that’s going to do is to bind moisture to your hair. So that obviously you have that moisture kind of sucked into your hair it will also help to smooth your cuticle which will make your hair smoother, and shinier that should help it not to tangle as much, and. Because your hair is a little bit more moisturized it shouldn’t break as easily.

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So that’s going to help you on those friends OAD conditioning treatment is going to do all the same things that a leave-in conditioner does but it does them in a little bit more significant way, and a lot of times it has a lot more things in it like protein, and different things to help really enhance the health of your hair. So it actually repairs your hair whereas leave-in conditioner is just kind of conditioned, and smooth your hair a deep conditioning treatment is going to go in, and repair your hair. Some of you guys might have more damaged hair. I would recommend that you do a deep conditioning treatment for those of you who have a little bit more healthy hair naturally you could probably stick with just the leave-in conditioner, and again if you want to get fancy even if you already have healthy hair you can do both, and if you have very damaged over-processed hair.

I would certainly recommend that you do both you will definitely see a difference in your hair solution number two is to detangle my hair nicely now this is probably one of the biggest things that. I see is tugging it here rush through their hair, and every time we do that you are breaking your hair off, and that’s really the biggest thing that you are going to cause by not brushing your hair nicely it is that breakage, and the breakage is what kind of causes those little flyaway that kind of stick out like this, and aren’t very attractive looking it usually happens. Because breakage, and a lot of times that right pitch comes from just being really rough on your hair. So there’s a couple things you can do if you have very tingling here. I really suggest using a detangle on your hair it helps. So much it makes the whole brushing process. So much easier, and then make sure that you use a brush or a wide toothed comb that’s meant to help the tangle the hair. I love the tangle teeter it is amazing. I have one at cosmetology school with me all the time just in case. I have somebody was really tangled here. Because that happens let me tell you, and it makes such a difference, and it also can be used on wet hair now if you do not have a brush or white tooth comb that is meant to be used on wet hair please do not put a product or a tool through your hair while it is wet. Because it is actually much more fragile while it is wet. So you can do a lot more damage brushing through your hair you might not feel those really heavy snags like you do when it is drying you are brushing through it but even the littlest thing can break her hair while it is wet.

So just wait unless you have a tool that’s actually meant to be used on my hair like a wide toothed comb or a tangle teeter or wet brush something like that just wait until your hair is dry, and then you know you can go ahead, and brush through it, and then when you are brushing through it making sure that you are going from the ends to the roots. So you start brushing through here until. I brush it through nicely, and you go up a couple inches, and then you keep going up until you get up to your roots you are going to notice a lot of difference in your hair when you do that all you really have to do is make sure that you do that after you shower, and then maybe you know once a day after that if you go two days just make sure that you take one time a day to really go through your hair detangle it you will notice that when you are nice to your hair there’s a lot less breakage the cuticle will be a lot smoother, and you ought to be able to grow your hair longer solution number three is to protect my hair from the heat now a lot of heat styling on your hair is going to cause damage to the outer layer of the hair which is called the cuticle, and basically what. I was going to do is going to make it not shiny it will make it break easily it will make it porous it will make your in split easier, and it will cause your hair to break more easily it’ll be very fragile. So there’s some things that you can do to kind of fight against that, and one thing that’s kind of obvious is to kind of limit your amount of keep the e put on your hair even with all the tutorials that. I do on YouTube.

I still do not use the heat tool in my hair more than twice a week just to kind of keep my hair a little bit healthier a little bit nicer. So it can kind of grow a little bit longer that’s how, I have managed to grow my hair as long as it is, and then another thing that you can do when you are using your hair dryer make sure that you are not using it on a high heat setting that’s really not good for your hair. Because honestly those really high heats are just about that can me at least just about as hot as the heat styling tool, and if you are putting that on every single time you shower that really is a lot on your hair. So just go down a little bit you know use the low heat or even the cool option if you want to, and then obviously a third thing you can do is to use a heat protestant on your hair it does not completely erase the damage that comes with a heat styling tool but it does minimize it. So definitely use that on your hair. Because it is going to produce it is going to form a protective layer. So that you do not cause that damage to your cuticles. So quickly. So when you do that when you are watching how often that you use a hot tool when you are making sure that you do not use your dryer on a high heat setting, and when you are making sure that you are protecting your hair from the heat you should have this your hair being a little bit shinier you should notice it not singling in its the easily you should notice it not breaking as easily now might take some time especially if you have already done a lot of damage to your hair, and in that case. I would refer you refer you to resolution number one but it might take you some time to notice that but over time you are going to notice your hair is generally healthier when you take care of it, and you are making sure that you kind of moderate how much heat you put on your hair. So number four is to get my hair trimmed when it needs it now. I know some hairdressers tell you to go, and get your hair cut every six weeks if you have long hair you do not need to get your hair cut every six weeks but when you look at your ends, and you are like oh those are looking a little damaged you should go get them cut. Because what happens is when your ends get damaged the damage actually travels up the hair shaft.

So whereas if you look at it, and you are starting to see that damage, and you go in, and just like oh okay, I will going to cut three quarters of an inch off or oh, I will going to cut half an inch off you know if that’s not. So much really not going to miss that much on your hair, and you keep that damage from kind of traveling up but if you wait a couple months you might end up losing two or three inches of hair. So over time you end up losing a lot more hair, and they hear that you do have a lot more damaged um. I have seen people that go in, and get consistent cuts when their hair is damaged, and when it is ready and, I have seen people that wait too long and, I will going to tell you the people that really take care of their hair, and they stay on top of getting those trims it looks. So much better, and your hair grows about half an inch a month. So let’s say that you need to get it trimmed every three to four months, and you need to get about of an inch taken off then you are only going to lose about half of that new growth that you have whereas if you wait months, and you really have to lose like to inches. And I have seen that happen then you kind of lose all the amount of hair that you gained. So it is good to go back, and get those trims even it is a little counterintuitive just get a trim when you start seeing that damage it really does help your hair in the long run number is that. I will not put my hair in a ponytail all the time no. I do not just say that for fashions sake. I say that. Because when you put your hair in a ponytail at the same height consistently what’s going to happen is that you actually cause breakage where the hair tie makes the hair, and it kind of forms this little line of flyaway where you know you are putting tell kind of forms you know get out on the nape of your neck as well.

I can always tell people that leave their hair in a ponytail their hair is down. Because there is that little line of frizz right there. So what you want to do if you have to put your hair in a ponytail for sports or something like that just varying the height that you are putting the ponytail up. Because that way you are not putting stress on that one point of hair. Because it is always going to break that one point if you are always putting it in the same place, and additionally if your sport allows trumpeting your hair, and a braid or a bun if you can just to avoid putting it into stress of that hair tie, and then obviously if you are just somebody that likes to run to a quick thing for your hair, and you know you find that putting your hair back in a ponytail is really quick just look around on YouTube, and find some quick -minute hairstyles. I have some on my blog there are others throughout the internet but just find those, and just avoid throwing your hair into that same ponytail. So you do not end up with that same line of breakage it is not a good look another thing that you can do is watch what kind of elastic you are using on your hair definitely do not use those little ones that are made out of rubber that is. So bad for your hair. Because those are going to rub it, and spray on the cuticle layer of your hair like nothing else, and they snag, and pull me here. So you actually pull out here with it every time or at least that’s what happened to me when. I use them.

I did not enjoy it. So just say no to rubber hair ties, and you know just look for ones that are kind of cloth all the way around they do not have any metal, and that’s going to be a lot better, and the ones that. I actually like are these flat elastic ones they are kind of trendy right now like you see them in like stores everywhere, and stuff. I really like them. Because they are a little bit gentler on the hair they kind of advertise themselves it is like they never give you a bump in their hair, and stuff like that, and that’s true like it really does do a good job of not getting it since in the hair. So I like them. Because they are a little bit gentler, and all that but if you know one buy those just make sure that you are not using one with rubber or metal on it, and you should be good, and then finally if you are somebody like me who does not like to sleep with your hair down. Because this smothers me at night let me tell you.. I go ahead, and put my hair in a braid to sleep that way it is not in a ponytail. Because then you are spending however many hours sleeping on that ponytail with all that you know friction, and everything going on right there, and it is just not your hair. So just put it in a braid or multiple braids or a French braid you know whatever you need for your hair depending on your layer situation would be a better idea than just putting it in a ponytail. So my five those last two are actually the ones that.. I need to work on this here, I will need to make sure that, I will getting my hair trimmed when it needs it, and that, I will not leaving my hair in a ponytail all the time. Because sometimes. I’m tempted especially if, I will tired or it is been a long day or, I will just you know running around the house whatever but. I just need to break the habit. So tell me in the comments which of those sound good to you if you decide to do any of those as one of your new year’s resolutions write it in the down bar tell me. I would be really interested to know, and if you guys are interested on my other my blog. I actually did a post on my personal resolutions for in case you are wondering if you are not interested just do not worry about that but if you are it is annotated right here, and linked in the down bar. So you can go check it out. And I would love to see you over there, and that is it. I will see you guys in the next post.

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