I hope you guys all had a wonderful holidays and, I really hope you guys are excited for this new year hope you guys have your goal set and you are already ready to crush them. I could they have a better way to a start new year than with a hair care post..


So I want to share with you my favorite products and it compiled all my tips into my favorite five to help combat dry frizzy hair and transform it back into healthy soft hair currently it is a winter out there it is negative ten today which is quite cold but whenever winter time rolls around. I usually have to adjust my hair care routine to help add extra moisture into my dry locks. So let me show you these tips with you step number one shampoo your hair less often you guys already know, I’m a big creature of not washing your hair every single today reading your hair is going to strip it of its natural oils which moisturize your locs without that you are going to be left with dry brittle hair and what does dry hair do it breaks because you split ends and that’s what’s going to give you the appearance of frizz everybody’s hair is different but usually. I try to go about two to three days without washing my hair and sometimes. I can even get away with fourth but do or your hair type. I noticed a huge change in not only the appearance of my hair but also my scalp as well when. I cut back on shampooing my hair everyday it is normal your hair is probably going to get a little bit oily in between washes.

So what I like to do is go in with some dry shampoo. I love the one from batiste and she’s going to help absorb that excess oil. So that your hair looks fresh and clean even though we both know it is not oh and if you live somewhere that’s cold just throw in a beanie dad to always condition is my favorite step. I can’t stand when we hair is naughty. If I run my fingers through it and, I catch like a knot at the back of my hair and, I’m having a conversation with somebody it is all. I can think about.

I do not mean to be rude but. I just want to go into the bathroom and just untangle my hair it bothers me. So much. So, I’m saying that. I love all things conditioner. I love leave-in conditioner most. I love oil.

I like making concoctions in my shower anything that leave me with tangle free strands. I love trying. So when it comes to picking a conditioner for your hair just look for one that’s designed for your hair types. I jakarta towards things that are for fake hair that are nourishing that are for dry colored or damaged hair and those seem to work best for my hair type while in the shower after. I shampooed my hair. I like to then towel dry my hair really gently just. So that when.

I am conditioning my hair my hair is going to absorb more of the product and more moisture and then. I usually leave my conditioner on for at least 3 minutes while. I wash my body even if it does not say to do.. So I just find that it really helps to get each strand completely coated in moisture. I did my hair just forgave me because she absolutely hates brushing out my hair is to not rinse out your conditioner completely. I try to rinse like 90% of it out that way there is a little bit left coated on my hair, and it is going to continue moisturizing it throughout the day also a once a week pick a day pamper yourself do a deep conditioning hair mask.

I pick garbage day it is every Thursday that way. I do not forget this also the day that. I want to replan but you could do a homemade mask I. So love using coconut oil it is really inexpensive, and it is really easy to use lately. I have been loving to a different hair masks the first one is from agave and this is their restorative hydrating mask guys this smells like something from my childhood and, I cannot put my finger on it. I get my friend my mom to smell it everybody remembers the smell as well but we just can’t figure out what it is so if you know please tell me but. I love this hair mask it just leaves my hair feeling.

So nourish. So soft and strong it is a really wonderful product and then this next one is a drugstore alternative and it is from Garnier it is their whole blends we are pairing rinse out masks honey treasures guys this stuff smells. So bomb. I love it leaves my hair smelling is so great for days it just lasts really well but it is this really thick almost like body butter texture and, I love to leave this one on my hair overnight or if, I’m editing I will leave it on my hair for a couple hours and just left this super soft shiny hair and it just does not weigh it down. I love this stuff check out the reviews like everybody loves it and then if, I’m plating it on styling my hair right after. I wash it which. I usually do because, I’m in a rush but I have always grabbed this from Ag it is their fast-food leave on conditioner this is for those really stubborn not took around the nape of my neck my scars and hoods just create the most tangled knots and you guys know they bother me.

So much.. So I use a little bit of this massage it into those problem areas and then they are really easy to comb out step number three you have probably heard your mom say this but be gentle when your hair is wet it is really fragile rest of the shower try to resist the urge to it take a towel and just shake it over your head this is going to cause breakage and like. I said earlier it is going to create frizz and unhealthy looking hair instead what. I like to do is grab a hand towel and I will just gently blot my hair I will really gently squeeze the ends just to help absorb excess moisture which I’d be crazy my boyfriend does that thing where he goes like this again here in the bathroom and when. I go in I will see a little princess hair on the ground. I tell them you are gonna go bald if you keep doing that but he does not listen if you need to brush your hair while it is wet try to use a wide tooth comb it is way more gentle on your hair and as well and do not go to prep the leave-in conditioner guys.

I am So excited to share this product with you it is going to change your life, and it is from Garnier, and it is they are a 5 in 1 lightweight spray. I spray this all over my hair probably more than you are supposed to but, I’m not even kidding it completely leads to tangles my hair, I’m blown away. I can run a comb through it no problem it just leaves my hair completely tangle free it is a dream and, I know you all probably know how to brush your hair but as a reminder just try to start on the bottom of your hair first and work your way up if you do have any stubborn knots left in your hair it just use your fingers to pull them apart versus using a brush or comb that’s just going to rip them out hello we are on topic of brushing hair did anyone else needs to brush my hair a hundred times per section it is a total wives tale and, I both told that it would give me long healthier shinier hair and, I did I’d sit there brush my hair 100 times per section every morning before school crazy step number four used protective treatments I have been incorporating an oil or serum into your hair care routine and applying to damp hair really helps give you that smooth shinier healthier appearance just trying to take carried away or you will weigh down your hair I have been there currently, I’m loving this oil treatment from agave. I do about half a pump into the palms of my hands rub it together and then they just work it through the bottom two-thirds of my hair focusing most of it on the ends and then what. I love to do is any excess is rub it into my hands my wrists and sometimes onto my neck and chest area as well it is probably smells really great again. I do not know what it reminds me of.

So please figure it out for me now. I always used to apply he protected before. I styled my hair but now. I focus more on using serums and oils and leave-in conditioners in my damp hair. I do not like to apply wet products to dry hair and then using a hot tool feel like it is a really bad combination and it can’t be doing anything good for your hair. So in saying that what I will do is just really prep my hair well when it is wet I will style it and then the next day I will style my hair and then apply oil just to help add additional moisture back into my hair. I hope that makes sense step number 5 skip or minimized using hot tools now.

I get it not all of us. I left with beautiful mermaid locks and we let our hair air dry. So, I’m going to be realistic even allowing your hair to air dry maybe once a month washing before bed putting it in braids it is really going to help make a huge difference and if you are styling your hair with Hot Tools. I do it all the time it is okay but just double-check your heat setting. So my tools default at 180 degrees some at 250 you really do not need the heat that high. So experiment different heat temperatures you will really be surprised what you can get away with and this one you have all heard before but seriously put down that hair straightener. I saw the hugest transformation in my hair when.

I stopped clamping it between two pieces of hot ceramic metal. So just opt for less damaging products. I find that a wand is more gentle on my hair first it is a straightener. So you will often see my hair waves and when you fell in love my t3 hot rollers. I love it to give the effect of a blowout but without creating as much damage as that round brush does yanking on your hair with the blow-dryer press right against it. So those are also a great alternative to give you that style with em as much damage and if you are really committed to going completely heatless. I will link down below some of my most loved heatless hairstyles and one of the playlists I have created as well.

So there you have you guys those are my tips and figure products that. I use to transfer my hair from dry and dull into soft and shiny locks also do not get to leave any suggestions for tip posts down below since you guys suggested this post such a great idea and, I love hearing what you guys want to see but thank you guys. So much for reading. I just want to thank you quickly for all the support last year. I really hope you all have a happy 2017 let’s make this our best year yes thank you for reading bye you.

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