5+ The Best Celeb Six Packs

The Best Celeb Six Packs: These Stars Flaunt Their Abs on the Beach, the Red Carpet, the Streets and the Stage

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Sarah Hyland

Can you tell me about five rhythms like where does it come from what is it. Because I have no idea what I am getting into I actually think the less people know about things the better in a way what you need to know is you are going to be dancing for two hours solidly, and I am djing all different kinds of music, and creating a landscape for you, and the group to drop into whatever needs to be attended to so some people come to the practice. Because they want to meet people some people come.

Because they want to lose weight some people come. Because they are really suffering, and the dance allows them to transform that people from all walks of life doctors surgeons recovering addicts people that have just been diagnosed with cancer people coming out of prison, I mean just ordinary folk, and extraordinary folk, and you play amazing music, and you ask them to move their feet within seconds they know what’s going on with themselves I am awkward, or actually on ragingly angry, or I have got no energy.

I am really dangerous right. But it takes a lot of courage you know what’s asked of people is come into a room, and you have not taken drugs, and you have not had anything to drink, and you are not drinking a cup of coffee right, and you have got to have your eyes open, and you are going to be asked at time to dance with somebody else it is really intimate, and we are longing for it, and we are terrified of it yeah it is it is.

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Teyana Taylor

I mean I love dancing so much, and my friends get a ro it is like oh camilla you just take up too much room, and you are just I get really I kind of describe my dance styles, and mix between like surfing, and tai chi like I get really low good archetypes to have I just have so many friends they are like oh.


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Olivia Culpo

I just do not know how to dance you can you can still come to five rhythms class, and you do not need to be a professional dancer right gold no yeah no, I mean it is not a spectator sport it is not about looking cool, or good how does it feel so the fibroids were created by a woman called gabrielle roth who sadly is no longer with us she is up there with david bowie her prints right now having party gabriele used to say if you can breathe you can dance you know, and what about if you are in a wheelchair what you can not dance.

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Jennifer Lopez

Because you have got wheels all right if you are blind what about if you are deaf what about if you have got one arm what about if you just had your breasts removed can not dance no no. So you are guided through a moving meditation practice that really creates a wave of energy. So you are moving the whole time at your own pace. But each rhythm is almost like its own particular map. So it is not about being in a beautiful, and perfect like skews my friends like that, yeah you know like ii do not agree I am so sold.

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Julianne Hough

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Rita Ora


5+ The Best Celeb Six Packs

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