5 Times Nicki Minaj Made Us LOL!

You never want to notice anyone before you perform, and for some strange reason I noticed that like Drake was in the front row when I was like can he just move please like I might Steven after the show he’s gonna come back to work with a magical glow. But, and then the ending says.

But when you see us please don’t stare just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert, and then you felt bad, and you reinstated it. Yeah what why’d you stop it I don’t know I just you know who are you now certain questions that you asked my blog a different okay you know that’s right brainstorm, and decide what I’m gonna say to you okay who is the biggest deck in the music industry I want to say. But it would be. So real that I can’t I gotta plead the fifth on that one.

But honey chap I was just at 902 – wishing for the kids right now. But though keep it moving, and I am gonna blow up yes. But one of these days now when you were number two behind Travis Scott it seemed you got upset about that what why do people say things like upset or angry when someone says how they feel they’re not always upset or angry what were you feeling I thought like I wanted to punch him in his face. So you’re saying that’s what he was doing. Yeah yeah a lot of t-shirts, and sweaters when I was a waitress I was really really to the customer probably waited on people in this audience as a matter. Yeah they’ll be right out your Lobster I’ll be right out sir.

5 Times Nicki Minaj Made Us LOL! Photos

5 Times Nicki Minaj Made Us LOL!

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