Hey guys I share with you my top five tips for those long-lasting pinterest worthy curls there are So many products methods tools you can use to style your hair and I have experimented with majority of them and although. I love. So many different ways to style my hair these are my top 5 tips to get those lasting curls throughout the week. I really hope you find these tips helpful and, I would love if you shared your tips with me down below step 1 if your hair has a hard time holding a curl then this step is for you you want to apply a palm-sized amount of mousse to your hand recently I have been using this one from Garnier, and it is their full and plush sky-high volumizing mousse.. So I like to rub the mousse in between my palms which feels great and then. I like to focus it on the shaft and the ends of my hair this will just help add texture and stay power for when you are curling your hair and on top of it all it smells great.


I seize Garnier a ton in highschool and it brings back. So many memories just make sure you do not add too much product to your hair else to get that really crunchy curl it is okay if you do because this products actually quite easy to just brush it step 2 maybe you are like me and you do not like washing your hair everyday if that’s the case then you are already a step ahead because second day hair holds a curl better than freshly washed hair usually with freshly washed hair. I will blow it out for day one and then. I like to do to the restrain braids before. I go to sleep just to help add texture to my hair and in the morning. I usually curl it. I also love going in with a dry shampoo this one from batiste is my favorite and, I actually just ran out sighs go purchase another one but this is great for a second a hair just to help freshen up the roots and it helps add volume to step number three this is different for everybody but you need to pick the proper hair tool my go-to most of the time is the titan 3 from nume.

I prefer the medium sized barrel it is at 32 millimeter just to produce a softer curl but if you want a tighter more ringlet go with a smaller barrel. I usually want at 180 degrees mostly because that’s the default but it also tends to work really well with my hair and then. I hold my hair around the barrel for about 8 to 10 seconds and it just gives you that really bouncy curl but it is just playing around the heat settings try no on a little piece of hair before you do your whole head because everybody’s hair is different and you’d be surprised how low of a heat setting you actually need to get really good curls but recently. I did my friend’s hair for a wedding that she was going to and she has no color in her hair it is all natural. It’s So soft and beautiful and the wand just would not work. I had to go in with my curling iron. I have this one from bio ionic and, I just believe having that clamp allows the hair to be wrapped tighter around the barrel and, I think it also helps distribute the heat more evenly giving it a longer-lasting curl another tool to use if your hair is really stubborn when it comes to curling is a good old hair straightener my very first post is a tutorial not it is so painful to watch but it honestly works really well step 4 sometimes can be time-consuming but you should always let your curls cool before you touch them just to ensure that you lock in the style personally.

I like to let my curls cool in my hand of right after. I take them off of my wand be careful they can be very hot another great way is when you catch the curl after you have curled it is to curl it back up in a circular shape and pin it was either a bobby pin or a clip while it cools this definitely ensures that it is going to hold its shape and then you definitely want to lock in that style with a strong hold non sticky hairspray my absolute favorite is this one from L’Oreal it is their Elnett stronghold and this stuff is great you guys you definitely sacrifice smell for results but it is totally worth it just remember do not apply it too much or else you will weigh down your curls and they’ll follow step number 5. I get it if questions about this you have put all this time and effort into your curls and you want them to last throughout the week. So it is really important to sleep on them properly. I recommend twisting your hair into a loose bun on the top of your head and, I are securing it with a scrunchie or a hair clip and then another method that. I like to do is divide my hair down the middle into two sections and, I like to twist both sections away from my face and then tie them loosely at the bottom and yes sleeping with your hair like this can definitely be annoying but it really helps my curls last throughout the week. So therefore, I’m using less heat on my hair which really helps my hair stay healthy.

I do definitely have to do some touch-ups in the morning just to kind of fix the front or anywhere that’s falling out or maybe. I slept on one side of my head for too long and my hair is a little flat but sleeping with your hair twisted will really help your curls today. So there have you guys those are my top five tips for longer-lasting curls those are the things that work for me.. So I would love if you comment it down below and let me know what works for you you guys have to let me know what you thought of this whole tip post something new and different for my blog. I was thinking. I could do almost like a series.

I could do my tips for the perfect ponytail or even like my top 5 hair tools. I do not know the options are endless let me know if you guys have any ideas and how you feel about it down below but thank you guys. So much for reading this post was absolutely inspired from a blog post that. I did. So it definitely is go check it out it would mean a lot to me yeah, I’m done talking and thank you guys. So much for reading do not get to leave me your feedback.

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