6 Different Faux Braids For Short Hair

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post, I hope you have it a good day. So far today, I want to talk all about faux braids. So the first faux braid is going to be a pull-through braid, I think this full braid is stunning and the overall result, I think it looks like really pretty hearts the technique to the pull-through braid is actually very easy you just create ponytails continuing it take the very first ponytail from the very front of your head split it into two sections and take the ponytail right and behind it and bring it forward through the middle and then just take a clip and just clip that second ponytail away. So you do not touch it and then the two split sections from the first ponytail you are gonna bring it to the third ponytail and combine them into one and you are just gonna continue this process and. If you like this faux braid method actually have 10 different hairstyles using the pull through method I will have it linked or right below full braid number two is one of my favorites this is the rope twist this one is. So stunning and, I love doing this one for wet hair for greasy hair for second day hair the technique to this is you take a section of hair and you split it into two and this is where the rope effect comes in you take that first section or the bottom section and you twist it one way usually toward my face one two and then the other section of here I’m gonna twist it away from my face twice one two I’m gonna bring that bottom section that, I twisted toward my face over the back section and this is how you create that rope twists and I’m gonna add hair into each section. So add hair to the top section twist it away from my face twice and then add hair to the bottom section and twist the section towards my face and always that bottom section is closest to my face is going to go over in that bottom section that’s closest to my face is going to go always over the section behind it the next full braid method is obviously Toxie tails, I think this method is really great.

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If you want a very secure hairstyle this one will go nowhere just. Because you are creating a ponytail and then your and you are creating that Topsy tail which just secures everything even more. So the technique for the Topsy tail, I just mentioned you create a ponytail you split the ponytail in half above the clear elastic and you bring that ponytail above and under clear elastic and that creates the Topsy tail and then to continue that you take another section of hair including the little ponytail that we just did and then you take another clear elastic tie it off into a ponytail and do the same thing split it in half and bring that ponytail up and under through the little split section that you created and that creates your Topsy tails, I also have 10 different hairstyles that, I do with tops details very different looks. So if you are into that look I will have the post link down below for some more inspiration. So this next method for a full braid, I like to call the faux fishtail look. So basically what it entails is two sections of hair they meet in the back in the middle of your head and you just tie it off into a little ponytails and the trick to this is you want to work with smaller sections of hair to get that really beautiful fishtail look and make sure all those little sections they meet in the middle on the back of your head and that overall look creates that somewhat mimics a fishtail braid this next one is a very non-traditional kind of full braid and, I like to call it my bubble ponytail the best part is it is ridiculously easy to accomplish you take a section of hair, I like to do bigger sections for this type of hairstyle and tie it off with a clear elastic. But before, I move on, I like to take a little section hair from underneath a clear elastic and just wrap it around the clear elastic to hide it and then I’m gonna continue adding more sections of hair more ponytails and, I like to have at least 4 to 5 ponytails all throughout as much as, I can just.

Because it gives that beautiful bubble look and every single clear elastic, I like to cover it with a little section of hair once I’m done, I go back in and, I pull apart those little bubbles just to give it that really bubble esque effect and that texture dimension that comes with it Oh it is so stunning, I love this look this next method is called the 3d braid. But there is no breeding involved this one you are going to utilize rope twists and I have actually never done a post on this before. So I’m going to show you guys right now very quickly how to do it. So with this 3d braid I’m gonna create two rope twists and I’m basically going to combine them together. But the first rope twist is going to have the front section going over the back section the second rope twist is going to have the back section going over the front section. So the first section over the back section. So this becomes the first section one two towards my face and then over the back section one two over the back one two over the back one two over the back let me see how it is creating that rope effect.

So I’m just going to quickly finish it off I’m going to tie it off with a clear elastic. So now with the second rope twist I’m going to take the back section away from the face one two. But it is gonna go over the front section one tube over one tube over one two. So now the trick is you actually just take the sections together and you just twist them into one. So you take the front and you just twist it over the back and just continue twisting it and then you get that beautiful 3d braid it looks. So intricate. But it is actually very simple just look at that it looks.

So intricate. But you are only doing twists you just put them together it is so cool. But I think this idea for a 3d braid is super stunning very intricate. But really easy to do of course there’s. So many other different beautiful renditions for full braids these are just my top six. So for today’s Christmas giveaway you guys have been loving t3 hair styling tools. So, I wanted to give away another one this is their clip rotating barrel it is their 1.

25 inch. So if you do not like wands. But you do like clips this one is for you of course they had their single pass technology which of course is going to keep the temperature all consistent throughout the barrel you are not gonna have any hot spots, and it is rotating how cool is that the rules for this one are simple it was still kind of different since this is the season of giving and not receiving, I want you to name a friend that would love this rotating barrel or curling iron, I do not know it’d just be really nice surprise. So obviously must be subscribe to this blog and then just honestly tag a friend either on Facebook or Instagram and let them know that you want them to have this barrel thank you for reading this post spending time with me and I will see you guys tomorrow bye.

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