60s Inspired Hair for Adele Madmen or any Retro Look

Hey girls Abbey here today. I have some s hairstyles for you these would be great for anything that you are doing from the s or an Adele kind of look or maybe if you are going for something from Mad Men these would be really good. So, I have got a couple different hairstyles for you today, and we are going to start with this little side bun step one is your to bump it basically you are just going to go ahead, and separate your hair onto one side then separate the hair from the crown of the head up, and tease it, and you can tease it in multiple sections if you want extra volume but. I did just one section for a little bit less volume step two is to put your hair into a ponytail. So basically you are just going to go ahead, and sweep the hair over to one side believe the side that has the most hair on it from the ear forward out of the ponytail you can kind of see me doing that there, and smooth the ponytail back, and go ahead, and secure it in place now once you have that in place you are going to want to use the end of your little teasing comb to pull the pump back up just in case it got a little bit deflated, and then if you have normal bangs or side bangs go ahead, and leave them down but if you have longer hair like. I do go ahead, and sweep it to the side in a way that you feel is flattering for your face shape, and pin it right over the ponytail step three is to go ahead, and do a sock bun you are going to get that nice kind of donut shaped button doing that. So you can either use a bun maker or a rolled-up sock whichever one you prefer go ahead, and pull your hair through it, and basically just roll it up to create that perfect bun shape now what.

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I found as. I did that was that it got really hard close to the base. Because you are going to kind of have it where you have got most of the hair in it but it is still kind of hanging a little bit, and you will see that in this next clip right here what you want to make sure that you do is you kind of pull out. So that it is taut, and then try to roll it up again that way you get all of that hair incorporated if you do it right you shouldn’t even need bobby pins. Because it will hold itself against your head but, I will going to bobby pin it anyway. Because. I like the extra security, and that is it. So it is a really nice simple quick hairstyle for you to do for your Halloween parties as well now we have our set our second style which actually is kind of a little bit of a beehive um it reminds me that. I would anyway um step one is you are going to tease like there is no tomorrow, I will seriously you are going to take basically the hair, and a little halo around your head. And I ahead, and clip that up, and put the rest of the hair into a ponytail that way wouldn’t get in the way while. I was teasing you can do whatever you want you do not have to separate like that it just helps me.

Because. I do not like getting confused but then. I just took little sections, and teased like crazy you can see. I just went throughout my whole head doing that then you are going to go ahead, and smooth it back down. So you can’t see anything you just want to do that gently that way you do not end up taking any of your teasing out. Because that would be a bummer after you did all that work once you got that all done you are going to go ahead, and pull it together, and push it up, and then crisscross your pins at the base right there to hold it up you can see that is very high now step number two is to style the front. So again if you have normal bangs or side fringe leave it down if not go ahead, and sweep it back, and pin it just underneath the bump, and do the same thing on the other side, and that’s it for that step now step three is to make a bun, and basically um that was what. I decided to do with my remaining hair was to make this oval bun if you do not like this you can do a million other things you could do a French twist here you could do a normal shaped bun if you have shorter hair you can kind of just pin the hair around, and whatever shape that you can make with it you just be creative with this part but this is what. I did was to make that oval bun, and to pin it in place, and that’s it. So that’s how you can create kind of a beehive a look without going totally crazy, and doing a real beehive. Because that stuff’s intense here are some more posts for you to check out, I have got my Halloween hairstyles playlist, and a couple other retro hairstyles. So if you want to check those out, and see if those are more up your alley for your retro costume check it out see if you like those. I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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