7 Best Moments from the 70th Annual Emmys

I’d also finally like to thank my horse Apollo he he was Jeff Bridges horse on True Grit, and I felt he was making unfair comparisons somebody somebody said something the other day about first lady of television, and I took it as a as a big compliment talking to her daughter a little later she said she was the first one way back I only have 37 seconds I wrote this 43 years ago. Okay if you stay at the table long enough the chips come to you, and tonight I got to clear the table. I would like to thank on behalf of the 140 drag queens we have released into the wild if you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else can I get an amen the marvelous mrs. Mason have you heard the news yes my agent just told me we solve it vanished every creep who broke the law, and now they’re serving hard time Jane I want to put this ring that my mom wore on your finger in front of all these people, and in front of my mom, and your parents reading from above will you marry me.

7 Best Moments from the 70th Annual Emmys Photos

7 Best Moments from the 70th Annual Emmys

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