7+ Celebrity Bridal Hairstyles That You Can Try Too

8 Celebrity Bridal Hairstyles That You Can Try Too


Hey my name is chai we are going to do three two one let’s get started so to start. I have to put her hair in these three-point ells, and this is the basis for all three hairstyles that we are going to do so the first thing that. I am gonna do is I am going to take the center ponytail, and split it into three sections, and I am just going to do a simple three strand braid all the way down now that.

I am down on the bottom fasten it off of an elastic. And then I will pull the braid wide now that I have got this braid pulled I am just gonna repeat this on the other two ponytails  now that.

I finished all three braids I am just going to start with the middle one, and I am just going to wrap it around into a bun. And then I will just fasten it off with some bobby pins now.

I am just going to repeat the same thing with the other two braids wrapping them close enough to the original to the first bun to make it look like it is just one large button this is our braided buns  okay this messy bun hairstyle I made our elastics a little bit looser.

So what I am gonna do is I am gonna pick it up, and I am gonna pull it through one more time. But on that last pull through I am just gonna leave kind of a big loop, and not too much of a tail. So I am going to do that on all three okay then after I have got all three loops I am gonna split them in half.

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7+ Celebrity Bridal Hairstyles That You Can Try Too

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