8 Styles You Can Do in Under 3 Minutes

So this is our wearable hair tutorial for the week. I thought it would be fantastic to do something where it is like three minutes, and you are done, and super easy, and you only need one tool that sounds awesome right. So what. I decided to do was do a tutorial using a little clip like this. And I actually got a set of these. And I have been using them like non-stop me, and my sister both she has very thick hair. I have hair that’s more like the fine thin side. So between both of us we both really love these are by Conair.. I cannot for the life of me find the name of them but if. I do find it, I will put it in the description box but these they just have a sturdier plastic, and they have rubber on the inside. So it holds it better but anyway. I use. I basically did a couple hairstyles for you girls using something like this where it only takes a couple minutes, and you are done. Because. I just have days sometimes where, I will like you know what. I left the house with my hair down but. I do not want to doubt anymore.

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So. I just want to show you girls how you could fix that problem with just a little clip like this. So yeah. I hope you guys like it and, I will see you in this post well. I alright. So first we have this little sweet, and simple one basically all you are really going to do is take this hair from the front twist it back, and clip it with your clip you can also do this on the other side for a little romantic effect if you like but that’s it just really nice, and sweet, and simple, and then our next one is the new side pony ignore these silly names, I have always given my hairstyles names, and this is no exception you are just going to pull your hair to the side, and take a little tiny piece of hair like that wrap it around, and then clip it with the clip. I like this for if. I do not have a hair scrunched on my wrists someday or if. I just want a little bit more organic appearance to my hairstyle, and then number three we have boho to go yep told you. I his silly names for these basically you are just going to take your hair, and do a really messy French braid down the hair, and actually grab hair from around the head you can see. I grab all the way from the other side of the head.

I can get all of that here that could be falling in my face out of the way, and just go ahead, and braid it just a little bit, and then clip on to the end of the braid whenever, I will done, and that’s how it looks, and you can see the back right there it is nice, and pulled over to the side, and then. I forgot my scrunched. I do not know about you guys sometimes. I end up without a scrunched. And I just have a clip. So I just pull my hair to the back like we did before, and then you just take a little bit of hair wrap it around, and you wrap it nice, and tight it ought to stay pretty well if your hair is think you might want to use two Clips instead of just one but either way you just give a little clip, and you are done with that one then our next style is fancy umm. I really like this one. I think it is cool you take your hair, and spy it in two, and then tie a little half knots down, and you can see that.

I’ll adding hair, and as. I go you do not have to do that. I just kind of wanted to we just hi little half knots, and keep them do not close them up completely, and you end up with this cool little chain looking detail. So then you got your hair tied, and all these little half knots you can pull it over to the back, and clip it into the last knot, and you have got your little loop, and you can actually do that on both sides for a really cool half up half down hairstyle, and then number six we have loopy loop we are going to use a similar technique you are going to tie your hair in half then grab the hair next to it, and create another knot just next to that one, and then you can do that one more time if you want to scrub some more hair, and tie another little knot then you are going to take that here on the very outside, and the hair on the very front pull them together, and clip it with a clip, and up with this cool little sideways detail. I like that one a lot.. I think is cool it is got a really interesting effect this one is bow tied, and basically you are just going to take your hair, and spy it in half whatever section of hair you have, and tie that in another half knot.. I was really loving my half knots for this tutorial, and then you are going to take the hair, and cross the ends over each other, and kind of make a circle with it can see. I did that right there then take where the hair crosses, and put it right up against that knot like. So, and clip right over the middle of it, and you have got yourself a little bow you can even do that in the back for another half up half down style the last one is the invisible hair band which. I love. So I started out with a really loose French braid on the top just to make sure that. I incorporated all my hair rated a few inches, and then. I clip it in the very back, and push that clip up into the braid let it go, and your hair just falls around the clip. So that you can’t see it at all, and you just have this cool free-falling braid, and that’s it for the tutorial. I hope you guys liked it. And I hope this is really helpful for your on-the-go days.

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