Hey all, Welcome back you guys today we are doing a lot more hairstyles. But with a twist we are trying to incorporate those styling helpful accessory or tools into short hair and who does not like it fast easier, I want to right now with impeccable results welcome to America or the rest of the world 21st century the first styling accessory and the first hairstyle is going to be this Mia easy brighter. So basically what it is it is a braiding styling tool that helps you bring your hair easier it helps to separate. If it helps you hold the sections in place, I guess and it does give you instructions and the cool thing is you can actually leave this braider in your hair or you can take it out afterwards when you are done. So let’s see. If we can do this on my short hair and the bad thing is though there wasn’t a blonde or a yellow braiding tool there’s only Brown let’s see. If we can disguise it.


So it is like really stretchy it is a very pliable which is great I’m not gonna be scared to move it around, I guess it is really cool alright. So nowhere on the box does it actually specify which braids this is actually targeted towards. But it does show in the pictures front and back it is a French braid. So we are going to have the French braid first and then maybe we will try to Dutch braid and see. If that works. So let’s start off first this is a starting point that’s what it is showing pictures has a little ridges on the top first posts attach a starting point take a strand of hair from your right side and insert into the opposite side of the easy braider. So that it says take a strand from the left and insert onto the opposite side of the braid to take in this right section bring it on the top towards the left and put in it through wow this is.

So confusing, I do not know what is happening right now I’m struggling I’m like sweating alright. So I’m just going to continue doing this from the left-to-right back and forth. So what I’m gonna do here at the bottom I’m just into clear elastic tie it off and then maybe like roll it up and tuck it with bobby pins just to kind of secure this little bottom portion. So it is not sticking out. So here is the finished product I’m very impressed overall, I’m very very impressed with this product. Because you really do not need to understand the technique of braiding hair it does the job for you, I’m very very much like that the only thing, I think would be better. If they had like a specific one just for shorter hair and.

So it would be as pliable or you can’t really pull it apart as much just. Because. If you want to get that more of a tighter braided effect with this one you can’t really do it it is more loose it kind of has that whimsical messy braided look which, I always like. But I know sometimes, I like a more tight look that’s the only thing, I think overall I will give it like an 8 out of 10 it is a really great product, I would definitely recommend checking it out if, I went to the second product which is the Conor French brighter. So this one is actually really cool it looks really neat this is kind of like a separator to help you actually French braid with adding hair to the section like a regular braid like a regular French braid. So let’s see. If it is actually really easy it does say the easiest braid tool ever oh excuse me.

So it comes this crown looking thing has four sections and it comes with a hair elastic which is neat and it really looks like a crown step one pick up a small section of hair and hold the French braid err under the hair where you want the braid to begin okay place one third of the hair into slot 1 which is slot 1 right here. So one third of it divide in the remaining section into two equal parts and place these in two parts into slots three and four yes it does sound as difficult as a right hook picture pretty step to move the hair from slot four into slot -. So slot four take it out and we are going to move it into slot two which is right here move here from slot 3 to slot 4 alright. So far it looks very confusing move hair from slot 4 to slot to move here from slot 3 to slot 4 there’s nothing in three crap, I am. So confused you guys, I’m NOT gonna sit here and remember each slot I’m good I’m actually gonna give up on it. Because it is stupid just use this right here you guys I’m sorry this is a bust you are not the easiest braid tool ever I’m not a fan, I really do not like you it would be easier to learn anything. But this sorry buddy do not like you let’s move on to the next product this next product is really really cool you guys know, I love my pompadours and, I love my volume and, I found an easy way or easy solution we will see.

If it is this is a conure pompadour calm flat – fabulous it adds height it is a versatile and it secures hold which is great alright. So step once they start with dry hair with a tail comb make a horizontal part about 1.5 inches from your forehead since, I do not have a tail comb with me right now I will just use my fingers I’m actually going to measure this out this looks like something my grandma would wear and she actually has what grandma’s love volume do not they this is basically doing exactly the same thing for like a regular pompadour and then it says lightly spritz fret section of hair with texturizer and gently tease the roots do not add that either. So I’m going to take my paddle comb and just back brush my hair just a little bit like, I showed you guys in my previous post how to add more volume to my hair secure the pompadour comb by placing is slightly in front of the parted section with teeth towards the back of your head oh yeah look at that nice and secure just like that I’m going to spread my hair around and then it just says just cover the pompadour I’m just laughing. Because it looks. So hilarious – from the side it is yeah it is definitely a pompadour with volume, I just readjust it it and the brown, I thought that would be a problem. But actually looks good they weren’t misleading blonde girl work with the Brown little popular poem and Andre said it totally sounds like a UFC UFC UFC fighter.

But we have the Hoover puppet a war washer does that hair yes the flat hair, I think this is a really great product, I like this well had to create a really pretty hairstyle with this I’m thinking for me for next week you guys we are doing pretty good. So far two out of three I’m impressed this next product is very very interesting this is the simple twist by Remington, and it is kind of like this bobby pin that is really really big and accrete you can create a lot of different hairstyles. But I think it is targeted towards really long hair you can create a little messy bun a side sweep or a twisted updo. So I will try maybe like a side sweep or a twisted updo and see this actually works alright. So I’m going to first start off with a half updo and then maybe we will use a second prong second clip for the hair underneath now I’m going to twist my hair and I’m going to take the end section I’m going to tuck them underneath like. So so then it says take the prong and basically put it down like. So look where the bobby pin just take it underneath place it into your hair.

So oh actually does something. So you can actually leave it like this add some curls to your shorter hair you will make a really really simple half up updo. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to add the second portion up as well do a same thing check the hair you twist it to the top taking the second prong just grab in the hair and then kind of like this tucking it in chair scalp take some of these front pieces out this product is out of this world it is. So easy, I love the effortless look that it gives to my hair 10 out of 10 definitely 10 out of 10, I definitely recommend this is a really great product there’s. So many ways you can do your hair like this. So great another thing is, I would actually kind of wish they had was maybe like a gold version of this. But I kind of like this black one kind of gives a little bit of an edge to my hairstyle very impressed three out of four doing good.

So far. So styling product number five is this goody spin pin it is three easy steps it is geared towards the blonde, I got the blonde version which is awesome and it looks very simple you basically create like a messy low bun or a high bun or whatever you use this for. But it basically looks screws for your hair on each side looks very interesting let’s try it out since, I have shorter hair, I can’t really do a messy low bun on the very bottom. So I’m gonna try it like a half top nut anybody else use these they seem really cool you look like the very secure. So I’m guessing just twist whichever way when you kind of create a bun alright this might be a total fail these are huge. So it says spin one pin from the top and the other from the base taking care not to interlock the pin. So basically try not to interlock these pins when you are doing it from the top and bottom.

So, I take it you just start twisting it you are literally screwing your hair that’s fun. So obviously they are a little bit too long for my hair. So I’m trying to pull it apart just a little bit you can still see them, I think. But. If you pull it apart it becomes loose. So kind of missing the concept here. But I feel like they should have shorter screws for shorter hair obviously, I didn’t see any in the stores or online maybe they have it, I just couldn’t find them.

If they do let me know. Because I’m gonna pick a couple of these. Because these are really great, I like the concept a lot when to take it out you follow the same method you basically unscrew your hair it is really fun let me try it with all my hair see alright, I think, I succeeded it is pretty successful just the only thing, I follow pull apart the bun just a little bit to hide it and maybe use some bobby pins. But that kind of defeats the purpose of this. If you won’t do want to use it like that, I would just wish they had a shorter. But I think it looks good still kind of adds a little edginess to your hairstyle with the pins showing, I think do you guys think, I like it, I really do very impressed and very fast very fast and easy just the way we like it selling tool or accessory number six is this miracle grips by like a lock style, and it is kind of very similar to these prongs that we just did let me find them for you too these prongs that we did extra large. So looks very similar.

But this actually has like bobby pins on the side let’s see. If we can do something with this I’m going to do a little side action here and bring it to the top of that towards the back of my head grab this miracle grip and make sure the little ends right here these little bobby pins are towards your scalp hurting a little painful all right let’s try something different. So I’m going to grab some hair right here on the side with top, I kind of do this and tuck it towards, I do not see how useful these are to be honest with you maybe I’m doing them wrong. But I do not think, I’m anybody use these what do you do with it, I just would rather use a bobby pin and I’m struggling with this it is getting stuck all up in my hair trying to take it out pass up on these four out of six next is going to be this a Remington the perfect half up bun and, I got the blonde version I’m excited simply ramp for a flawless bond in seconds. So there’s five steps let’s try them out. So step one put hair into a half up ponytail this is to tie it off with whatever you have with an elastic whatever you going to use step to pull ponytail through the slit of the perfect bun leaving the ends of the ponytail out. So you start rolling it up towards the base of your ponytail.

So just like that and then twist the ends of the perfect bun around your ponytail elastic then it says spread the hair out to create the perfect two mini bun, I will give this product a 9 out of 10 just. Because, I didn’t have to use any bobby pins to hold it it feels nice and secure. If those like it will last there all day long the only thing, I have to say is you still you can see it through the little top nut and just to be careful. If you have shorter hair do not pull it out too much it will come out, I think maybe if, I picked up the darker one it might kind of resemble my roots better. But overall I’m impressed you guys should give it a go it is real easy. If you want that more of like a polished top knot styling product number eight is going to be this Nia part art heart heart heart heart. So basically what it is it is like this is the jeweled little thing that you can use on your part you can use it as a bun decoration or you can actually wrap it around your ponytail and it has like these little prongs and it has a wire inside it.

So it will self grip to your hair without having to like stick it on with glue or with like hairspray or whatever. So it is kind of cool, I want to see. If it works let’s try it around this top knot just took out of the packaging and then how’d it look so much for you bud alright. So I’m just gonna wrap it around oh look at that kind of works honey gives the little bun like a little crown it is actually cute, I like it alright. So let’s try it an actual parting line. So you just start right here just kind of maybe wiggle it in there. So those little feet grab onto your hair all right very nice, I think it is cute it is kind of a cool product, I would not give it a ten out of ten I’d give it maybe like five out of ten it is very cheaply made.

If you wanted to be Julia part it does not stay in your hair that while it’s, I barely touch it, and it is falling down the only thing, I would probably use this for is like around my top now or something just to give an extra little bit jewel. But over on the part not a fan let’s move on to the last product. So styling tool number nine, I save the best for last this is a squinty Hollywood roll hairband quick and easy look in under a minute styling tool and accessory all-in-one yes please there’s only three steps to this let’s see how easy and effective it really is unsure here. So what you do is you place it and it shows the picture how you place it first you kind of place it like right here like on your actual forehead and then you bring it down that’s a cool look alright. So you have to place it as low as possible take your hair start tucking underneath you can’t leave it like this or you can bring it up where you want your headband to lay alright. So, I give this product a good solid eight out of ten. Because it does what it says it does and it is geared towards more longer hair just.

Because, I feel like it is not as secure it is very pretty. But I feel like in 30 minutes to an hour. If I’m going out to a party or something. Because there’s more like an elegant updo my hair will start falling out, I feel like if, I move a little bit it is going to start falling especially these lower pieces right here in the back and there we have it 7 out of 9 were amazing they made my life easier faster and there overall very pretty and effective, I think they are very great there’s a really great selection let me know which ones were your favorite let me know which ones you actually use on a daily basis and maybe some other ones that, I have not talked about or shown yet, I like these kind of posts are super fun, I find a lot of great products that I’m actually going to incorporate into my daily lifestyle with my hair like always do not forget to leave your comments down below thumbs up. If you like this post subscribe. If you have not already my name is mallanna and welcome to my blog. But for now, I will say my goodbyes and, I will see you guys in the next post, I love you all very much goodbye Wow.

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