9 Tips, and Tricks for Tease Free Volume

Today, I will doing a post with dub to show you how to get volume in fine hair. I have fine hair. And I know the struggle is real on the left you can see what my hair is normally like versus when. I use the tips from this post on the right the tips in this post are going to focus on how to dry your hair properly but they’re going to be a lot of other tips as well, and you can choose whichever ones you like you do not have to use all of them but we are going to focus on drying your hair. Because that is where the battle for volume is lost or won. So let’s go ahead, and get started in the shower you want to opt for a shampoo that is going to be lightly moisturizing while still allowing your hair to have some volume do not go for ones that are expressly for volumizing. Because those can dry your hair out, and leave it frizzy right out of the shower your hair is going to be dripping wet, and you will be tempted to use your products, and your hair dryer however the water from your hair will dilute the products, and it will take forever to blow-dry your hair instead allow your hair to air dry but instead of parting it on the side that you usually put it on print it on the opposite side. Because this is going to go ahead, and add volume into your hair while it is air drying. Because it is drying in the opposite direction.

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So when you flip it back over there’s going to be a little extra volume there then you can allow your hair to air dry for as long as possible you could even sleep on it overnight, and use the dampness in the morning to get a great style out of it with your hair dryer or you could just allow it to air dry for however long you have to do your makeup once you have allowed your hair to air dry for as long as possible you are going to go ahead, and add in your favorite volumizing product for me that’s the Dove oxygen moisture root lift spray and, I will going to apply that by parting my hair, and spraying once at the root, and once down the hair shaft, and then parting my hair a couple of inches over, and repeating that again. I prefer this product. Because it is very effective it even works when, I will just air drying my hair to add a little bit of lift. And I really like that it has lightweight moisture within the formula additionally this has never weighed my hair down even on the second day, and it was very hard for me to find a product that can do that also within the Dove oxygen moisture line there’s a shampoo, and conditioner, and a leave-in foam all of them are meant to add lots of weightless volume to your hair, I will going to use the leave-in foam. Because it is basically a combination of a leave-in conditioner, and a lightweight styling product. So it is going to add condition, and hold throughout the day some safety tips to go over while using your hair dryer is to always make sure they use a warm setting rather than a hot setting. So that you are not burning your hair, and always keep the air moving when you are drying your hair to keep it as safe as possible for the best blow-drying results you want your hair to be as dry as possible while still being a little damp. So we are like the right then you see on the left.

If you have run out of time you can go ahead, and use your hair dryer just to roughly blow your hair dry until it is just the damp, and not dripping wet anymore. So now here are my tips on blow-drying your roots if you see where your hair is parted this is the shallow side the side that does not have as much hair we are going to start on that side you want to part your hair about an inch or two over, and then blow the hair on the roots in the opposite direction of where your hair normally lays continue doing that in sections until you work through that entire section of hair this is the same thing essentially as flipping your hair upside down to blow-dry it however you are making sure that you get every single bit of your roots this way. So especially on the top of your head this is really good. Because that gets you the most volume. So you might not want to do this all over your head however you can Lima it to just the top of your head, and the crown of your head, and it will still make a huge difference speaking of the crown of your head that’s where we are headed next. So grab the section from the top, and then you are going to brush it straight forward, and this is the most important place if you are only going to work on your roots at one place get this section. Because this shows the most volume, and then you can continue taking sections, and putting them forward until you have all of your hair over your head or if all of this sounds like way too much for you just go ahead, and flip all your hair over, and keep going until all of the hair is dry now we are going to move on into using the round brush now you can do this after doing these roots if you want to or you can skip this part an entire leaf it seems too daunting. So take a section of hair then you are going to use your round brush, and you want to elevate this to where this section of hair is sticking almost straight up. Because that’s going to get you the most volume now what you are going to end up doing is kind of pulling the hair straight out, and using the hairdryer on it you should keep the hairdryer moving. I have a bad habit of just leaving it on their.

I’ll sorry but you just want to brush it out, and then twist it at the end if a round brush is scary for you can do this with a normal brush as well essentially all you want to do is just get this area dry, and slightly warm not hot just slightly warm. Because that’s going to help to set. So once you have got that done you are going to wrap that section around two fingers until it makes a little donut shape, and then put that right against your head, and put it in place this is going to allow the hair to cool with the roots facing upward which is going to get you extra amounts of volume did you want to repeat that with the next section that’s right next to your part, and then once you have that done of course you are going to wrap it around two fingers again, and put it in a place, and then, I will doing one final section on this front side of my head that’s going to be on the other side of my part going the opposite direction now. I understand that working with the round brush can be daunting, and especially tiring on your arms which is why, I will really just recommending that you do three sections in the front like. I did just here, and then we are going to take one last section right at the crown of your head. I want to brush that straight up or even straight forward, and use your round brush again on that that way you are only using your round brush in four places it is really quick really easy, and it makes a huge difference in your style.

So if you have a day that’s important to you or you want to add more volume into your look that’s one way to get it you can also while the top is cooling brush your hair straight to the side to add volume, and smoothness another really great easy tip is to use dry shampoo at your roots, I will going to use the Dove invigorate dry shampoo and, I will just going to spray it in at my roots. Because of already section of my hair off, I will just spraying it in these sections but if you have not set your hair like. I did all you have to do is part your hair every couple of inches spray it in at the root, and then use your fingers to massage it using a dry shampoo is helpful. Because it can absorb oil throughout the day if you are prone to a little bit of oiliness you can spray this in at the beginning of the day. So that it absorbs oil throughout the day it keeps your hair a little bit more fresh as the day goes on additionally you can use this in the morning on your second day to refresh your hair here’s how to part your hair for extra volume you want to part diagonally. Because from the front that looks extremely volumize compared to a typical side part, and then you want to take the hair from kind of the apex of your head back, and brush it straight back you can lightly backcomb it if it is not staying back nicely now throughout the day to keep your hair volume ice do not keep brushing your hair downwards you can plot the top if you want to but do not go straight down additionally going day tonight you can touch up your roots with the root lift spray by spraying it into your roots, and allowing it to dry while massaging it or using your hair dryer to add in some extra volume. So that’s it. I hope you guys have enjoyed these tips. And I will see you guys in my next post.

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