A New Twist on Curls – Little from Gossip Girl

Today we are continuing our Gossip Girl series with Little J or Jenny Humphrey whichever one you want to call her. And I decided today to do Jenny Humphreys curls. And I actually. I was planning on doing a different hairstyle. And I tried it out. And I realized that it was just it was similar to things that I’d done before, and it wasn’t very Little J. And I was just like okay have to find something different. So I decided to do her curls now. I do not have hair down to my waist that’s peroxide blonde. So my hair’s going to look a little different than hers did but it is essentially the same curling method, and if you have really long hair like hers, and you want to be able to pull off that hairstyle here’s how, and if you have here that’s you know more normal links like mine, and you want to be able to pull off kind of those rocker is kind of hippie a little bit hipster is hair. I think you can do that, and with this hairstyle, and what. I think is cool about it is that it is different from what., I have done though it looks somewhat similar. Because my curls are closer to my face. Because it is like these little ringlets that they start really low on the hair they start in the skirt of the hair rather than up here, and they are really little close knit things, and they are elongated. So they are not tight curls that kind of fall out a little bit.

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So instead of being like curly this they are like that yeah we are going to bring like that make sense um, and then they are very piece. So it looks like there’s only three or four curls. So it is definitely different from what, I have done before. And I think it is fun, and it is wearable and. So I know it is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea but. I decided that. I would just go ahead, and do it. Because. I think it is a fun new different technique that. I have not taught before. So yeah um. And I think that’s all. I have to say Oh PS. I forgot to upload the second Blair hair style last week oops. So next time. I do Blair, I will actually going to have three posts instead of two posts in that week oh my goodness it’ll be fun um that’s it okay. I hope you guys like this hairstyle. I actually really do. I think it is fun it is like rocker is she’s got a little bit more of an edge to it. So that’s fun right something different le different um yeah. I hope you guys like it see you my next tutorial. I okay.

So you are going to start off by creating a little bit of volume at the top this is definitely optional this is what. I wanted to do with my hair. And I just kind of lightly teased through the hair with just a little bit of backcombing. I chose random sections, and just combed back a couple times to create that volume on top. And I left it really unrefined. So you’d still have that messiness, and then you choose your curling iron. I let’s say either a three-quarter inch or a half inch curling iron. I went with a three-quarter inch you could also do this up to an inch curling iron but. I wouldn’t go any bigger than an inch, and then you are going to curl your hair around your shoulder height away from your face.

I think the shoulder height is kind of a good guide but if your hair is a lot shorter or a lot longer than mine. I would say start halfway down the hair, and then if your hair is hard to curl you can wrap it back up around your fingers, and pin it either with a clamp or a bobby pin. I just decided to do bobby pins. Because it is a little bit faster, and my favorite curling method is to clamp the hair wherever you want the curl to start, and then to move down the hair shaft you squeeze, and pull away from your head at the same time, and then you twist, and then you squeeze down on the little clamp pull it away from your head, and then twist it back up, and this can be a harder technique to learn. So I always recommend practicing with a cool iron before you try it with a hot iron just in case you miss, and accidentally end up burning yourself that might have happened to me at one point in time anyway, and you are just going to continue that throughout the head another thing that helps with the having the curls pinned up is to know what height to start the curls up. Because you do want those curls to all start kind about the same height. So you just continue that until the whole side is curled, and then you get to work on the other side, and make sure on the other side you curl the other direction. So you are still going away from your face, and I’d say to do this in about inch sections of hair by the way. I probably should have mentioned that earlier but yes inch sections of hair around the head, and that’s probably a good size to stay with and, I will using got to Bea’s voluptuous volume hairspray, and what.. I did was when. I release each curl.. I sprayed it to help to keep each ringlet separate this is going to create that extremely PC look the little J has going on, and you do not really have to wait a specific amount of time for these to curl. I pretty much curled one side, and then the other, and then. I just went ahead, and took about, and then if you find that your hair is a little bit too voluminous this way you can actually intertwine the curls by wrapping them around each other, and that way you kind of create a fewer number of ringlets around your hair, and you can kind of create that PC texture a bit more you can also add in some surf products or. I mortifying product of your choice to help to rough it up a little bit, and that’s it you are done.

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