OK, this morning we are going to do a tween accent bun. And you can do this with any color ribbon. I’m going to... Accent Braid into Messy Bun Hairstyles

OK, this morning we are going to do a tween accent bun. And you can do this with any color ribbon. I’m going to use a green ribbon today just because I’m encouraging green for Saint Patrick’s Day next week. So you begin turn your head for a sec by just parting the hair on whichever side is natural for you, and then just gathering a little section of hair. And it can be as big or as little as you want it to be. It does not matter. It’s just however big you want your braid. Then take your ribbon. This is my little ribbon today. It says, has shamrocks on it. And you put it underneath the hair. OK, and then divide your hair into three sections, just like a normal braid would start. And you are going to hold one end of your ribbon in the left-most section of hair. And then, you are going to take the other end of the ribbon and add it into the right section of the hair. So you have that middle section that does not have any ribbon. And then you are going to begin your braid. And those two sections are just going to braid in with some ribbon into them. So, you can see it is just going to braid down with some little ribbon running through the hair.

Accent Braid into Messy Bun Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Nice easy way to attach a ribbon to your braids. When you get down towards the end, there’s a couple ways you can finish it. Both are kind of tweenie. So I’m going to show you both. The first way hold please is to just create a soft side ponytail. So, if you have layered hair where you have bangs or things, it looks even better, because you still have some hair in front. You can just pull it to the side, and add this ribbon in, and do a nice fun side ponytail like that. And like I said, if you had bangs up here coming down, it would look even better. Or since she does not have bangs, and she’s a little bit younger, and her hair tends to fall out by the end of the day, I like to put a little water in it so it stays in a little better, and comb it back into a nice messy bun on the side. Just gather up the hair, add the ribbon in, take an elastic, and on her I’m going to use two elastics for this messy bun. And just twist your hair any way you want so that it is messy. Whoa, hers does not want to stay today. Do that again. Pull out a few hairs, make it look a little messy, and spray it back. And you have a nice turn this way cute little braid into a bun, messy bun, whatever you want to do, side ponytail. And if you want more hairdos than are currently on my YouTube, do not forget to check out my hair blog, where I have an archive full of hair ideas.

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