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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m here with Ryland. And of course, you guys all know Brady. Now it is almost Valentine’s Day, so we are going to do another Valentine’s hairdo. And we are calling this one the CGH accent heart. You can see that Brady even has a little accent heart on his little rump. Poor baby, it is almost Valentine’s Day. And if you guys do not want to miss any of our hair tutorials, be sure to click this button. SO you comment to our blog. And now to begin this hairstyle what I’m going to do is take a little section, just right here on the side of her head. I’m doing it on the light side of her part line, because I think it just a falls a little bit better. But I’m just kind of making a rectangle. And it does not have to be exact here. It can just be close. And grab an elastic, just a little clear elastic.

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And I’m going put that elastic in right not totally cinched down against the head, but just towards the top of the head. And I do not want the elastic in like can you see how I still have a little give in that elastic? That’s how I want it to be. So you can see that I have made kind of my rectangle shape. I’m going to pull this down just a tidge, so that it is nice and relaxed. Now, I’m going to separate this into three parts. And there are going to be three equal parts. So that feels about right to me. And you can use a clip to secure them out of the way. Or just have her hold one. I’m going to be working with this right one on the far right now. And I just going to do a braid, just a regular three strand braid. Just quick as you can do a braid. When you get to the end of each of the braids, go ahead and secure it with an elastic. It’s a little trickier towards the ends here. Hang on. OK, so again, putting the elastic in. And repeat this process till all three of them are braided. I’m going to take rat tail comb. That’s a comb with this metal piece right here. And I’m just going to grab the edge of the elastic like this. Now taking that rightmost piece, I’m going to flip it up and tuck it back through that elastic. See how I’m doing that. And then I’m going to go using the same part of the elastic, just to the left side now, and pull it open and go ahead and tuck the left side in. I’m going to switch to my this is not how I’m handed. Normally, I’m right handed so this is awkward for me. But you can that I’m taking it through and then pulling it up. So you just pull it up, both sides. I’m going to pull them way up till it is almost to the top of that elastic, the loops. And you can see that it is beginning to form that arch that we want with the heart. Now, you do not have to use a third piece on this. We are doing it because it really helps that gravity not pull the heart down and get all saggy by the end of the day.

If you have that third piece, it stays really pretty and formed. That’s why we are using that middle strand. So you take another elastic, take it, form your heart. I do not want a huge one so I’m just going to do a half heart right here. And go ahead and secure it with an elastic. OK, there you have your heart. Now, the fun thing about doing this style with that middle strand too is that you go like this and kind of pull and bunch. And it is going to give you that really immaculate heart shape. So I’m just going to go until I have that heart shape I really, that perfect, beautiful heart. And then when you get it done, you can go ahead and just released these ends. All three of them, and undo the braid that you do not need. And you have, just blending right into the hair, with this cute little accent heart that’s so perfectly shaped. And if you want, you could put a little red of ribbon or a white little lace bow or something to just kind of accent that even more. OK, let’s do the final spin. You can see this is a great one for short hairstyles, like Rolando’s. There you go. And there’s just the cute accent heart. Now to show you a different version, we have Kamri. Here Kams. And her hair’s obviously longer, so on her hair we did two accent hearts. You can see one, two. And then we just pulled it all the way back into a faux fish tale. So this is a really fun version if you have a little bit longer hair to really play around with this style and find lots of creative ways to use it. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up if you like Valentine hairstyles. And leave a comment below to let us know what your favorite romantic movie is to watch on Valentine’s Day. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys. Bye. Bye. And you can see that we have our first heart in the hair. Now, I’m just going to go back and continue repeating these steps down through the center of her head. Today I’m here with my special friend, Jill Ehat. Hi, guys. So Jill and I have know each other for a long time. We lived by each other for awhile. And what else? We have Twins. Twins. In fact, you guys saw her twins in our Tinkerbell hairstyle over on the Disney style blog we did. They’re such adorable little girls. They these gorgeous heads of blonde hair that are just so cute. We wanted to just introduce you guys formally to Jill because you may see her popping up on our blogs once in a while. Hey. Yay, Jill does this amazing hair, with especially like active hair, like sports, dance, gymnastics, that kind of stuff. And her girls, their beautiful blonde hair, but you guys are always asking us to work with thinner hair and like more fine hair. Like baby’s hair. And that’s exactly what her girls are. And so, yeah, we just wanted to say hello. Jill say hello. Hello. Now you guys all know each other. And we are all one big happy family. Yay. So you guys, welcome Jill. Leave comments below saying hi. And we will see you guys later. Bye guys. Bye.

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