Adam Rippon Opens Up About His Famous Derriére

We have to talk about your ESPN cover. Yeah oh my god the easiest outfit I ever had to wear like the easiest, and the best, and the world absolutely loved it how did it feel to put that out to the world you know what I you know to be naked in front of 10 people that you’re gonna spend the entire day with is definitely an experience. But I said I want to look back at these pictures, and know that I gave the photoshoot everything I had, and I was like I’m not going to be worried or self-conscious I’m gonna get out there, and I’m just gonna have fun with it. So I undid my robe threw it to the ground, and just got out of the ice, and. Yeah it was it was really awesome the photographer, and the whole team I worked with was incredible, and I’m. So proud of the photos I am.

So proud of you it was like that one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen my jaw drop oh my god thank you dude were you like nervous to put that out there not really I mean like you know in this day, and age with like the we have access to. So much of everything I mean if you want to see him. But you didn’t go the way I know true. So I just wanted to make sure it was a good. But bad what did you think about the photos you know how do you feel about your Vietnam stripping down make it for the world well we’re definitely comfortable around each other. So we’ve changed in front of each other. So I’m really proud of him for putting it out there. But definitely, and those bunga pads those are the things right above his ankles I’m I think that that being part of the Wardrobe was quite the statement as well you know how that showed that he needed a gel sleeve. But I’m human yes right you.

Adam Rippon Opens Up About His Famous Derriére Photos

Adam Rippon Opens Up About His Famous Derriére

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