Annas Coronation Updo from FROZEN

Hey Everyone Abbey here, and it is Thursday which means it is time for a braided hairstyle today we are doing this one from frozen. Because you guys requested it, and it is beautiful. So we are going to start out with the bun first of all. I do not have bangs like Anna did. So, I will going to fake it by separating out the hair that would normally be in my bangs, and pinning that out of the way you can skip that if you have normal bangs or side bangs then separate your hair from the temples up, and brush it straight back. So that there’s no part whatsoever, and once you have that straight back you are going to go ahead, and secure it with an elastic now. Because. I do not have Disney Princess hair, I will going to be clipping in this weft of extensions right at the base of my ponytail, I will just going to clip it in, and wrap it around, and clip the other side down now you do not have to do this, I will just doing it for the overall look of the hairstyle then you are just going to twist the hair, and create the outside shape of the button. So you are basically going to create kind of an oblong donut if you will then make sure to tuck whatever ends you have left underneath the ponytail.

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They do not show, and pin them in place, and then you are going to pin along the bun to make sure that it stays in place on your head, and it actually does not take that many pins to do that, and now if you are doing fake bangs you want to take those bangs, and go ahead, and sweep them back, and pin them as far back as you can. So that they are not in the way, and now we are going to do like the thing in the middle of the bun. And I do not know what it is called but basically what you do is separate some hair from right underneath the bun, and you are going to lightly tease it just to keep it from breaking while your styling it, and then go ahead, and smooth the top side of it just to make sure that there’s no roughness, and then you are going to wrap it around the palm of your hand just to get the right shape now clearly. I had to refilm this one part. Because. I didn’t show up very well, and the first time.. I filmed it basically you are going to place that wrap right against your head, and pin it in place then if you need to if the ends are sticking up a little bit place the bobby pin through one end, and you can see you can move it wherever you need to place that in right against the inside of the donut, and then push it in towards the little weird raspy thing, and that’s it now for the braid if you are using your hair what you are going to do is separate some hair from right underneath the weird raspy thing, and then you are going to braid that, and that’s going to go over your head you could also take another section, and meet them both at the top if your hair is it is. Because again. I do not have Disney Princess hair, I will going to be using another extension.. I took this braided weft of hair.. I clipped it right underneath all the stuff that we have already done, and then just wrapped it over my head, and penned it in place you could use a braided extension you could use a braided headband that looks like your hair or you can use your hair whatever works for you, and then we are going to move on to the next section which is actually the last section. So what you are going to do is brush everything straight back like you are making a ponytail, I will going to brush the side straight back, and you want to make sure that the bottom is nicely brushed up, and into your hand.

So there’s not any weird flyaway, and then you are going to make a ponytail right underneath the bun then wrap the hair around your hand, and use a scrunched to kind of hold that in its looped shape this is especially helpful if you have a lot of hair like me, and then you are just going to tuck that into the ponytail that we just made make sure that you have all of the hair including the ends tucked in. So there’s nothing sticking out, and then use a bobby pin or two to see here that tuck against your head, and that is it you can add in your little accessory between the wrap, and the tuck just. So that that little seam looks really nice. I use these flowers. Because they reminded me of Anna, and that’s it for our frozen inspired hair sale. I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to check out yesterday’s post, and come back tomorrow for another post, I will see you then bye.

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