Are Angelina & Snooki Besties After Jersey Shore Return Pivarnick Tells All On Cast Reunion

Hey guys chasing that in here with Angelina from the Jersey Shore or welcome thank you well first I have some Rosa here. Because you deserve a cheers for surviving the vacation thank you. So much we got a lot to talk about today. But first I want to know what made you decide to do this, it’s been years. So everybody I felt like changed we’re all grown up now.

So I had a lot of stuff that I need to get off my chest, and I wanted to go make amends okay that’s a great reason yep I am back, and I’m not going anywhere this time. So before you decided to do the family vacation what kind of terms were you all with everyone already talking to that. I was not talking to anybody in the cast nobody I mean I would see Deena. But that was really it who are you like most scared to see me Jenni yeah.

Because she’s you know she’s she’s in your face, and kind of you gotta you know you gotta tread lightly with her. Because you never know with all like I don’t know. I don’t want to get a fist thrown to me right now I feel like I didn’t want to deal with that at the moment.

But yeah, it’s definitely Jenni okay. So how was the overall experience it was amazing this time I really experience was. So fun it’s so amazing I got shit-faced drunk I was blackout drunk, and I have not been blackout drunk in a long time. So to be honest with you to get like that was amazing I mean just a hangover sucked yeah. But I pulled it together the next day, and then got blackout drunk again. So I know I was like I don’t think, I could do it at 31. But I did impressive girl I could still party trust me any of you is your relationship with every single member in that house okay today I would say yes Wow even with Snooki. Yeah actually she’s yeah, and if anyone me, and her the best right now, it’s I know, it’s like crazy. But I was not expecting you to say this at all. I can’t believe. I’m saying it to you either, and then what about Mike the situation you guys have had a little bit of your ups, and downs the dirty little hamster comment he’s totally like night, and day when I walked into the house he was. So surprised we pulled like the best prank on him, and I was speaking to him, and I’m like wait hold up like this is not even you right now. Yeah he’s like a nun.

Yeah he’s totally different I’m like where is Mike’s body yeah. Because did you bury it somewhere. Because this is not him, and like did somebody make a clone, and like they’re he’s pretending to be somebody else like it was the weirdest thing ever he’s a different guy he, it’s a weird right in a better way. So we got to talk about vide, and Ronnie they weren’t the best guys in the house how do you feel about them cheating on their girlfriends oh god I’ve been reading every episode, and I’m just like my mouth is just dropping every time would Ronnie I’m just like oh my god like you you’re having a baby, and it’s just like come on Ron we all know what you did like obviously I mean I wasn’t there for that. But oh my god yeah, and Vinny. So Vinny was like wasn’t he saying something about Ronnie like the episode before, and then he goes, and they did it.

Yeah Ronnie gets any closer to this girl he’s about to have a second baby mama, and they’ve given his number out to like the strippers a big fat booty is my weakness you think everybody in the house should just be single except for Mike I agree that’s what I think be single live it up party it up they obviously still wanna party, and hey this the show is about partying right, and just living it up. So we live it up I’m. So happy for you thank you. So much thank you see how they push it out let’s have another beer thank you. So much of course thank you.

Are Angelina & Snooki Besties After Jersey Shore Return Pivarnick Tells All On Cast Reunion Photo Gallery

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