Arias Rocker Bandanna, and Messy Bun from PLL

This our very last Pretty Little Liars hairstyle this one’s from aria she wore this one in like a random beginning scene and, I have gotten a lot of requests for it. And I think it is one of her standout hairstyles to me when. I look back this is one of the ones that. I looked at. And I was like. I like that. I would wear that. So I decided to do a tutorial on it.. I like it a lot um. I did pin the little bangs back. Because my bangs are awkwardly long, and it just looks a little. Like Lizzie McGuire circa something like that um but yeah. So I pulled them back but you can leave them down if your if your bangs are a little shorter it would look huge just for me it was too long in la blah also.. I got this headband or disuse bandana from Wal-Mart for a dollar. And I loved it but. I was pretty sure people would ask about that. So that’s where this is from hey that’s it is really easy. I think it is really cute, I will definitely going to wear this out um. I hope you guys like it and, I will see you max tutorial Wow, and you are going to start off by sectioning off your bangs this only counts if you want those bangs to be in front of the mid Nana if not then do not worry about it you can brush the rest of your hair to the crown of your head in a little ponytail, and secure that in place just to get the hair out of the way.

Arias Rocker Bandanna, and Messy Bun from PLL Photo Gallery

So you can go ahead, and get ready for that bandana that we are going to put in, and what. I did was. I actually on that last loop. I do not pull my hair all the way through. I only pull it halfway through, and that makes kind of a loop with the ponytail, and that’s going to just repair it for later, and they are going to split those bangs in the front in half take your bandana fold it in half. So it is like a triangle, and then fold it again just a couple inches at a time. So you create a nice little band like this you are going to put this Center at the very back of the nape of your neck, and pull the ends to the front, and you are just going to tie them in a little square knot just like a standard knot like you would tie anywhere, and then you are going to tuck the ends in.

So they are not sticking out like little rabbit ears, and then you can pin the bandana in place just starting from behind the bandana, and pushing the pins forward, and then for the back you are actually just going to pull this bun apart, and randomly pin little sections to create a faux bun shape now you can make this as big or as small as you want but this is how. I like to make a really of like a fake messy bun is just to pull it apart randomly, and pin places randomly until it is in the shape that. I want it in then you are going to take a curling iron to your bangs this is again optional only if you want those curl bangs, I will using an inch curling iron for this. I think that’s a good size but you can work with whatever you have, and this is kind of what it looks like if you leave the bangs down or if you want to. And I actually like this look you can have your bangs down for this whole part, and then pin the bangs back, and over the mid Donna. And I just kind of pinned them into the back of the bandana right there like. So, and you are done.

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