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Say hello to my little friend. So weird it is kind of creepy as any similar teeth though Hey all, Welcome back to the middle of a blog it is your girl mallanna here and we are doing a really fun post today, I actually made a bet with myself dealing with this awesome ortise oval number 7 brush that it is actually cheaper and overall better than this beautiful coveted sponge. So obviously I’m going to do some wonderful fabulous tests of mine to prove which one of these is better hopefully, I do not prove myself wrong do not let me down brush do not shooter alright. So the first test is my fabulous glass test we designed with my hubby Knight and we are just going to see the three things texture finish and coverage with both applicators starting with texture on both applicators you definitely can see that the Beauty Blender has a little bit more texture versus artiste brush and that takes me to the finish it has a lot more uneven finish and for their teeth brush it is a lot more smoother and just has a more even finish that takes me to the coverage where you can definitely see in the glass the Beauty Blender has a lot more coverage and our teeth brush is definitely a little bit more sheer, I want to be in the shot for this you can see my face. So we are going to go onto the face test and the orange balls test and. So, I do not need this one anymore it is tempered glass it does not break that easily let’s move on just a couple quick remarks when, I first started playing with our teeth brush I have noticed that, I started dispersing the product very evenly and it had a little bit more of a luminous texture and finish rather than the Beauty Blender side which is kind of weird.

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Because the side is a little bit more matte with the Beauty Blender, and it is definitely way more coverage versus the brush what do you guys think. Because it is. So hard to see what is happening on my face when, I do apply the foundation, I resorted to a grapefruit to actually show you guys what it looks like. Because it does resemble some of that skin like finish it has texture and it has pores. So basically I’m looking at the same three things texture finish and coverage and we will see all the differences and hopefully see the overall best performance of one of the applicators starting with the texture it seems like they are both very similar in that area for the finish, I would say the artiste brush is definitely more smooth and even both in the middle and the ends versus where the Beautyblender there are still a few spots that didn’t get blended or absorbed well and definitely took twice as fast to blend with the brush rather than the Beautyblender, I had to list that there in bounce pretty rapid to get a product dispersed as for the coverage, I do still see that the Beautyblender is a little bit more coverage. But it is not as even and our t side is definitely just a little bit less coverage. But it is definitely more even let me quickly introduce you to my two friends here you might have met Bobby already.

If you have not check out the post down below where, I do a Beautyblender dupe and my new friend Artie well, I have not named him and the other post. But I also did the artis dupe brush I will have it also linked down below. But yeah Artie and Bobbi, I did prove to myself my bet was right already definitely performed overall much better than the Beautyblender are Bobby here. Because the brush was smoother it was even and it performed much more quicker with a nice even finish and coverage and texture. So definitely, I prefer the brush over the Beautyblender any day even though, I still love this little guy here and he’s definitely gonna be my friend for a very long time. So it definitely does not come at a shock or surprise regarding the whole artistic painter side of the world where they definitely prefer brushes over sponges just. Because brushes they are known for performing much better.

Because it is a sponge let’s be honest they are not as good. But speaking of this money side or the whole money issue brushes are definitely cheaper in the longer run. Because the last four years versus a sponge where it is 20 dollars. But they only lasts for a couple or several months out of the year and just by in three of these a year you are already spending more money than this $75 brush just a quick disclaimer it might get a little bit touchy. But I just quickly want to mention. If you are a little bit abusive or abrasive towards your applicators likes throwing them up in the air they will still last much more longer. Because they are they have a higher threshold for durability who are you guys Betty 9rt or Bobby let me know in the comments down below, I really want to know.

If you guys found a brush it was actually worse than the sponge it is kind of interesting right. But overall thank you so much for reading this post spending some time with me, I hope you guys really enjoyed it, I definitely had a lot of fun. But for now I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my day and, I will see you guys very soon with a new post bye.

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