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We’re back for another explore with me today is going to be a good one it is going to be a dupe for this awesome our teeth brush. So our teeth brushes are really unique in their shape and size and they are all of our social media right now the only downside is is the price this baby right here is $75 this is the RT solo 7 brush and, I wanted to find a dupe that was more budget-friendly and didn’t break your bank or your wallet and you are welcome, I found you a 10 piece set for only $40 last one go back in there $40 for 10 pieces versus 75 for one. So these are rated really really well they are 5 stars on Amazon. So let’s get down to the real tests and see how well they perform head-to-head.

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Because I’m going to run several tests for these brushes, I figured, I would only do one against one. Because, I do not like my posts too long, I like and straight to the point. So for the brushes that, I chose to review was the artiste oval number 7 brush and the sand can number-2 face brush. So let’s go head-to-head and see how they work first test is going to be on the glass, I wanted to do a flat surface test where you basically can see the texture and the contrast let’s get started the foundation that, I chose for today is the Dior skin forever foundation and this is a medium to full coverage I’m just going to look at the texture the finish and the coverage from each brush with two pumps of foundation go with the expansive British that are teased number seven the recommended use for this brush is with liquid foundation is to swipe it on your face like. So now it is down to the underdog the more budget-friendly whoa okay hmm interesting as you can see on our T side it is it was definitely more easier to manage and control the brush. But a more negative note it did swallow up a lot more foundation and it resulted in a more sheer coverage foundation with our underdog here it was way more hard to manage and control the brush and the amount of product and it did result in a more Messier patch your application and it is a little bit more full coverage than with the RT side. So now that you guys have this more educational test we are going to move on to the actual fun part and put it on my face alright let’s get started just like with the glass test we just did I’m going to do exactly the same thing on one side of the face for each brush to pump some foundation to get as much coverage as we can.

So I’m going to start with the right side with the artiste brush, I want to tell you guys a quick story of something that happened to me recently it is kind of scary. But it was definitely a miracle. So basically what happened was I’m standing at the light and I’m the second car in the row. So basically let me show you a quick scenario there’s the cars right here there’s five card bill to show you the four cars. So there’s the car coming right at us down straight and there’s a car coming at us this way basically is making a T. So this car that’s coming this way it spins around like three times and then it hits every single one of them and then it moves the fourth card like diagonal basically in like a t-bone dip and it was just. So crazy airbags were popping wheels were flying everywhere SUVs both of the wheels flew off oh my gosh it was.

So scary, I was just, I do not know we are just insane that how it happened they were going pretty fast to make that much damage. But you know now that everything that happened. I’m so cautious on those big intersections basically any intersection, I take my time just make sure nobody is flying anywhere just you know thank Allah thank you lord all right moving on with the underdog we named her Suzy for some reason and you guys can see that it is bendable this one does not bend at all it is definitely still as soft as our teeth brush okay, I kind of like that it bends gives you a little bit more control do you guys think it looks more patchy than the side just apply a good though I’m not going to lie about that. But it does look more patchy what do you guys think, I do not know. If we can capture in the camera. But I can definitely tell that the more budget-friendly side Suzy it didn’t blend as nicely as our teeth. But it definitely gave a run for its money.

Because it did blend very well consider it for the price literally a four bucks for this brush versus 75. Because these are multifunctional brushes, I do contour with this one once in a while for a more dramatic look and, I know it does a very beautiful job blending and it just works seamlessly with the foundation and the contour and the highlight. So, I wanted to put this one to the test as well. Because they did say this one is multifunctional as well. So for my final remarks as, I mentioned, I do prefer this one a little bit more than the Suzy mine this one for four bucks versus seventy five this is a real gem it does beautiful job this one does a little bit better in blending the finish is much better it is more even and yeah what can, I say for four bucks this thing is still a beautiful beautiful brush and, I will definitely keep it. Because it is wonderful thank you so much for reading my post spending some awesome quality time with me do not forget to hit the thumbs button. If you liked it comment below with your thoughts and these awesome funky looking brushes I will see you next time love you all.

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