Ashanti Tells All On New Music & Her Next Collaboration With Ja Rule

Word on the street is that you’re coming out with some new music which we can’t wait to hear can you tell us a little bit about it I’m just. So excited I’m. So inspired you know there’s a lot of pressure, and I’m kind of a perfectionist. So I like to have things perfect you know what I mean. So I’ve just been working really hard, and a lot of the music is just let’s say globally inspired, it’s amazing to me that people don’t even care about finding out the truth they’d rather just run with the lie. So you collaborate with some big artists in your past will you be teaming up with anyone in your new music absolutely. I’m working on a project with Metro boomin Tory Lanez sway Lee Jeremiah.

So many people el-tee hunt you j-rock oh my gosh the list goes on there’s like a lot of stuff happening not anymore teaming up with Ja Rule oh. Yeah yes you know what’s so funny me, and John have a record that we did years ago, and we’re gonna put it out. Because it is so hot, and it is so relevant for right now, and every time we perform it like impromptu it gets. So much love, it’s called encore. So I’m happy you guys are a dynamic duo what can we expect to hear that um very soon what is the inspiration behind all your new music um I would say just real life experiences you know there are some records that are very how do.

I say it very deep, and some some guys feelings maybe a little hurt on a personal level. But listen nowadays you kind of have to put it out there you know obviously a lot of artists he’s loved life, and their lyrics will we be seeing that from you at all dropping little hints here, and there how’s your love life doing girl absolutely by our okay viewers out there I want to know are you actually we’re usually late I’m gonna wait I love it shanté thank you. So much for chatting, and good luck tonight thank you you.

Ashanti Tells All On New Music & Her Next Collaboration With Ja Rule Photos

Ashanti Tells All On New Music & Her Next Collaboration With Ja Rule

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