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From Psyching in Sport. The Psychological Preparation for Serious Competition in Sport (p. 54) by B.S. Rushall, 1979, London. Published by Pelham blogs, © 1979 by Professor Brent S. Rushall. Adapted by permission.

The athlete’s mental preparation. Thus, the athlete who is worried by such thoughts before competition clearly needs professional help.

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The concept of arousal is shown in Exercises 7.3. Researchers have found that athletes perform best when their levels of arousal immediately prior to competition are in the midrange (optimum arousal level). Inadequate or excessive arousal levels lead to reduced performance.

This concept was refined by Cratty (1983), who proposed that the optimum arousal level differs for different activities. Optimum performance in a simple, well-rehearsed activity like running can occur over a wide range of arousal levels. But as the activity becomes more complex and less well rehearsed, the range of arousal levels that will allow optimum performance becomes very narrow (see Exercises 7.4).

Runners are generally left to their own devices to control anxiety and arousal levels. Clearly, both levels are vital to superior performance, and athletes who recognize their weaknesses in these areas will best be helped by professionals. Nevertheless, some guidelines can be given.

Back Exercises For Pregnancy

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