Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage for Short Hair

This is completely optional, and you totally do not have to do this if you do not want to, and you can just include.

The face driven pieces within your braids these next two, hairstyles are great options on, those dirty hair days when you want something that is going to cover up your greasy roots, and look super cute for this first one.

I separated my hair in the middle, and I brought the hair from one side to the front, and I am braiding a three strand braid. This is going to ensure that. The hair is going to lay flat against my head without any awkward looking bumps since this will be a milkmaid braid once I have my braid.

I am pulling out on the sides of the braid to thicken it up, and then I am creating the same braid on the other side now that I have my two braids I am draping each braid over the top of my head, and pinning it to the top of my head with bobby pins, and tucking the ends of the braids under my hair to hide them, and lastly I wanted to show you a variation of this milkmaid braid using rope braids.
This shag cut.

A short bob.Shag layered medium length hairstyle with copper and blonde highlight bayalage

Light blonde bob with bayalage highlights
Balayage for Medium Length Hair

Wavy copper red bob with blonde bayalage highlights
Balayage for Long Hair

Long curly brunette hair with blonde bayalage highlights

Dark auburn red with bayalage highlights hairstyle

Long hair light brown and blonde sunkissed bayalage hairstyle

Long brunette hair with golden bayalage highlights hairstyle

Reverse Balayage

Copper red bob with blonde bayalage highlights hairstyle

Brunette hair with red bayalage highlights hairstyle
Ombre Balayage

Wavy bob hairstyle with pink and purple ombre bayalage effect

Golden blonde bob with pink bayalage highlights
Upkeep and Maintenance

Balayage Hairstyles

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