Beach Gymnastics Waterfalls and Funny Stories

He needs to put those on over his shorts in the middle of the store. Welcome back to another episode of Behind the Braids. And do not forget to comment and ring the bell. So as you guys know, instead of getting presents from our parents this year, we decided to fund a water purification system for a little town in the Dominican Republic. But we did go on a cruise, and it was very awesome. This is gonna be a two-part vlog, so today and tomorrow. And there’s so much to show you guys,cause it was so much fun. We did, what did we do? We did beaches, city tours, we did waterfalls, hiking. Canoeing. Canoeing, yeah, all that fun stuff. Now let’s go to the post. Okay, so went on this crazy wild goose chase looking for water bottles because the kids all forget theirs. And we seriously have wandered the five-mile mall like ten times, it is nuts.

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But in the process, my mom realized my dad has forgotten his pajama bottoms, so she asked to grab some pajama bottoms while we are here, so Sean is in the process of trying to figure out whether these will fit my dad, who is much shorter and a little heavier than Sean is, so this is what it looks like. (Abby laughs) How can you even do that? You have to push your lungs. You have to fill your lungs with air and force all your innards out. He needs to put those on over his shorts in the middle of the store. You gotta pull them up a little farther. You have to pull them up higher. Oh gosh. Now push out. Well, I think those might fit him. This is alright. Look at what we found outside of our hotel in Puerto Rico. It’s huge. It’s like the size of a cat. Those were worse. All the way up. One, two, three. What was that? I’m trying. One, two, three. That was a good one. One, two, three. This is my big rock. I got it and it looks kinda like a shark tooth and it is really cool. And this one, these are coral. I got mostly coral. Actually, no, all coral. Cool, guys. Aruba. Back to the boat. Okay, you guys, we are currently on a floating bridge. Yes, I mean a bridge that floats not connected to anything, it is literally floating on these things. Like that is what’s making it stay up and it is floating. This is incredible and it like moves. The bridge moves like this to open up for it, then it goes back, it is crazy. Choo choo! Here’s how in style right there. Choo choo! So this is what Santa’s factory looks like in Curaçao; what do you think, Brooklyn? It’s so weird. Yeah, it is like hot, it is like degrees and it is winter. We found some sea lions.

We found some sea lions that keep coming to say hi to us. There are two of them. We’re from Texas. Texas Rangers! Yep. What about me? What about my money? The girls from Texas Playing in a reggae band This is the coolest mall entrance ever. This is called the Renaissance Mall, and it is a straight up fort/castle thing, and the entrance is right there, that’s the door to the mall. Don’t think there’s anything cooler than that. What happened? The bridge is moving and we almost missed the bell. The bridge is turning. If we move, then it takes minutes to come back and our boat is gonna leave in like minutes, so So we have been sitting here for over an hour waiting for the girls to get their henna on their hands. And buddy, I’m just telling you, the rest of your life you will be waiting on women just like we are today. Yep, yep. What do you think about that? Hmm. Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Yeah. We just got some henna. As you can see, I just got some on my wrist and Kamri, Bailey, Rylan all got some too and I think my mom is gonna get some later. Don’t forget Kamri. Yeah, you can see Kamri’s. Look at my swimsuit. Anyway, we are going kayaking and then we are gonna spend the rest of the day on the boat, that’s pretty exciting. Look how amazing this is. This is incredible, holy cow. Back here we got Mom and Paxton, next we got Kamri and Brooklyn, or Kamri and Rylan, and then me and Brooklyn. Today we are on the island of Grenada. We are going to do a seven-waterfall hike, although I do not think we will do all seven. We got the crew. The tallest waterfall is a foot jump and you can jump from it. In Lake Powell we jumped a foot cliff, but is a little much. Actually, I do not know, we will see if anyone does it. Paxton will do it. Sure I will. Actually, no, I might. We’ll see.

All right, loaded in the taxi. Ready to go. Ready to roll? I’m in the driver’s seat in America, but here we are in the passenger seat.Cause he’s driving right there. These are what we are hiking with. It previously rained, so it is very wet and muddy, but so far it looks pretty dang cool. So we found a ropes course and it looks like it is not abandoned in the middle of a rain forest in the middle of an island in the middle of the Caribbean. That’s right. This is crazy. Okay you guys, so we hiked up here, we found the waterfall, it is behind us right here and people are jumping off of this large one but we ended up jumping off of this small one. And nobody in my family wanted to do it, so I did it first and it was awesome. And we went swimming and it was so much fun. On this hike so far, I have been completely and prepared for everyone’s disasters. Nurse Brooklyn. It started raining and I had an umbrella for Dad, Bailey fell in the water and got scraped up on some stinging something. And my phone fell in! So I dried Bailey’s phone off with my She had an umbrella to protect the camera. Does someone have my pants? I do, to wrap my phone. My pants, Bailey has my pants for her phone. I had antibacterial cream for Bailey’s cuts and some guy asked me for change for a and I had that, too, so I’m doing really great today. This is only boosting her confidence in her preparedness. This really is, I’m feeling like I could survive anything. Thank you guys so much for watching our vlog. It was so much fun. Don’t forget to check out our new blog, UniLand Kids and do not forget to click up here. We just filmed a brand new post on Hairstyles of a kidsbraiding toy. It was actually filmed on me. So if you guys wanna watch that, click right there. See you tomorrow. Bye, guys!.

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