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Hey everyone. So this morning we are going to do beach-y waves. We’ve been getting a lot of comments lately about people asking if we can do anything from the “Letters to Juliet” movie, and this hairdo is how Sophie wears her hair, the loose, soft curls. It’s very popular right now and there’s lots of ways to do it. But we are going to demonstrate one. I have even done one style on my hair today, just the waves. But it is a completely different style that I will be demoing later next week. So on her hair, she has really thick hair. And like anybody that has thick hair, you need to section off the bottom layer and pull some of her hair up and then do a layer of curls and then section off a middle layer, pull it up, and do a layer of curls. For the same of time on the post, I have already sectioned her hair three times and I have done three layers of curls. And I’m going to show you how to do the finished curls over on this side. So you can see over here what the curls look like. And we have not separated some of them out yet, but you can get the idea of those. So we are going to grab our styling tool. And I have already put heat protector in her hair.

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And today I’m using just a one inch barrel curling iron. This is a Revlon, probably was at Walmart. It’s nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Just turn your head this way, honey. OK. So to do these curls, you are just going to take a section of hair. And just depending on the thickness of the hair and how tight you want the curl, you can do a smaller section or a bigger section. Instead of clamping the curling iron like you normally would, I’m going to take the barrel of the curling iron put it in the roots of her hair, and then I’m going to twist the hair around the barrel and just hold it as close as I can and probably count to maybe ,. The longer you hold it, the better the curl is going to stay. And if you are having a hard time getting curl to stay in, you can try spritzing just a little bit of hairspray on the hair before you do it. But as you can see, that’s going to give you a nice really soft wave. Now, this is a one inch barrel and this is a pretty loose curl. But if, for some reason, you wanted it even looser, you can use a bigger barrel and it is going to give you an even bigger loop. So I’m just going to keep going on hers. I have already done some of the bottom. Wrap it around the barrel. Hold it. And then unwind. You just keep going. Towards the front of the hair, I do smaller sections because I want the curl to stay in longer and be tighter. Towards the back of the head, I do bigger, chunkier sections because the curl just does not show as much. Just wait. And pull it out. Can you tip your head back? Just turn it towards me a little bit. There you go. This is pretty easy. Go ahead and do this one again.

And once you get done, you can do a couple different things. If your daughter’s younger and going to be going to school and running around like a crazy little girl at recess, I might just leave her hair just like this. And as the day wears on, the curls will naturally work themselves looser and it will look really cute. But if you are a teenage girls and you want to look perfect the minute you walk out the house, I would take the hair and just separate it out a little bit with your fingers. Sorry. And this is just going to loosen the curl up a little bit, make it a little softer. And if you want an even softer look than this, you can take a brush and go through it. But the brushing is going to pull some of your curl out, so do not do it if you do not want to lose curl. Oh. Sorry, honey. Fingers got stuck. So you just run your fingers through, and that’s going to give you that nice, soft wave. And you go all the way around the head, loosening up the curls. And then you just spritz it with some hairspray. OK, now if you find a piece like, for instance, right here. I can see this is not as curly as I like it, this is what I call spot checking. Just take that piece of hair and you just wrap just the bottom part. Because the top really had some curl. It was just the bottom. And then let it go again. That should give you a little bit more curl to that piece. And then just style as usual, whatever you want to do. Fix the bangs. Puff it up. Pull it back in. Sides up. Whatever. But you get that really fun curl.

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